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Best Step Ladders

Updated October 2021
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Best of the Best
Little Giant Ladders Velocity M13 13-Ft Multi-Position Ladder
Little Giant Ladders
Velocity M13 13-Ft Multi-Position Ladder
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Most Versatile
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It can fold up like a step stool for easy jobs.


Storage height of less than 4 feet. Unfolds to A-frame height of 5 feet or fully extended 11 foot reach. Wide-flared legs add stability. Can be used in a number of angles for staircases or scaffolding. Locks are adjustable.


Wide footprint of 24 inches and 25 pound weight.

Best Bang for the Buck
Rubbermaid Lightweight Aluminum Step Stool with Oversized Project Tray
Lightweight Aluminum Step Stool with Oversized Project Tray
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Best for Everyday Use
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Every home needs a good basic ladder like this for jobs around the house.


Weighs only 11 pounds for ease of maneuverability. Folds thin for storage. Can hold up to 250 pounds. Nonstick feet are stable and won't mar floors. Large project tray for tools or paint.


Basic design has only 1 height. Not for stair use.

Louisville Ladder 6-Ft Fiberglass Twin Front Ladder
Louisville Ladder
6-Ft Fiberglass Twin Front Ladder
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Super Strong
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This no-nonsense stepladder can hold considerable weight.


Bears load of up to 375 pounds per side for a total load of 750 pounds, enough for 2 people plus tools. Thick, rugged boots supply grip for most surfaces. Spreader braces add stability.


Considerably pricey. Somewhat heavy at 28 pounds.

Cosco Signature Series Step Ladder 6-Ft
Signature Series Step Ladder 6-Ft
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Wide Platform
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A professional's choice with a wide platform step.


Lightweight, sturdy aluminum boxed frame. Platform step at top provides good work position. Carry handle folds the entire ladder one-handed. Offers project tray for tools and hardware.


Moderately pricey. Tall when folded at over 6 1/4 feet.

Hasegawa Ladders Lucano Stepladder
Hasegawa Ladders
Lucano Stepladder
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Designer Looks
Bottom Line

Sleek, fashion-forward design looks good when not in use.


Eye-catching modern design can be left in the open as décor. Stands upright on its own when folded. Extended handrail adds support when reaching or leaning. Safety bar for stability.


Somewhat pricey for its size. Not ANSI-certified.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best step ladders

Just about everyone has experienced needing to get to something that's just out of reach. Whether you're shorter than average or just have higher-than-average ceilings, you could probably use a step up without having to haul a full-size ladder out of the garage.

A good step ladder has a place in every home, and there are models for every imaginable use. Yet, with so many to choose from, you want to carefully consider your needs before choosing the right step ladder for you.

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According to the American Ladder Institute, you should use the Three Points of Contact method to climb a ladder safely: always have either two feet and one hand, or one foot and two hands, in contact with the ladder.

Step ladder basics

A step ladder can be anything from a couple of treads to help you reach high shelves to a multifunctional model with numerous adaptations. However, despite the huge variety available, there are a few key features common to all quality step ladders, which we explore below.

  • Stability: Look for good width between the legs so the ladder doesn't rock sideways. Some models angle outward to enhance this. We like step ladders with flat, solid treads that are comfortable and supportive. Ladders with rubber or plastic feet are also desirable because they won't slide on smooth flooring.

  • Durability: Before you buy, check rail thickness, which is a good indicator of structural strength. Also, check hinges and joints; they should be made of materials that resist corrosion.

  • Mobility: Step ladders get moved around a lot. A lightweight step ladder can be beneficial for this reason.

Step ladder type and size

Most step ladders are a straightforward construction of two or more steps. They fold flat for easy storage. Popular variations may include a platform at the top, an upper handhold/safety rail, or a tool/utility tray.

Some step ladders have legs that are offset at different heights. These are designed for stair work. Additional angle settings may also be possible, and the item may open flat to create a taller standard ladder.

The most common size for home use is the six-foot step ladder. These are used for a multitude of indoor jobs and are tall enough to reach many outdoor rooflines – handy if you need to clear or repair your gutters.

