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Beautiful spring wreaths to brighten up your door this season

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Looking for spring wreath ideas? 

Today, wreaths are more than just Christmas decorations. They’re popular in the fall, especially around Halloween and Thanksgiving, made from trees, pine cones, flowers, fruits, nuts and berries gathered at the end of the harvest season.

Then there are spring wreaths, symbolizing fertility and the start of a new season as the snow melts and the grass begins to grow green. This classic spring décor will brighten up your space. Whether you're interested in spring wreaths for front door décor or interior decorating, we curated a stunning collection ranging from minimalist greenery to designs bursting with florals. 

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History of wreaths

The predecessors of the wreaths we hang on doors and walls today are the ring-shaped headdresses used to crown victorious athletes of the ancient Olympic Games. They were made of fresh tree leaves wrapped around a base made of small, bendable twigs. Laurel was used in early Olympic wreaths because it was from the evergreen family, so the leaves stayed fresh longer than leaves from deciduous trees. As an added bonus, laurel had a pleasant fragrance.

In time, wreaths went from wearable items to decorative ones like those we see today on front doors during the Christmas season. Evergreens are chosen because they retain their green color for a long time and smell good, too, just like Christmas trees.

What to know before you buy a spring wreath


  • Mini wreaths are from 12 to 15 inches across. This size is ideal for placing on the wall as an item that adds to the decor rather than being the focus of it. Mini wreaths are also great for placing flat on a tabletop to surround a candle centerpiece.
  • Small wreaths are from 16 to 24 inches across. They’re great for small places or for accent pieces in larger displays.
  • Large wreaths are 36 to 48 inches in diameter. Choose a large wreath when you want to mount one on a large surface, such as your garage door; hang it in a large picture window; or display it on the wall over the fireplace in rooms with cathedral and vaulted ceilings.
  • Giant wreaths are at least 4 feet in diameter. People who choose monster wreaths are making bold statements and need lots of blank space to hang them.

Natural vs. artificial 

  • Natural wreaths are popular because they are made from bits and pieces of fresh plants and flowers. They look great and smell nice, too. Natural wreaths are the choices of nature lovers, outdoors people and people who prefer real things over artificial ones.
  • Artificial wreaths are popular because they don’t wilt, fade and turn brown like real leaves and flowers. Once you make the decision to go artificial, your choices are nearly endless. No longer tied to what kinds of plants are in season, artificial wreaths can be made to look like any plant or flower.

Indoor vs. outdoor 

If you're looking to buy a spring wreath for front door decorating, you'll need one designed to be used outdoors. These spring door wreaths are exposed to the elements, so if the weather is cold, their leaves and berries stay fresh longer. When wreaths are exposed to direct sunlight and warmer temperatures, the rate of decay accelerates. Wreaths as spring door décor should be sturdy and capable of standing up to wind, rain and snow.

Indoor wreaths, on the other hand, can be mounted almost anywhere. One traditional place is over the fireplace mantel. Another is on a wall with other decorative items. 

How much you can expect to spend on a spring wreath

The cost of a spring wreath is determined by its size and the materials it is made of. Most standard-sized wreaths are found somewhere between $20 to $40. Wreaths made of exotic materials run as high as $100. Giant wreaths with special-order materials cost much more.

10 best spring wreaths

J’Floru 24-Inch Spring Daisy and Lavender Wreath

What you need to know: It is a sure sign of spring when the daisies start popping up. This 24-inch wreath features daisies mixed with jasmine, lavender and other spring wildflowers, securely entwined through the twisted sticks of a grapevine base.

What you’ll love: The yellow, gold, purple and white flowers are like a spring field drenched in sunshine.  

What you should consider: This wreath needs to be hung under a covered front porch to avoid rain and snow.

VioletEverGarden 20-Inch White Daisy Wreath

What you need to know: This 20-inch artificial flower wreath displays white daisies and berries among eucalyptus leaves.

