Taneia Surles

Taneia Surles

Taneia Surles, MPH, has been a Health Editor at BestReviews for a year.

As a public health advocate, Taneia is passionate about delivering informative, research-backed health education.

Outside of her professional life, Taneia enjoys watching documentaries and spending time with her pets, Jynx, Jasper, and Gooby.

Experience and Expertise

With a background in public health, Taneia has three years of experience writing e-commerce and patient-facing content. She specializes in health, having written over 30 articles on this topic. Taneia has extensive knowledge of popular health and lifestyle trends and consumer-facing health education.

She graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a Master of Public Health. 

  • 3+ years of content writing and editing experience
  • 1+ years of reviewing e-commerce products 
  • Over 30 published articles about health and lifestyle products.

Taneia is a Delta Omega Upsilon chapter member at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Since 2020, she’s written and edited 300+ articles on health and wellness.

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