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Move heavy furniture easily with these helpful products


Moving furniture isn’t fun, but, at times, it is necessary. However, it doesn’t have to be a strenuous task that incapacitates you for days after you’ve finished.

To successfully move even the largest pieces of furniture, all you need are two things: a smart strategy and the right tools. You can accomplish your task safely and efficiently without damaging yourself, your home or your furniture.

Strategy for moving heavy furniture

Before you lift that first piece of furniture, there are a few things you need to do to ensure you will have a successful moving experience.

Plan your route

Think about where your furniture is and where it has to go. Consider all the ways to get it from point A to point B and choose the best and safest route. Measure the widest part of the furniture in all directions and measure every opening along your chosen path.

Make sure hallways and stairways are wide enough and turns aren’t too tight. Also, if you will be moving the furniture through a doorway, be certain to take into account the space the door takes up. If it is a close fit, you may need to remove the door from its hinges. Once you know the route you are taking, clear away any obstacles that might pose a tripping hazard.

Gather your supply and equipment

Thinking of the route, consider what tools and materials you will need. Ask yourself important questions: Will you have to pick the furniture up and carry it, or can you use furniture sliders to accomplish the task? If the furniture needs to be disassembled, which tools will you need to do that? Will you need to pad any furniture with a moving blanket?

Enlist help in advance

Don’t wait until the day you plan to do the heavy lifting to start asking friends and family for help. Find out who is willing and available. Accommodate your helpers’ schedules as best as you can.

Disassemble as needed

Any furniture that has fragile parts, such as a bureau with a mirror attached, should be disassembled before attempting to move it. Otherwise, the delicate part might get damaged. Also, remove loose parts, such as the drawers in a dresser (and their contents), to reduce the weight. If a dining table or sofa has removable legs, those can be taken off to reduce the size of the furniture or to make it less awkward to transport.

Wrap your furniture

You wrap your furniture for three reasons: to protect yourself, to protect your home and to protect the furniture. All it takes is one sharp furniture corner bumping into the wall to put a sizable gash in that wall. Even if you think you have plenty of clearance, it’s never a bad idea to use moving blankets, stretch wrap and packing tape.

Four tips for moving heavy furniture

  • Carry tall items lengthwise. Grandfather clocks, curio cabinets and other tall, narrow furniture can be hard to balance when upright. Whenever possible, carry tall items lengthwise for greater control.
  • Hook chairs through doorways. Chairs don’t always easily fit through doors. If you’re having trouble, turn the chair on its side so it looks like an “L” and hook it through the doorway.
  • Carry sofas and love seats on end. The exception to carrying tall objects lengthwise is anything that you sit on. Sofas and love seats may need to be tilted on one of their ends so you can hook the item through a doorway.
  • Use moving tools. Tools make your job easier and safer. If there is an item that can help you more safely slide or lift a heavy piece of furniture, use it.

Products you need to move heavy furniture with ease

Goplus Aluminum Stair Climber Hand Trucks

The three-wheel design of this hand truck lets you more easily ascend and descend steps, curbs and other uneven surfaces. It is made out of aluminum alloy and holds up to 551 pounds.

Sold by Amazon

Pack-N-Roll Steel Folding Platform Cart

This folding four-wheel cart has an all-steel construction for durability. It can transport items up to 330 pounds. The oversized wheels and swivel casters provide exceptional maneuverability. When it is time for storage, the handle folds down flat for convenience.

Sold by Home Depot

Spacekeeper Furniture Mover Dolly

Whether it’s furniture or heavy appliances, this moving system can help you get the job done. It comes with four three-wheel dollies, a lifter, and four heightening pads. The dollies can support up to 500 pounds and have dual ball bearings for a smooth roll.

Sold by Amazon

Super Sliders 2-in-1 Furniture Carpet Sliders

It doesn’t matter if you have a hard floor or carpeting, these versatile furniture sliders can get the job done. Each slider is made from hard plastic and foam to slide easily on carpet while holding the furniture in place. To use on hard floors, simply slip the included socks over the sliders and you’re ready to go.

Sold by Amazon

Shoulder Dolly Moving Straps

Shoulder Dolly moving straps are a cleverly designed tool that lets two people easily carry heavy furniture and appliances. The straps are rated to support up to 800 pounds and help reduce back strain by encouraging proper lifting. Unlike some other models, these straps allow the movers to keep their hands free for added stability, to open doors and more.

Sold by Amazon

Heavy Duty Moving Blanket

This quilted moving blanket has a double-stitch design for increased durability. It measures 73.5 inches by 80 inches and is blue on one side and black on the other. The thick padding can protect furniture and appliances from damage that might accidentally occur during moving.

Sold by Amazon and Wayfair

Duck Brand Stretch Wrap Roll

Stretch wrap is used to bind, bundle and secure objects during transfer. For instance, if you move a cabinet, you could use plastic to keep the doors from opening when carrying the object. The material sticks to itself and leaves no residue behind. This roll is 20 inches wide and 1,000 feet long.

Sold by Amazon

Scotch Sure Start Packing Tape

For items that require a little more security, you can use packing tape. Do not place the tape directly on the furniture. Instead, use it on top of the stretch wrap or moving blankets. The hot melt adhesive helps keep the tape secure.

Sold by Staples


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