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Redesign your living space with these bold interior paint colors

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Choosing the right interior paint color for a bold effect

Everyone gets tired of how their home looks eventually. You could go the easy route and simply rearrange your furniture, or perhaps buy new pieces. You could go the hard route, sell everything and move. Or you could go somewhere in the middle, and give your walls a fresh coat of interior paint. Even with an identical furniture setup, a different color can greatly shift the atmosphere and your mindset. Below, we discuss bold interior paint colors and the painting tools you need to transform your living space.

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Color symbolism

Colors have long symbolized various things across cultures and time. They don’t inherently hold these aspects but develop them through continuous association, and they’re always changing. If you're looking for paint color ideas, there are nine major ones to consider, with symbolism attached to each:

  • Black is the color of death and grief and is usually avoided. However, you could use it in a screening room to help your TV or projector better stand out.
  • Blue is the color of serenity, but it can also represent sadness.
  • Green is the color of life and nature, but it can also represent greed and jealousy.
  • Orange is an odd color in that it doesn’t have a clear symbol, but is nonetheless among the most attention-grabbing colors. Go with it if you want to be truly bold.
  • Pink is similar to red in that it’s also a color of love, but it isn’t as mature or strong.
  • Purple is most closely tied to the imagery of royalty, rather than to emotion like most colors.
  • Red is the color of passion and love, but it can also represent danger.
  • White is the color of innocence and purity. Pure white can be overpowering, though, so alternate shades of white are usually better for your home.
  • Yellow is the color of joy and energy, but it can also represent fear and cowardice.

Use these colors of paint examples as a guide for choosing your ideal shade, based on the atmosphere or vibe that you want your room or rooms to have.

Color shades and samples

When it comes to painting your home, though, it’s rare to get a pure color. Instead, you go with a shade that mixes and matches various colors to create something new. Finding the perfect shade for your painting project can be a daunting task, as locations that sell paint typically have a staggering range of options.

The secret, then, is to use samples. There are two kinds:

  • Swatch samples should be used first, and are often free at locations that sell paints. These come on little strips of paper with one strip usually having a handful of colors. Find the shades you like the most and hold the swatch to the wall to get a sense of what it might look like if you really painted. Try to narrow down your possibilities as much as possible, then move on to trials.
  • Trial samples are tiny cans of honest-to-goodness paint, usually about 8 fluid ounces, that you can use to paint a roughly 4-by-4-foot square on your walls. The best part is they rarely cost more than a few dollars. Do this with each of your color shade finalists, then go grab a full can of the winner.

Tools for painting

Once you’ve finally chosen your new bold shade, it’s time to do the paint job. These paint tools make it the easiest:

  • Painter’s tape is used to cover small things that you don’t want to paint, such as light switches. It’s also used to keep your drop cloth in place and to help paint straight lines.
  • Plastic drop cloths are placed on your floors and furniture to avoid staining them with paint. Don’t use them at your own peril.
  • Paintbrushes are used to get into small spaces and for painting around delicate things.
  • Paint rollers are used for everything else so you don’t have to spend hours painting with a little brush.
  • Paint trays hold the paint that your roller needs to be dipped in. You can use them as-is if you don’t mind cleaning them after or you can use tray liners instead.

Best painting tools

Duck Painter’s Tape

This tape comes in an impressive 11 options that change how many rolls are included and how long and wide each roll is.

ScotchBlue Original Multi-Surface Painter's Tape

This painter's tape is another great option, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use on a variety of surfaces. This pack comes with three rolls.

Tapix Plastic Drop Cloth

This collection of cloths contains six or 24 individual tarps that measure 9 by 12 feet. They come rolled in tubes that are easy to roll out and spread.

Trimaco Plastic Drop Cloth

This contains only a single cloth for those who just need to paint one small room. It measures 9-by-12 feet and is 7/10 of a millimeter thick.

Bates Choice Paintbrushes

This set of paint supplies includes four unique brushes. There are three square brushes in small, medium and large, plus a small, thin and angled brush for getting into corners.

Pro Grade Paintbrushes

This collection includes five unique brushes. There are small- and medium-sized square brushes and small, medium and large angled brushes.

Wooster Brush Paint Roller Frame

This roller frame is just one part of your painting setup, but it’s a major part. It’s 9 inches long and can be bought individually or as a set of two, three or four.

Pro Grade Paint Roller Covers

The other major part of your setup is the covers that slip onto the roller frame and hold the paint. This set includes six so you can swap into new colors as needed.

Bercom Handy Paint Tray

This tray can hold an entire gallon of paint. It has a magnetic brush holder built into the side to minimize mess and a handle for easy transport. It fits paint rollers up to 11 inches long.

Bates Choice Paint Tray Liners

If you don’t want to worry about cleaning your paint tray, you can use liners instead. These come in a pack of 10 or 20 and have dots on the rolling area to help get rid of excess paint.

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