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10 indoor and outdoor Halloween lights that are perfect for spooky vibes

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The spookiest lights for your home on Halloween

Enchant your visitors this October with twinkling orange and purple lights or projections of dancing pumpkins. Regardless of how terrifying or cute your Halloween decorations are, getting the perfect lights can add cohesion to your displays and elevate viewers' experiences. They can also work as a stand-alone solution for those short on time.

The best Halloween lights offer spooky vibes both indoors and outdoors and add a slightly different spin on the standard string of lights.

Shop this article: Home Lighting Purple or Orange Mini Lights with a Green Wire, Knonew 400 LED Purple and Orange Fairy String Lights and Peiduo Halloween Rotating Ghost Projector Lights.

What are indoor and outdoor Halloween lights?

Halloween lights that work indoors and outdoors come in numerous designs. You can get traditional strands with bulbs in your favorite colors or strands with added details, such as "icicles" or molds. Some come in nets that cover bushes or in shapes, such as spider webs, for quick and easy decorating. There are also projectors that display creepy and fun images on flat surfaces.

Regardless of your chosen design, Halloween lights for both indoors and outdoors must be waterproof and rated for outdoor use.

Indoor and outdoor Halloween projector lights 

Projectors make excellent Halloween lights. They can project a single set of images, such as dancing ghosts or pumpkins, or they can come with sets of slides that rotate four Halloween pictures at a time. 

Many of them come with wall mounts, table stands and stakes that can be pressed into the ground. However, some have components that must not get wet, so read the directions thoroughly before displaying one outdoors in bad weather.

Indoor and outdoor Halloween string lights

Strings of Halloween lights come in many shapes and sizes. There are five highly rated styles for your consideration. 

  • Strands: These lights come with fairy lights, standard lights or large bulbs along a single wire. Many come with different modes, such as static, strobing, sparkling and flashing.
  • Strands with icicles: This is an updated version of the standard strand. It has vertical strings of lights in various lengths added for a more elaborate display. 
  • Strands with molds: These Halloween lights come in strands with molded coverings, such as ghosts and pumpkins, over each bulb. 
  • Nets: These lights come in netted sheets to cover large surfaces, such as bushes and fences. 
  • Shapes: These quick and easy designs come in circular spider webs, corner cobwebs and pumpkins you can place inside or outside your home.

Best indoor and outdoor Halloween lights to buy

Home Lighting Purple or Orange Mini Lights with a Green Wire

Add this versatile 66-foot string of lights anywhere. They flash in eight modes, and you can connect up to four sets together.

Knonew 400 LED Purple and Orange Fairy String Lights

These LED Halloween lights form a curtain of spooky orange and purple lights that flash in eight modes. They have 75 strings, and the strand is 33 feet long.

Peiduo Halloween Rotating Ghost Projector Lights

Create a spooky ambiance with Halloween lights that display little dancing ghosts. This comes with a base to rest it on a flat surface and a stake that can be stuck into the ground.

Waterglide String of Mini Orange Fairy Lights

These 300 stunning mini orange Halloween lights flash in eight modes and come in a 98.5-foot string with a black wire. You can connect up to four sets.

Kailedi String of LED Pumpkin Lights 

Draw a crowd with these adorable pumpkin-shaped lights that are battery-powered, waterproof and 9.8 feet long. Additionally, they have two flash modes.

Dazzle Bright Halloween 100-Foot String of Purple and Orange Lights

Captivate your neighbors with a string of 300 orange and purple Halloween lights that feature eight modes, including slow fade, twinkle and flash. They are waterproof and you can connect up to three strands.

Twinkle Star Halloween LED Orange String Lights

Charm your visitors with these orange Halloween lights that are perfect for a spooky vibe with a classic look. You can get them in 33-foot-long strands, and they're also available in purple.

GreenClick Rotating Halloween Image Projector

Display this rotating projector inside or outside with its included stake, wall mount or floor mount. It comes with numerous Halloween images plus other holiday and celebration slides. Includes remote control and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Xhaus Halloween Projector Lights

This waterproof projector comes with six classic Halloween designs, such as ghosts and ghouls, plus projections for other holidays, birthdays and celebrations.

IkeeRuic Halloween Purple Flame Solar Torch Lights

This set of six Halloween pathway lights is great for welcoming trick-or-treaters to your yard. The solar Halloween lights have an attractive torch design and flickering effect, emitting a spooky purple glow.

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