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How do Raycon earbuds compare to Airpods?

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Raycon earbuds vs AirPods

For many users, earbuds are preferable and offer more flexibility compared to bulky headphones. Small, easy to use and comfortable, Apple’s AirPods have become ubiquitous due to their style and seamless integration with the company’s most popular devices and computers.

While AirPods may have risen to mass popularity in the absence of viable competitors, today’s wireless earbuds options include a range of products from brands that give Apple a run for their money. 

Raycon’s line of earbuds have features similar to AirPods. Both Raycons and AirPods feature wireless charging, a one-year limited warranty and built-in microphones for advanced voice commands when paired with a voice assistant such as Siri or Alexa. But those who don’t care for Apple’s minimalist look will find that Raycon offers more color and design options. In this article, we provide a detailed comparison of Raycon vs AirPods earbuds to help you figure out which brand is best for you.

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Raycon earbuds

From Bluetooth speakers to full-size headphones, Raycon understands audio. They also know that listening on the go shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, so they offer Bluetooth earbuds to suit shoppers looking for top-tier products as well as those who don’t demand all of the latest and greatest features.

Music lovers, podcast enthusiasts and those looking for gaming earbuds will find that Raycons deliver on audio quality without breaking the bank.

Raycon earbud pros

  • Cost. Raycon’s Work and Fitness affordable earbuds are $60 less than Apple’s standard AirPods.
  • Colors. Raycon's stylish design includes a wide range of colors, making the earbuds more suitable for individual preferences.
  • Battery life. Raycon’s Fitness earbuds can last up to nine hours on a single charge. That’s three hours longer than the AirPods Pro's; this does not include the additional hours of battery life provided by a charging case. 
  • Sound profiles. With three sound profiles to choose from, even Raycon’s budget earbuds let you choose what sounds best to you.
  • Comfort and fit. All of Raycon’s earbuds include interchangeable gel tips, letting you determine how you want them to fit.

Raycon earbud cons

  • Less connectivity. Raycon’s products don’t connect as seamlessly with Apple devices as AirPods do.
  • Cheaper feel. While well-built, Raycon’s products can’t match the premium design and feel of Apple’s.
  • Inferior noise cancellation. The noise cancellation technology built into Apple’s AirPods Pro is superior to that featured in Raycon’s Work earbuds.

Best Raycon earbuds

Raycon Work Earbuds 

Raycon’s Work earbuds are comparable to Apple’s AirPods Pro due to the inclusion of active noise cancellation technology. Available in sleek carbon black, they offer 33 hours in the battery department (when used with the charging case). With a price range of $50 to $100 less than Apple’s earbuds, they're the more affordable option.

Sold by Amazon and Staples

Raycon Fitness Earbuds 

Raycon’s Fitness earbuds come in five sporty color options. They're more water resistant than Raycon’s Work earbuds and a longer battery life of 56 hours (with charging case). That said, they lack noise cancellation and are less discreet while worn. 

Sold by Amazon, Staples and Kohl's

Apple AirPods

While hyperbolic, Apple’s description of their AirPods as “magic” is apt considering how easily they come to life once you put them in. It’s easy to chalk up their sales to trendy marketing, but Apple’s earbuds have maintained their popularity due to their great sound quality and simplicity.

With their 3rd generation of AirPods now incorporating some of the features only previously available in their Pro line, it’s never been easier to enjoy Apple’s advancements in spatial and adaptive audio. 

Apple AirPods pros

  • Connectivity. AirPods connect and integrate seamlessly with your other Apple devices, even letting you check on their battery life via your iPhone or iPad.
  • Spatial audio. Spatial audio changes the perceived direction of the audio coming out of your AirPods depending on where your head is, making media compatible with this feature highly immersive.
  • Adaptive EQ. Apple’s AirPods feature a microphone that analyzes the interior shape of your ear to customize its audio delivery to deliver high-quality sound for every listener.
  • Noise canceling. Apple's excellent noise cancellation technology is available in headphones of this size.
  • Touch functions. Apple AirPods now feature a control pad on their stem that lets you answer and end phone calls or pause, play and skip through your music without having to use your device.

Apple AirPods cons

  • Single color. Apple has been uncharacteristically generous when it comes to offering their recent Macs in different colors, but their AirPods are only available in the company’s trademark white.
  • A lack of comfort options. AirPods Pro include interchangeable silicone ear tips that let you choose how tightly you want them to fit in your ear. The soft silicone tips have an ergonomic design for comfortable wearing, but there are less size options compared to Raycons.
  • Only two models. While Raycon gives buyers four different earbud models to choose from, Apple only offers their standard AirPods and AirPods Pro.

Best Apple AirPods

1st Generation

Apple AirPods Pro 

Apple’s AirPods Pro are packed with technology such as spatial audio and external sensors that let you control music playback. These white earbuds have a sleek design, featuring the latest in noise-canceling technology and multiple connectivity options, including automatic pairing with other Apple devices. The 24-hour battery life is less impressive than the Raycons, though.

Sold by Amazon and Staples

Second generation

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)

The newer version of Apple's AirPods Pro wireless earbuds improved on the original model's active noise cancellation feature and automatic ear detection, as well as additional battery life of 30 hours, including the charging case. New and advanced features include volume adjustment controls and precision finding, which allows you to locate lost AirPods using an iPhone.

Sold by Amazon and Staples

Are Raycons better than AirPods?

While Raycon’s earbuds offer great value compared to Apple’s third-generation AirPods, the AirPods Pro deliver a superior wireless listening experience over Raycon’s entire line. With their excellent background noise (or ambient noise) reduction, touch functionality, interchangeable tips, simple connectivity and spatial audio, the AirPods Pro are the best choice for both critical and casual listeners alike. However, if you're looking for an affordable pair of earbuds, Raycon's wireless models are a solid option.

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