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13 candles that will give your party the right atmosphere

Lighting, sound and aroma all play important factors in creating the right mood for any occasion, including when throwing a party. One of the easiest ways to curate the desired atmosphere is through candles, which offer a soft glow, an evocative scent and in some cases, a crackling wick.

Turning down the lights and igniting a candle will go a long way to setting the mood for any event, whether you're hosting a lively house party, a thoughtful dinner or an intimate night of reflection among friends.

In this article: Hyoola Metallic Pillar Candles, Yankee Candle Midsummer’s Night and Lulu Candles Poolside.

Best party candles

Chesapeake Bay Candle Joy and Laughter

This large candle offers terrific value for its convenient clean burn and lengthy life span. With up to 70 hours of burn time, this soy candle features a self-trimming wick, as well as scents of cranberry and dahlia, meant to evoke happiness and amusement for a gathering of loved ones.

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Aira Winter Wonderland

Embrace a cozy party indoors during the colder, grayer months of the year with this winter wonderland-themed soy candle. Featuring therapeutic-grade essential oils and made from cruelty-free soy wax, this clean, fresh candle blends woodsy scents with spicy aromas for a delightful wintertime get-together.

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Silver Dollar Candle Co. Birthday Cake Soy Candle

While some candles boast more generalized scents for a range of occasions, this soy candle is focused on a specific event: birthdays. This cute, handmade candle burns cleanly and brightly with 40 hours of longevity. The adorable box and personalized touches on the jar also make this a terrific gift.

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Yankee Candle Midsummer’s Night

From one of the most popular names in candles, this offering from Yankee Candle evokes a late June evening, when the nights are short but lively. Sage and patchouli highlight the aromas in this soy blend that features two wicks. It's the perfect scent for those celebrating around the solstice, or simply for anyone who wishes it was already summer.

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Hyoola Rustic Dinner Candles

For those enjoying a more relaxed dinner party, opt for these beautiful unscented tapered candles. At 10 inches in height, they burn long and look captivating as wax melts and forms around the base. Different colors are available, but these coral-shaded candles are warm and welcoming.

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Mrs. Meyer’s Snowdrop Candle

The cozy, floral scent of this high-quality, long-burning soy candle is perfect for a warm, winter party. Made from natural ingredients, this limited-edition candle with a “snowdrop” aroma is lively and bright, ideal for a gathering of friends where optimism and hope abound.

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Homemory Flickering Flameless Candles

In some cases, quantity beats quality, as an array of soft-glow candles creates a moody atmosphere that no single candle can achieve. This 24-pack of flickering, flameless votive candles offers convenience and safety while also strongly supporting any party focused on wellness, introspection or spirituality.  What's more, they can be set up creatively without the worry of anything catching fire.

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Lumabase Scented Candles Wine Collection

Try out this trio of scented wine candles for your next adult wine party. There is one for every preference, as this cute and colorful set of candles features a chardonnay, cabernet and rose candle, each with its own distinct, rich aroma.

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Nika’s Home Fireside Birch Soy Candle

This large soy candle is ideal for a healthy and cozy winter party, particularly a mindful event involving thoughtful conversations and connected people. It burns clean and long, providing a soot-free glow for up to 60 hours. The potent blend of birch, vanilla and cloves evokes a snowed-in cabin, winter festival or even a chillier spring evening.

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Vance Kitira Warm Neutral Timber Pear Candles

For those more interested in the look of a candle rather than the aroma, check out this trio of pear-shaped unscented candles. Ideal for anyone suffering from allergies, the hypoallergenic candles are offered in a variety of colors and patterns to match your decor, from the rustic to the bright.

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Lulu Candles Poolside

Whether at an actual party in summer, or just a summer-themed party in the cold of winter, this aromatic soy candle is a perfect guest. From a trusted name in American-made soy candles, this unique blend evokes sitting by the pool on a hot, sunny day any time of the year.

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Kanobi Candle Co. California Dreaming

For any beachy, coastal-styled party, this jar candle throws scents of cactus and sea salt into the air. The soy wax also contributes to this fresh outdoors feeling, as it burns cleanly and brightly, free from soot and chemicals. You can enjoy lengthy beach vibes with its 55 hours of burn time.

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Hyoola Metallic Pillar Candles

For those throwing a more ornate or lavish affair, these gilded metallic pillar candles are stunning decor additions. Though on the pricier side, this set includes six large paraffin candles expected to burn over 60 hours each. They are also unscented, which lends itself to larger parties where scents may be overpowered or guests may have issues with certain smells or oils.

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Worth checking out

  • A fresh, cozy aromatic candle is perfect for creating a warm and nurturing environment.

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