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Best outdoor projector screens

Outdoor projector screens

Family movie night takes on a whole new life when you have the option to roast marshmallows in front of a theater-sized screen. Thanks to personal projectors and outdoor projector screens, you can now bring a theater-like experience to your very own backyard.

Projectors are important, but a good screen can be just as crucial to a quality viewing experience. Projector screens aren’t just white tarps or bedsheets, they're often reinforced and designed to not allow light to pass through them. If you’re trying to upgrade your movie night with an outdoor projector, the ideal next step is comparing screens.

Things to know before you buy an outdoor projector screen

Do you need a 4K screen?

Believe it or not, some projector screens are better suited for 4K content than others. High-definition video requires smaller pixels than standard definition. To support the tiny pixels in 4K content, 4K-compatible screens often have a finer grit and smoother texture than standard projector screens.

Do you want a screen with a stand or an inflatable screen?

Outdoor projector screens that come with collapsible stands are often less expensive and offer a better picture quality than inflatable screens. Some screens with stands snap onto rectangular frames, whereas others roll up into a screen guard. Screens that roll up into a guard often wrinkle less than those that snap onto their frames, but they can be large and difficult to take to new places.

Inflatable projector screens are often much larger than those with stands, but they can be expensive and take up too much space in some cases. Inflatable screens often require 8 feet or more of space behind the screen for an electric fan to continuously supply air to the screen. Inflatable screens can feel like too much for some people, but for many others, the larger-than-life appearance makes them an attractive option.

Outdoor movie projector screens

Best 4K projector screen

Elite Screens Yardmaster2 

What you need to know: This 4K-compatible screen’s Cinewhite material and dark-black backing allow for crisp colors on its durable 135-inch screen. 

What you’ll love: The fully-tensioned snap-button frame ensures the screen stays flat while you’re enjoying your movie. The matte white finish makes the colors projected onto the screen appear vibrant and works well with 4K. Setup only takes about 15-20 minutes.

What you should consider: Because the screen is made to be folded up and stored in a case, it can wrinkle over time.

Where to buy: The 135-inch model is sold by Wayfair and Amazon. The 120-inch version is sold by Amazon. 

Best inflatable projector screen

KODAK Inflatable Outdoor Projector Screen

What you need to know: A well-known camera brand made an incredibly capable inflatable projector screen. With a 144-inch viewing surface, you won’t have any trouble seeing your film — on top of that, it’s a cinch to set up. 

What you’ll love: It comes with a surprisingly quiet electric blower. Setting up and taking down the screen is incredibly easy and fast. 

What you should consider: There are visible seams on the screen. The electric blower could be a little more powerful.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Our other top outdoor projector screen picks

JWSIT 120-inch Projector Screen with Stand

This 4K projector screen only takes a few minutes to set up and has a three-layer screen with black backing to prevent light from leaking through it. The three-layer PVC screen is highly durable, making it excellent for outdoor use.

Sold by Amazon

VIVOHOME Inflatable Projector Screen

This impressive piece of equipment has an enormous 183-inch screen that velcros onto the inflatable assembly. Some customers have noticed loose strings and seams, but these seem to be outliers.

Sold by Amazon

PropVue Projector Screen with Stand

Propvue’s 100-inch screen rolls up and fits into a carrying case along with its convenient tripod — this design both protects it from creases and makes it easy to use outside.

Sold by Amazon

ProHT 100-inch Portable Projector Screen  

ProHT’s affordable projector screen has a 4:3 aspect ratio, so it may not be what you’re looking for if you prefer 16:9. Still, for less than $90, this convenient projector screen is a great choice for outdoor movie nights.

Sold by Home Depot and Amazon

Insignia 114-inch Outdoor Projector Screen

This inflatable screen has a uniquely simple design that makes it perfect for poolside use. It has 18 screen buckles that keep it from moving, and its ropes and stakes keep the screen from blowing over if the wind picks up.

Sold by Amazon

Blina Outdoor Projector Screen

The rounded sides on Blina’s 100-inch 4K screen aren’t just for show — they add extra tension to the screen to keep it wrinkle-free. The sturdy frame only takes about 10 minutes to assemble, and it folds down into a handy carrying case.

Sold by Amazon

Vankyo StayTrue 100-inch Projector Screen

This inexpensive 4K-compatible screen supports front and rear projection and folds down into a surprisingly small carrying case. The bright white polyester and spandex material makes for an excellent viewing experience with impressive color contrast.

Sold by Amazon

Holiday Styling Projector Screen

This option has a massive 180-inch diagonal screen size and stands 10 feet tall. The electric blower will require about an additional 8-10 feet of space behind the screen. With this model, you also have the option to project from the rear.

Sold by Amazon

GPX 70-inch Outdoor Projector Screen

Although it’s a bit smaller than many outdoor screens, the durable single-piece frame makes for a stress-free assembly. This screen’s smaller size and carrying case make it a great choice if you’ll be using it in more than one location.

Sold by Kohl’s and Macy’s


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