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This is the last opportunity for back-to-school Samsung deals


Back-to-school is still in full swing, but not for much longer

Many states have already had their first day of school, but others aren’t returning for a few more weeks. So you can still find big savings across several retailers and online stores. Samsung is among them, with a suite of big deals for all of its brand-new Galaxy products that launched Aug. 11. 

Considering how heavily schoolwork today makes use of tablets and smartphones, grabbing a new one can make it easier and faster to complete tasks. Plus, a new smartwatch can help an older child or college-bound adult track their health to ensure they’re in the best position to absorb new information.

Samsung’s back-to-school sale details

Some of the best back-to-school deals still available are for Samsung’s newly released line of phones, smartwatches and tablets. To help you pick the best deal, here are the details.

  • Galaxy Z Flip5: There are multiple ways to save on this phone, including $200 to $600 off with an eligible phone trade-in, 30% off when bundled with the Galaxy Tab S9 or 25% off when bundled with the Galaxy Watch 6. AT&T and Verizon are also offering up to $1,000 off with an eligible trade-in for new and existing customers. T-Mobile offers the same $1,000 deal and also offers it for those adding a new line. Finally, students get an extra 10% off.
  • Galaxy Z Fold5: This phone offers similar deals to the Flip5. This includes Galaxy Tab S9 and Galaxy Watch6 bundle deals and the three carrier deals. You can also get up to $1,000 off with an eligible trade-in not attached to those carriers, and a free memory upgrade on select models. Finally, students get an additional 15% off.
  • Galaxy Watch6 and 6 Classic: Smaller tech means smaller deals. You can get up to $250 off with an eligible trade-in and students get an extra 15% off.
  • Galaxy Tab S9, S9 Plus and S9 Ultra: Each tablet goes up in price with enhanced specs, but the deals remain the same regardless of version. You can get up to $650 off with an eligible trade-in and a free Book Cover Keyboard Slim (a $139.99 to $199.99 value). Students also get 15% off.

Best back-to-school Samsung deals

Galaxy Z Flip5

The Flip5 is among the few folding smartphones and a great choice for those who want to take up less space in their pockets or bags. It comes in two data storage sizes and in eight colors.

Sold by Samsung

Galaxy Z Fold5

The Fold5 has the unique ability to double its screen size by, you guessed it, folding open and closed like a book. It’s perfect for those who want the function of a tablet and the handiness of a phone. It comes in three data storage sizes and in five colors.

Sold by Samsung

Galaxy Watch6

The latest version of Samsung’s smartwatch is the perfect companion to your Samsung phone. There are many options to choose from, including two screen sizes and three colors, so you easily match your style.

Sold by Samsung

Galaxy Watch6 Classic

The Classic version upgrades the case to stainless steel from aluminum and increases the screen size while still coming in two sizes. For the upgrade, it costs $100 more.

Sold by Samsung

Galaxy Tab S9

The base model of the new S9 line has an 11-inch display. The main choice is in memory and data storage, of which there are two options: an 8-gigabyte random-access memory with 128 GB storage or a 12 GB RAM with 256 GB storage.

Sold by Samsung

Galaxy Tab S9 Plus

The S9 Plus upgrades the screen size to 12.4 inches and only offers models with 12 GB of RAM. The data storage options are 256 GB or 512 GB.

Sold by Samsung

Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

The biggest and best S9 has a huge 14.6-inch display. For comparison, the largest iPad screen is just 12.9 inches. It has the same two RAM and data storage options as the S9 Plus, but also offers an additional combo of 16 GB of RAM with 1 terabyte of data storage.

Sold by Samsung


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