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This eco-friendly cleaning brand has grown since its ‘Shark Tank’ appearance


Four years later, Blueland continues to make waves with environmentally responsible cleaning products

Blueland cleaning products first made a splash in 2019 when co-founder Sarah Paiji Yoo and chemist Syed Naqvi demonstrated their initial lineup of three groundbreaking eco-friendly products on "Shark Tank." Paiji Yoo sought to tackle the problem of plastic pollution through household products after finding it was one of the hardest areas to reduce her consumption of single-use plastic.

Now, four years after the company's launch, Blueland offers more than a dozen products to help clean bathrooms, mirrors, dishes and more in a way that's better for the planet and healthier for your family. If you want to make the switch to cleaning products that are safer and more eco-friendly, stock your cupboards with these Blueland must-haves.

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What is Blueland?

Blueland was created in 2019 by Harvard-educated entrepeneurs Paiji Yoo and John Mascari as a way to cut down on the plastic waste generated by household cleaners. Chief Executive Officer Paiji Yoo and Naqvi both had experience developing nontoxic products for the consumer household market, while Mascari serves as Blueland's chief operating officer.

Blueland products are stored in reusable containers; customers simply add water to Blueland's concentrated tablets, which are made with ingredients that are certified safe by the Environmental Portection Agency (EPA) and the Environmental Working Group. Thanks to the products' lifetime bottles, which are made from glass or bisphenol A-free shatterproof acrylic, Blueland estimates its products replace 5 billion plastic bottles every year.

Not only do Blueland products reduce waste, they're also high-performing: EPA-approved third-party laboratory testing showed that Blueland products cleaned more effectively than its competitors. They're also generally more affordable than purchasing individual bottles of traditional cleaning products.

How does Blueland work?

Blueland helps shoppers eliminate single-use plastics from their cleaning regimen while also removing harmful chemicals from the cleaning products themselves. Blueland has reformulated hand soap, toilet cleaner, laundry detergent and more into concentrated tablets. Users simply fill Blueland's reusable bottles with the recommended amount of hot water, drop in the tablet and wait for it to dissolve.

Blueland ingredients

Blueland cleaners are free from artificial dyes and fragrances and contain no ingredients from the Environmental Working Group Unacceptable List or Prop 65 Banned Ingredients List. They're also gluten-free and vegan, containing no animal byproducts.

Blueland products are all Leaping Bunny-certified cruelty-free and most individual products have been individually awarded certifications such as Cradle to Cradle, which assesses sustainability and circularity across five metrics, and EPA Safer Choice, which affirms Blueland ingredients meet stringent EPA criteria for safety.

Blueland shipping and packaging

Shoppers can buy Blueland products as one-time orders or customizable subscriptions. Some refill tablets come individually packaged while others arrive in bulk bags. The paper used in this packaging is compostable, further cutting down on plastic waste. Blueland also uses recyclable shipping boxes, paper-based tape and water-based ink for packaging that's extra eco-friendly, helping make it Climate Neutral Certified.

Best Blueland cleaning products

Blueland Clean Essentials Kit

This popular set is a cost-effective way to add Blueland to your cleaning routine. It comes with one tablet and one bottle each for the brand's Foaming Hand Soap, Multi-Surface Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner and Glass + Mirror Cleaner.

Blueland Hand Soap Starter Set

Blueland's popular foaming hand soap set can make three full bottles of soap. The set is available in three scent varieties: classic, holiday and unscented. Choose from six colors and designs for your reusable bottle.

Blueland Bathroom Starter Set

Clean your shower, tile, sinks and more with this cleaning spray kit. It comes with a spray bottle and three eucalyptus-mint-scented tablets to get you started.

Blueland Glass + Mirror Starter Set

Replace glass cleaner chemicals with this plant-based spray for streak-free windows and mirrors. The set comes with a spray bottle and three tablets.

Blueland Dishwasher Starter Set

Convert your dishwasher to Blueland with this set, which comes with 60 fragrance-free, dry-form dishwasher tablets, plus a chic steel tin to store them in. With no plastic wrappers and a plastic-free reusable tin, this is one of Blueland's most eco-friendly offerings.

Blueland Dish Duo

Get dishes clean either in the dishwasher or by hand with this set. Blueland Powder Dish Soap can tackle burned-on food while the dishwasher tablets eliminate plastic from your dishwasher.

Blueland Clean Suite Kit

Save 20% on individual Blueland products with this all-in-one, whole-house kit. It comes with tablets and reusable bottles or tins for the Foaming Hand Soap, Laundry Detergent, Multi-Surface cleaner and more.

Blueland Facial Cleanser Starter Set

This hypoallergenic cleanser is formulated with kaolin clay, oat and vitamin E. Dissolve the powder cleanser in water to create a gentle, pH-balanced gel cleanser.

Blueland Cleaning Companions

You can eliminate plastic sponges and paper towels by replacing them with these compostable-yet-powerful cleaning accessories. The set includes the reusable Cloud Cloth, the cellulose Pop-Up Sponge and the dual-action Scrub Sponge.

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