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Best Samsung monitor

Which Samsung monitor is best? 

Choosing a monitor for your computer is much the same as choosing a television for your living room — after all, a TV is just a special kind of monitor. As such, they have many of the same considerations, such as size and resolution. Narrowing your choices by brand can make shopping easier, and Samsung is among the best manufacturers.

Its best monitor is the Samsung 32-Inch QHD Computer Monitor, excellent for any high-level activity outside of the most extreme gaming needs.

What to know before you buy a Samsung monitor

How will it be used?

To avoid overspending, this is the most important question to ask before you start shopping for a Samsung monitor.

  • Average use is essentially surfing the web, watching the occasional YouTube video and doing some bookkeeping. This user should buy the cheapest monitor they can find that they’re happy with.
  • Non-creative professional use isn’t much different than average use, but your job might need to take advantage of better-than-usual specs.
  • Creative professional use requires a monitor with a high resolution and plenty of ports but doesn’t need the extremes of hardcore gaming monitors.
  • Gaming monitors offer the best of everything, but for staggeringly high costs. That doesn’t mean you should leap to the most expensive — compare your computer’s specs to your potential monitor to find the perfect fit.


Monitor sizes are measured on a diagonal from one top corner to the opposite bottom corner. Even the cheapest Samsung monitors are relatively roomy at roughly 20-24 inches. Better monitors are usually 27-32 inches, while gaming monitors can be as wide as 50 inches.

What to look for in a quality Samsung monitor


Resolution in monitors works just like in TVs and uses much of the same terminology.

  • HD is 720p and is used in the cheapest Samsung monitors. This is more than enough for the average YouTube video and office work.
  • Full HD is 1080p and is the average resolution of streaming content. Consider this the baseline if you plan on watching movies and TV shows or playing the average game.
  • QHD is Samsung’s branding for the half step between full HD and true 4K resolution, at 1440p. Samsung’s best monitors typically offer this resolution.
  • 4K, 2160p, is the highest resolution commonly available. Only the best Samsung monitors offer it, but prices are becoming more affordable as time goes on.

Refresh rate and response time

Refresh rate and response time are most important to gamers and creative professionals who work with video.

  • Refresh rate is measured in hertz and is the fastest rate at which the image can be refreshed. The higher the refresh rate, the more frames per second can be displayed while gaming.
  • Response time is measured in milliseconds and is the time it takes a monitor to change the image. The lower the better, with some gaming monitors having 1-millisecond response times.

How much you can expect to spend on a Samsung monitor

Samsung monitors typically cost $200-$2,000. Basic monitors for the average user shouldn't cost more than $250. For up to $500 you can find mid-sized and high-quality monitors that are great for creative jobs and streaming. The best-of-the-best easily eclipse $2,000.

Samsung monitor FAQ

What is VESA and what does it mean to be VESA compatible?

A. VESA stands for Video Electronics Standards Association and it works to standardize much of the electronics industry. One of VESA’s most prominent standards is in mounting hardware. Thanks to VESA, it’s almost a guarantee that you can use the same mount with almost any monitor — including TVs.

Should I use an ultrawide monitor or two smaller monitors side-by-side?

A. Both styles are effective, leaving it mostly up to preference or budget constraints. Gamers should grab an ultra-wide monitor, as having a physical space between monitors will affect how their game looks. Professionals and the average user should be fine with separate monitors unless you plan on watching plenty of videos. That said, an ultra-wide monitor usually costs more than two smaller monitors of similar quality.

What’s the best Samsung monitor to buy?

Top Samsung monitor 

Samsung 32-Inch QHD Computer Monitor

What you need to know: This is the perfect monitor for watching high-quality videos or working on creative projects.

What you’ll love: It offers QHD resolution and can display one billion colors. The stand is adjustable and can move the monitor into landscape or portrait orientation. It has an HDMI port and several USB-C ports. It also comes in 24- and 27-inch sizes.

What you should consider: There are no built-in speakers. Changing monitor settings can be complicated. It isn’t great for high-end gaming.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Samsung monitor for the money

Samsung 27-Inch Frameless Curved Gaming Monitor

What you need to know: This basic monitor is a great choice for everyday needs.

What you’ll love: It has full HD resolution and a 60-hertz refresh rate, making it a solid choice for watching videos and playing the occasional game. To preserve your eyes' health, it uses special modes to reduce blue light emissions without limiting brightness.

What you should consider: Curved monitors can take some getting used to. There are no built-in speakers. The power button is on the back and hard to reach.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Samsung 49-Inch Odyssey Neo G9 Gaming Monitor

What you need to know: This gargantuan beast of a monitor is built for one thing — hardcore gaming.

What you’ll love: The 49-inch monitor can be digitally divided to act as two side-by-side 27-inch monitors. It packs in 4K resolution with a 240-hertz refresh rate to take advantage of high-end gaming PC specs. The included stand is fully adjustable and the monitor is compliant with VESA.

What you should consider: It’s expensive, and the curve is extreme, even for those who like curved monitors. A few purchasers reported an odd clicking sound on occasion.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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