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LED candles that are as beautiful as they are convenient

Light-emitting-diode candles are a beautiful and practical alternative to traditional candles. With their realistic flickering light, they provide the cozy, relaxing atmosphere of candlelight without the risk of fire or the mess of melted wax. 

Whether you’re looking to create a warm, welcoming ambiance in your home or add a touch of elegance to a special event, flameless candles are the perfect solution. And with their long-lasting energy-efficient technology, they're not only beautiful, but also practical and cost-effective.

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What are floating LED candles? 

LED candles use light-emitting diodes,  rather than an open flame, to create light. But they create a warm, realistic glow that mimics the look of a traditional candle.

While some LED candles have a wax exterior, many are made entirely of plastic, so they're safe for homes with children or pets. And they're often battery-powered, making them convenient for use in any location, indoors or outdoors. Overall, they provide a safe, convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional candles while still providing a warm, inviting glow.

Floating candles typically have a waterproof casing, so they can be placed in a tub, pool or pond. 

What are the benefits of LED candles?

LED candles are popular, given their advantages over traditional candles. First, they're safer, since they don't produce an open flame, eliminating the risk of burns or fire. Second, they can be turned on or off with the flick of a switch, so they don’t need much maintenance or any cleanup.

LED candles also have a much longer life span than traditional ones, so you won’t have to replace them as often. And they're beautiful. They can be used as a centerpiece on a dining table, mood lighting in a living room or even as decoration at a special event.

How to use floating LED candles  

Using LED candles is easy because they can be turned on or off with a switch or remote control. Some even have a timer function, letting you set them to turn off automatically at a particular time.  Floating LED candles sometimes operate completely automatically, switching on when they come into contact with water and off when you take them out.

And from a decorative perspective, possibilities are endless. 

Best LED candles to buy

Vivii Flameless LED Tea Light Candles

These LED tea light candles come in a pack of 36 with batteries already included and installed. They offer a realistic flickering effect and are energy-efficient, with each replaceable battery estimated to last over 100 hours.

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Furora Flameless Round Candles

These LED candles are a great choice if you’re looking for a built-in timer and a realistic appearance. The yellow light and real wax material make them a beautiful addition to any space.

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Homemory Waterproof Flameless Floating Tealights

These floating LED candles are perfect for creating a warm, romantic atmosphere in water-filled bowls, vases, or pools and come in a package of 24 with batteries included. The lights automatically switch on when they come into contact with water.

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Acmee Flameless Wax LED Floating Candles 

Made from real paraffin wax, these LED candles give off a warm white light and last for up to seven days before the batteries need to be replaced. 

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Honoson Flameless Floating Candles

These waterproof floating tea lights look like the real thing but offer a safe, beautiful substitute. They're water-activated and come in a pack of 36 candles with replaceable batteries.

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Image Flameless Floating LED Tea Lights

These floating LED candles are a great alternative to real candles, as the plastic casing makes them more durable. They come in a pack of 12 with replaceable batteries that last at least 70 hours. 

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Novelty Place Waterproof Flameless Tea Lights

These floating LED candles are a great option for those who want a cool white light that doesn’t flicker. The pack of 12 comes with pre-installed batteries to provide over 100 hours of power per candle.

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Ardux Flameless Floating Rose Tea Lights

These rose-shaped flameless floating LED candles are an attractive, convenient option for creating a cozy and romantic atmosphere. Made from real wax, waterproof and durable, they flash with a warm candle light for up to 24 hours, and come with batteries.

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Yojaciki Flameless Tealight Candles

The battery-powered flameless tealights in this 24-pack provide over 150 hours of soft, twinkling light each. They’re made with lots of detail and a realistic ivory color to look like real wax candles. 

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Hortsun Votive LED Candles

You get 120 votive candles in this set, making it a good option for commercial use or a large event. These candles are operated with an on/off switch at the bottom and provide a warm, flickering light to imitate the real thing.

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