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Best foldable keyboard

Which foldable keyboard is best?

Maybe you want to work on your next great novel on your iPad and don’t like the touch keyboard taking up so much of the screen. Maybe you want to type up long messages on your gaming console and hate using a game controller to do so. The flexibility afforded with a foldable keyboard gives you the chance to work and play anywhere and anyhow you need to.

For any needs that must be met, the best foldable keyboard is the iClever Bluetooth Keyboard. This pocket-sized Bluetooth keyboard is smaller than an iPhone for easy travel and the battery can last up to 40 days. 

What are the benefits of using a foldable keyboard?

There are many reasons to pick up a good foldable keyboard. A tablet or phone and foldable Bluetooth keyboard combo is much easier to travel with than a full laptop, and using a foldable keyboard with your tablet or phone is much easier than typing with the onscreen keyboard. It also means you have more screen space to see what you’re working on.

Better for travel than a non-folding keyboard, a foldable keyboard can be so small that it will fit inside a pocket. Using a foldable keyboard can also make typing up large chunks of text much easier than using a touchscreen or a game controller if you’re typing on a game console.

What to know before you buy a foldable keyboard

Connection type

Foldable keyboards can connect to your device of choice using one of two connection methods: wireless and wired.

Wireless: The majority of foldable keyboards connect wirelessly to your device using Bluetooth. This gives you greater flexibility of where you can physically be while typing, but you do have to charge your Bluetooth foldable keyboard or replace its batteries once they die.

Wired: Wired foldable keyboards generally connect using a micro USB cable or, in some cases, the headphone jack. You don’t have to charge or replace the batteries of a wired keyboard, but it does severely limit how far from your device you can be, a more pressing concern for classrooms or gaming setups.

Battery life

The battery life of your Bluetooth foldable keyboard can vary wildly. Active use can drain a battery anywhere from 30 hours to 150 hours, while standby power usage can last up to 6 months if you don’t use it at all. Battery-operated Bluetooth foldable keyboards can add a large cost over time if the batteries don’t last long.

Keyboard layout

The layout of your foldable keyboard can drastically alter your typing experience. Generally speaking, a smaller keyboard than you’re used to can be adjusted to fairly easily. But if the foldable keyboard alters the positions of the keys in ways you aren't used to, you may find yourself constantly hitting keys you didn’t mean to hit.

What features to look for in a quality foldable keyboard 

Folded size

The main reason to purchase a foldable keyboard over a non-folding keyboard is portability. The exact dimensions of a folded keyboard differ per device, but a foldable keyboard that hinges in two places folds smaller than a foldable keyboard that hinges once in the middle.

Unfolded size

The right unfolded size of a foldable keyboard depends entirely on you. Some prefer foldable keyboards to be as close in size to a full keyboard as possible, while others gravitate towards compact unfolded keyboard sizes for maximum portability.


An occasional bonus for folding keyboards is backlighting for easy typing in dark environments. Few foldable keyboards have this feature, but they definitely exist if a backlit foldable keyboard is important to you.

How much you can expect to spend on a foldable keyboard 

Most foldable keyboards can be found for $20-$50. The higher-end foldable keyboards of this range are typically more durable, have better battery life or have extra features. Foldable keyboards above $50 into the $80 range are the best of the bunch with high durability and battery life, plus extra features.

Foldable keyboard FAQ

Can I use my foldable keyboard on my desktop computer too?

A. Your desktop must have Bluetooth capability for a Bluetooth foldable keyboard to work, but any wired keyboard should work without issue.

What kind of range can I expect with a Bluetooth foldable keyboard?

A. The maximum range for a Bluetooth foldable keyboard depends on the device you purchase and you can find those specifications before you buy as well. Generally, the maximum range is around 30 feet.

What’s the best foldable keyboard to buy?

Top foldable keyboard

iClever Bluetooth Keyboard

What you need to know: This pocket-sized foldable keyboard pairs easily with all kinds of different devices.

What you’ll love: The battery of this highly durable foldable keyboard lasts up to 40 days.

What you should consider: The layout of this foldable keyboard is different than a regular keyboard, which can make typing difficult.

Sold by: Amazon

Top foldable keyboard for the money

IKOS Bluetooth Folding Keyboard

What you need to know: Combining an incredibly small form factor with terrific battery life makes this foldable keyboard a great value buy.  

What you’ll love: An included case doubles as a stand for your tablet or phone.

What you should consider: A center hinge forces a gap between the keys down the middle, which can be bothersome for some.

Sold by: Amazon

Worth checking out

MoKo Universal Foldable Keyboard

What you need to know: This Bluetooth foldable keyboard unfolds to a full-sized keyboard.

What you’ll love: A standard keyboard size means no need to adjust to a different sized keyboard.

What you should consider: This Bluetooth foldable keyboard doesn’t pair with Windows phones.

Sold by: Amazon


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