Of course, there are step ladders of many different heights to choose from. Two- and three-tread models make it simple to access high storage spaces and are compact enough to store almost anywhere. At the other end of the scale are very tall step ladders; the tallest model we looked at reaches up to 21 feet. Tall step ladders are ideal for tradespeople who work on commercial buildings; they provide a convenient platform for tasks like suspended ceiling installation.

When choosing your step ladder, you may have a specific task in mind, but it's worth thinking about other times when your purchase will come in handy. For example, if you occasionally need to decorate your house or reach objects high off the ground, a multifunctional step ladder offers a convenient alternative to the traditional step ladder.

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Expert Tip
Many step ladders can be extended and used as normal ladders. If you do this, follow the one-in-four rule to place it at the correct angle against a wall. The bottom should be away from the wall by one-quarter of the total height, so the angle between floor and ladder is 75 degrees.

Step ladder material

There are four materials generally used in the construction of step ladders: wood, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass.


Wooden step ladders are less common than they once were. Other materials simply offer greater strength and durability for the same cost. However, "ladder stools" and "library chairs" have great decorative appeal and can last a lifetime if looked after properly.


Steel step ladders are strong and relatively inexpensive. Smaller step ladders with tubular construction are light, but larger steel step ladders can be heavy. A step ladder with a finish coating may resist corrosion, but it can be prone to chips and scratches which then lead to rust.

"A folding wooden step ladder was first patented in 1862 by John H. Balsley of Connellsville, Pennsylvania. Although they had existed before, Balsley introduced flat steps instead of round rungs – a major safety improvement."


Aluminum step ladders are popular because they offer good strength and are light weight. Aluminum is technically not as strong as steel, but a good aluminum step ladder may use larger sections and/or extra bracing to compensate while still retaining considerable weight savings. Additionally, aluminum does not rust. Even if your step ladder is aluminum, however, the hinges, joints, and tread fixings will likely be made of steel. As such, a protective coating may be needed to enhance longevity.


Fiberglass step ladders offer tremendous solidity, and though not perhaps as light as aluminum, they weigh far less than steel. Fiberglass is another material that doesn't corrode, but as with aluminum models, the steel fixings will need adequate protection. One major benefit of fiberglass is that it doesn't conduct electricity. Therefore, it is safe to use near cabling or power lines.

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For your safety
Most step ladder accidents occur when people try to reach too far and lose their balance. Don't be tempted. It takes just moments to reposition your ladder properly and avoid getting hurt.

Duty rating

The duty rating is the maximum recommended weight a step ladder can hold. That's the total of the person plus any tools. A step ladder with a 250-pound duty rating is classified as "Heavy-Duty Industrial." A 300-pound model is "Extra Heavy-Duty Industrial."

Even small step ladders have a duty rating of 200 pounds and upward, so weight is seldom a problem. However, you may need to consider load limits when it comes to industrial/trade applications.

Step ladder prices

How much should you expect to pay for a good step ladder? That's a difficult question because there are so many to choose from. Our recommendation is to choose based on the features you need rather than the price. A good step ladder is a long-term investment. Buy high quality and you'll probably never need to replace it.

That said, you can find step ladders in the vicinity of $20 as well as $200, which applies to all construction materials. For example, an aluminum folding ladder with just two steps is likely to cost closer to $20, whereas an aircraft-grade aluminum step ladder with four or more steps is likely to cost closer to $200.

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There may be rungs on both sides of your step ladder, but that doesn't mean you can climb both sides. One set of rungs may act as a support when the ladder is folded flat. They’re designed to hold the ladder hooks, not for you to put your feet on.


Q. I've heard that fiberglass step ladders can shatter. Is that true?
Though theoretically possible, it’s very unlikely unless the step ladder is subjected to severe impact. If the ladder were to be hit with a sledge hammer, for instance, it might shatter. Then again, a steel or aluminum version probably wouldn't survive that kind of treatment, either!

Q. Do step ladders need any maintenance?
Mostly it's just a question of keeping them clean and dry. A little oil on the hinges periodically will keep them operating smoothly. Check that the ladder rungs and braces are secure before you use it, and never use a step ladder that is damaged in any way.

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