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The best casket

Which caskets are best?

During a difficult time such as the loss of a loved one, anything and everything can be harder and more stressful than it should be. Selecting a casket to send them off in peace shouldn’t have to be a stressful task. Purchasing a casket online makes it much easier to focus on more trying matters.

One top casket choice is the Overnight Caskets Mahogany Solid Wood with Velvet Interior Fine Wood Casket. Its gorgeous design and high-quality creation from materials like mahogany and velvet make it an excellent choice without driving up the cost.

What to know before you buy a casket

Types of caskets

There are generally four types of caskets you can purchase: classic, cremation, biodegradable and decorative. For more information, visit the casket buying guide from BestReviews.

Classic: These are the caskets that most people think of when talking about caskets. They’re made from wood, metal or both and have familiar features like linings and handles. Their cost can be quite high.

Cremation: With cremation, an increasingly popular option comes a need for cremation-compatible caskets. These caskets are usually simple wooden or cardboard boxes.

Biodegradable: These caskets are more affordable and better for the environment, not to mention required for natural or woodland burials. They have no linings or metal and are generally made from bamboo, willow, seagrass, wicker or untreated pine.

Decorative: For those who prefer to celebrate life rather than mourn death, decorative caskets can add a little joyous flair to a funeral. They can look like just about anything and are usually biodegradable. 

Casket lining

Linings can be one of several materials and colors. Typically, linings are made from silk or velvet, though satin, velour and crepe can be lower-cost options. Interior color is usually white, though other options are available.

What to look for in a quality casket

Casket memory drawers

If you don’t want to place any items significant to your loved one in the main section of the casket, you can opt for one with a “memory drawer” instead. Memory drawers are placed within the lid of the casket to avoid weakening the body support of the bottom section.

Casket fittings

The fittings of a casket are the handles, corners and any other external pieces of hardware. For classic-style caskets, these are different kinds of metal, while biodegradable caskets use materials like rope or bamboo.

Casket lid

Caskets have two different lid types: full couch and half couch. As the names suggest, full and half couch lids refer to how much of the lid is able to be opened for viewings. Full couch lids are harder to find, but they exist.

How much you can expect to spend on a casket

If you’re trying to keep costs as low as possible, you can find a casket for under $1,000, though more premium options can be found for under $3,000. Caskets above $3,000 and stretching as far as $15,000 or more are also available but generally feature worse cost-to-value ratios.

Casket FAQ

How long does it take for a casket to arrive once ordered online?

A. It depends on the casket and where you order from. Most funerals occur within a week or two after death, so caskets with longer shipping times than this can be disastrous. Thankfully, most caskets arrive within a few days of being ordered, but be extra cautious when placing an order to ensure your casket arrives in time.

What is the average size of a casket?

A. Most casket interiors have approximate dimensions of 24 inches wide by 80 inches long. People come in all shapes and sizes, however, and caskets can be made accordingly with all lengths and widths. If you need a casket outside the standard size, search with the term “oversized.”

Can I personalize a casket?

A. Some retailers allow for personalizing certain sections of their caskets, and others don’t. The sections which can be personalized are usually the interior color and certain areas of the exterior, like custom corners depicting interests of the lost or added plaques with special messages. If such customization is important to you, reach out to the retailer to see what can be accomplished.

What’s the best casket to buy?

Top casket

Overnight Caskets Mahogany Solid Wood with Velvet Interior Fine Wood Casket

What you need to know: One of the most elegant and reasonably priced designs for anyone going to their final rest.

What you’ll love: The materials across the board are excellent: solid mahogany with glossed finish and velvet interior with adjustable bed.

What you should consider: While this casket is high-priced, it’s still more affordable than high-end casket options.

Where to buy: Amazon


Top casket for the money

Titan Casket Orion Series Coppertone Steel Casket

What you need to know: Despite the low price, this casket is still of excellent quality and neutral yet lovely design.

What you’ll love: Customer service for this casket is wonderful during such hard times, and the 20-gauge steel construction is very sturdy.

What you should consider: A rather basic casket when all is said and done, but still a beautiful option at such a low price.

Where to buy: Amazon


Worth checking out

Titan Casket Atlas XL Series Steel Casket

What you need to know: A casket built wider to send any of your loved ones off in peace and grace. 

What you’ll love: Four different width options are available to ensure you receive no more or less than what you need. 

What you should consider: With the extra size comes extra cost, despite being nearly identical to other Titan Casket options.

Where to buy: Amazon

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