What you’ll love: This affordable wreath is entirely adjustable in all directions to form the exact shape and arrangement you want to display. You can use it indoors or outdoors as a spring door wreath, a centerpiece or even hang it from a window or on a wall. Just take it out of the box and fluff it up.

What you should consider: If used outside, keep it under cover so it won’t be damaged by rain or snow.

Kelly Clarkson Home Faux Eucalyptus Leaf Wreath

What you need to know: This artificial 16-inch wreath has a frosted green hue that looks like the real thing but is sturdier and lasts longer.

What you’ll love: Clarkson says this is her take on affordable French country style. It's mounted on a sturdy plastic backing. It works great as home decor, either hung on a door, in a window or as a table centerpiece.

What you should consider: This all-season wreath is attractive, but plastic misses out on the fragrant scent of eucalyptus leaves.


Ynylchmx 18-Inch Spring Wreath

What you need to know: This 18-inch wreath features an array of daisies in various colors surrounded by green tea leaves. 

What you’ll love: It's budget-friendly and made of high-quality silk and sturdy iron coils that will last for years. You can display it indoors or outdoors. 

What you should consider: The brand offers 18 other floral wreaths featuring pansies, freesias, roses, poppies and more. When used outdoors, it should be placed in a covered area.

August Grove Faux Forsythia Wreath

What you need to know: This artificial wreath has a cheerful yellow forsythia theme with brown stems. 

What you’ll love: The yellow shade used in the wreath is reminiscent of fallen leaves, so it would also work well for fall. You can make the arrangement less uniform and more life-like using the bendable stems. It's designed for both indoors and outdoors.

What you should consider: This wreath comes in 22- and 26-inch sizes. It's unclear how weather-resistant it is; to be on the safe side, display it in a covered area. 

Ophelia & Co Faux Berry Polyester 20-Inch Wreath

What you need to know: This 20-inch faux wreath contains pink berries amid pink and white blossoms intermixed with greenery and brown branches.  

What you’ll love: It's made of fade-resistant polyester that can stand up to outdoor conditions, while still being suitable for indoor use. 

What you should consider: When not on sale, it's one of the priciest options on our list.

Beachcrest Home Artificial Buckler Fern and Grass Wreath Set of 2

What you need to know: Offered in sets of two, these artificial wreaths feature buckler ferns offset by grass. 

What you’ll love: These wreaths are elegant in their simplicity, with great value for the price. They're made of durable plastic that can be used indoors or in a covered outdoor space.

What you should consider: These wreaths come in 18- and 24-inch sizes. 

Primrue Ansuma 20-Inch Handmade Artificial Lavender Wreath

What you need to know: This handmade 20-inch purple and green wreath incorporates faux lavender, berries and grapevines. 

What you’ll love: The shades of purple used in this wreath are bold and stunning. It's made of fade-resistant polyester, suitable for indoor use or display in a covered outdoor area. 

What you should consider: The flowers are a bit too perfect-looking, meaning they don't appear quite as realistic. 

The Holiday Aisle Ansuma 22-Inch Handmade Artificial Rose Twig Wreath

What you need to know: Crafted by hand, this gorgeous 22-inch wreath features roses intermixed with peonies, berries and greenery. 

What you’ll love: It has a distinctly romantic, Victorian aesthetic. The wreath looks high-quality and realistic, built from a mix of silk, plastic and rattan. You can display it indoors or in a covered outdoor space. 

What you should consider: These spring flower wreaths come in two color schemes. They're one of the most expensive arrangments on the list. 

Nearly Natural 24-Inch Peony Wreath

What you need to know: This artificial wreath is decorated with peonies, berries and stems. With its bright colors and 24-inch size, this design demands attention. 

What you’ll love: Peony enthusiasts will adore this romantic wreath in warm pastels. It's made of a combination of polyester and plastic, with a bendable design for a more realistic look. 

What you should consider: It's unclear whether this wreath is suitable for the outdoors. 

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