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The best vibrating massage ball

Which vibrating massage balls are best?

It’s very easy to injure your body even during fairly low-energy activities. For those injuries involving your muscle tissue, a vibrating massage ball can help. These little handheld devices are perfect for targeting the soreness deep inside the muscle and relieving your pain.

The best vibrating massage ball for different levels of soreness or pain is the Tratac ActiveBall High Intensity Vibration Ball. This massage ball is portable and you can target specific areas of the body due to its compactness.

The silicon surface is easy to grip and it comes in three different colors. For more information, check out the vibrating massage ball buying guide from BestReviews.

What to know before you buy a vibrating massage ball


The firmness of a vibrating massage ball determines the area of the body it best serves. Softer balls such as those covered in silicon are better for sensitive areas, including the neck and hands, while harder materials and massage balls with rubber knobs and treads are better suited for reaching the deep tissue in areas such as your back and hamstrings.


Vibrating massage balls are small but they do come in a narrow range of sizes (1.7 to 4 inches) to better target specific areas. Smaller massage balls are better for hands and feet while large balls are better for the chest and back. Vibrating massage balls in the middle range cover everything else.


Most vibrating massage balls use rechargeable batteries. The good news is those batteries can last for more than a week or two unless you’re using it multiple times a day; the bad news is that charging takes a few hours.

What to look for in a quality vibrating massage ball


The material of a vibrating massage ball generally dictates how good it is at reaching into your body’s deep muscle tissue. Rubber balls tend to be a bit harder and easily dig into deep tissue while softer materials such as silicon and foam are better for the surface level. Foam and silicon still reach deep tissue, but require far more pressure to do so.


Vibrating massage balls are not actually flat. They can come in peanut shapes, though, which means two balls are joined together. These peanut-shaped vibrating massage balls cover more area and are especially good for massaging both sides of the spine at once.


Occasionally, a vibrating massage ball has a textured surface with knobs and treads. Knobby massage balls are meant to hit acupressure points while treaded massage balls excel at accessing deep muscle tissue. Most textures also make it easier to grip the massage ball.

Vibration variables

Vibrating massage balls rarely just turn off and on. They have variable intensities and frequencies. These different levels and types of vibration all have optimal uses for certain areas and types of pain and discomfort.

Massage ball timer

Some vibrating massage balls have an auto shutdown feature that turns the massage ball off after approximately 10 minutes. Others have a timer you can set so you don’t have to keep track of how long you’ve been using the massager. Both these features can save battery life and prevent you from massaging your body too much.

How much you can expect to spend on a vibrating massage ball

Vibrating massage balls can cost less than $25 and can exceed $100. The more money you spend on a vibrating massage ball, the more likely you are to have features such as extra vibration variables, better materials, textures and peanut shapes.

Vibrating massage ball FAQ

What are the benefits of vibration?

A. Vibrations stimulate blood flow in the muscle and can cause temporary numbness for pain relief.

Does my vibrating massage ball come with a warranty?

A. It should. Warranties usually are one year and cover defects in the massage ball, not damage caused by use. Some warranties do extend longer than a year while others require you to first register your massage ball using a card that comes with it.

Which vibrating massage ball should I get?

Top vibrating massage ball

Tratac ActiveBall High Intensity Vibration Ball

What you need to know: An intense level of vibration with a durable exterior makes this the top vibrating massage ball pick.

What you’ll love: It comes in three different colors with three vibration settings and three hours of charge at a minimum.

What you should consider: This vibrating massage ball is high in price.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top vibrating massage ball for the money

Sedona 4-Speed Vibrating Massage Ball

What you need to know: If you don’t need an intense vibrating massage ball, this mild pick with an equally mild price point is perfect for you.

What you’ll love: An LED indicator and several vibration modes plus a decent battery keep this budget pick high in value.

What you should consider: Even on the highest setting, some may consider this vibrating massage ball weak.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Hyperice Hypersphere Vibrating Therapy Ball

What you need to know: This extra-hard and extra-intense vibrating massage ball is a top choice among several professional athletes.

What you’ll love: The hard exterior is perfect for getting deep into the muscle tissue to target the source of the pain instead of the symptom.

What you should consider: It is rather pricey and shuts off during use on occasion due to the power button being easy to accidentally hit.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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