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Best Dell Black Friday deal

Why choose Dell?

Over the past 30 years, Dell has emerged as one of the top electronics companies in the world, and for good reason. Some of its products, particularly its laptops, are about as well-known and highly regarded as any on the market. Since it designs and sells many of its best products itself, you can be certain that the manufacturer will have some great holiday discounts. In fact, Dell isn't waiting around — there are already some great price cuts available on a variety of products on its website.

Which Dell products are best?

To be fair to Dell, it has a significant range of products to offer. Almost certainly its most famous product is its XPS line of laptops, which have been highly praised by professionals for years. Similarly, its budget-friendly office-oriented desktop PCs are known for their reliability, low cost and generally long lifespan.

Aside from laptops and desktops, Dell is extremely popular for its wide selection of monitors. The Ultrasharp line offers the kind of overall visual fidelity that the specifications don’t quite do justice to, and there are some outfitted with the wide color gamut and panel accuracy required of a professional photography monitor.

Also keep an eye out for the Dell-owned Alienware brand, which makes some highly advanced hardware aimed at gamers. Alienware makes a decent number of great gaming monitors in addition to other components like mechanical keyboards.

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Dell products to watch for Black Friday

Dell XPS 13 High-End Laptop

The XPS lineup is one of the most revered laptop families in history. The latest top-of-the-line version is packed with a fast and ultra-efficient processor in addition to 16GB of high-speed RAM plus Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity. This particular model is especially noteworthy thanks to its high-quality display panel that peaks at 500 nits of brightness.

Sold by Dell


Dell Alienware m17 R4 Gaming Laptop

Since Dell bought gaming hardware manufacturer Alienware in 2006, the brand’s clout has gotten considerably stronger. This 17-inch laptop’s 1080p display is among the first laptop screens capable of 360Hz refresh rates. If the discrete Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 GPU can’t quite maintain 360 FPS, that’s OK, as the panel is equipped with Nvidia’s G-Sync variable refresh rate technology.

Sold by Dell


Dell Alienware m15 R4 Gaming Laptop

This is the 15-inch version of Alienware’s signature gaming notebook. Aside from being a bit smaller and therefore more portable, this one’s outfitted with an RTX 3070 GPU and a 144Hz panel, so while you won’t get the same high frame rates as with the m17, you will be able to crank up the graphics settings higher. The m15 does still have the same impressively powerful Intel Core 7-10870H CPU, which can reach speeds of up to 5.0 gigahertz.

Sold by Dell


Dell S2721DGF Gaming Monitor

If you want to play at high frame rates without breaking the bank, consider this midrange monitor. At 27 inches with a 1440p resolution, its pixel density is perfect for viewing from across a desk while its fast pixel response time minimizes ghosting and the variable refresh rate technology eliminates tearing and greatly reduces stuttering if your frame rate drops below its maximum refresh rate of 165Hz. In addition to HDMI and DisplayPort connectors, it has a line-out headphone jack and USB 3.0 hub built in.

Sold by Dell


Dell SE2222H Monitor

If you’re looking for something compact and affordable, this is the monitor for you. Whether you need to outfit a modest PC setup or add a second monitor to enhance your productivity during work or play, this 22-inch model is a great choice. It doesn’t have any fancy features, but it’s on a great holiday deal right now and weighs only a few pounds, so it’s perfect for placing on a monitor arm. 

Sold by Dell


Dell S2721HGF Curved Gaming Monitor

Curved monitors usually deliver a notably more immersive experience when playing games as they do a better job of simulating your peripheral vision and prevent colors from washing out on the corners and edges. This one does just that while measuring 27 inches with FHD resolution and, perhaps most importantly, costing significantly less than most other 144Hz models.

Sold by Dell


Dell Alienware AW2521H Gaming Monitor

This impressive monitor has some advanced features made for the specific niche of first-person gamers who demand ultra-high frame rates and peak smoothness. It was one of the first to be equipped with the Nvidia Reflex latency analyzer, which ensures that every link in the chain between the player and computer is as lag-free as possible. This, along with the blazing-fast 360Hz refresh rate, can increase reaction time and give competitive gamers an advantage over their opponents.

Sold by Dell


Dell S2522HG Gaming Monitor

If you’re looking to increase your reaction speed in fast-paced online play but don’t want to spend a fortune, consider this budget-minded option that can display up to 240 frames per second. Like with many similar high-speed monitors, it’s limited to a 1080p resolution, but at its 25-inch size, it should still produce a clear and crisp image. Its stand can be adjusted in four directions and an anti-glare coating makes it useful in a variety of lighting conditions.

Sold by Dell


Dell Alienware AW410K Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Switching from a cheap, membrane keyboard to one with premium mechanical switches can be an enlightening experience. The mechanisms in this one offer a bit of tactile feedback but don’t make a ton of noise, which means it’s perfect for both fast typing and fast-paced gaming. It’s even outfitted with a customizable RGB lighting system that can display 16.8 million colors.

Sold by Dell


Dell WD19S USB-C Dock

One thing about this dock stands out compared to most of its competition: it can deliver up to 130W via USB-C Power Delivery, so it’s able to drive some of the most powerful mobile workstations that have beefy power requirements. It also sports three video outputs, an Ethernet jack and expansion USB Type A and C ports.

Sold by Dell

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