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Easy upgrades on Amazon under $40 that home flippers love

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Small expenses can make big changes when it comes to home upgrades

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to flip a large home or a small condo, squeezing the most value into the game while spending the least amount of money is paramount. The easiest way to bump up value is simply by upgrading little things until they add up. For example, you can replace all bathroom fixtures like towel racks and toilet paper holders for under $40 and make the room feel practically brand new. Other little things you could upgrade include the paint on the front door, with a matching keyless lock for extra pizzazz. Whatever you decide to upgrade, just remember that it should always help sell the home. If it’s superfluous, move on to something else.

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Best rooms to target for minor upgrades

Every section of a home can be a good target for upgrades, be they major or minor. If they are minor though, these three rooms can get a bigger boost than others.


The easiest room to target for minor improvements is the bathroom, because there’s usually not much to one. Start by buying brand new, shiny towel racks and similar items. A fresh toilet seat can also be a good idea. You could even consider grabbing a bidet seat, though this usually costs more than $40. Other things you might be able to improve for under $40 include fresh paint on the walls and a new showerhead.


There are many minor areas of any kitchen that could be targeted for a low-cost upgrade. The easiest thing to do is add or replace the handles on the cabinets, followed by the faucet. Once those are spiffy, consider the kitchen’s lighting situation. Changing the overhead fixtures or adding some minor lights under the cabinets goes a long way. Finally, include a fresh paint job for everything, or perhaps some new stick-on tiles for the walls instead.

Exterior entryway

This is cheating a little since it’s not actually a room, but it’s still an excellent target. Just a fresh coat of paint on an old door can do wonders. If you add some decorative accents, even better. You can also consider new electronic locks, especially if the housework is more for renting than flipping.

Best upgrades under $40 on Amazon for house flippers 

NearMoon Rain Showerhead

There’s something endlessly luxurious about showering under a rain showerhead. Maybe it’s because the water hits more areas of your body. This one uses easy-to-clean silicone nozzles. It also comes in five sizes and four finishes so you can find the perfect fit for your bathroom.

Monarch Abode Switch Plate

The hammered style gives these switch plates a pleasing tactile feeling when you use them, plus it looks more dynamic than a plain, flat switch plate that everyone else has. You can get it in four colors and with holes for one to four switches.

Modern Masters Front Door Paint

The front door of a home must always look its best as it, and the front yard, are what set the stage for the interior. This paint specifically made for doors and other exterior pieces like wooden window shutters is dry to the touch in only an hour. It comes in 15 colors.

Bemis Toilet Seat

When you’re at your most vulnerable, it’s normal to want to be at your most comfortable too. If a toilet doesn’t have a good seat, you’re asking for misery. This one is simple so as not to detract from your bathroom décor and it comes in round and elongated styles.

Hurran Two-Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet

You don’t usually think about faucets until you have a bad one. This replacement is a good choice because it’s straightforward and elegant. The drain seals and opens with a press instead of a plunger. It comes in six finishes to best match your bathroom.

Zarbitta Modern Vanity Light

Good lighting is a must when you’re getting ready for the day so you can better apply makeup and check the color combinations of your clothes. This vanity comes in seven finishes to better match whatever location it may be in, and it comes with three or four lights.

Lckppt 14-Piece Bathroom Hardware Set

This large set includes enough pieces to upgrade two bathrooms or jazz up one extra-large bathroom. The 14 pieces are two towel racks, two toilet paper holders, two hand towel rings, four square-shaped hooks and four round-shaped hooks. It comes in brushed nickel or matte black finishes.

Vyanlight Motion Sensor LED Under-Cabinet Lights

This three-pack of motion-activated lights is a great way to brighten up dark spots that otherwise don’t get much light. They’re great for underneath cabinets as the name suggests, but you can also try putting one in the trunk of your car or your closet.

Teeho Keyless Entry Door Lock

If you’re thinking of keeping a house to rent out instead of flipping it, a keyless entry system is a must. This lets you easily keep the house secure between guests, no matter if you rent it out by the night or lease it out for longer periods. This one comes in three finishes.

Ravinte 5-Inch Cabinet Pulls

Cabinets without helpful handles can be the bane of your existence, especially when adding handles like these takes no more than a minute with a good power drill. You can get these sleek handles in seven finishes and in sets as small as only one or as large as 60.

Stickgoo Peel-and-Stick Subway Tile

Changing the appearance of your walls usually takes some considerable effort. But not with these easy stick-on tiles. Each order comes with 10 sheets so you can add a lovely tile effect to places like a bathroom or kitchen. They come in 13 styles too, including some that visually imitate stonework.

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