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Best period products for teens and tweens

Which period products for teens and tweens are best? 

Getting your period doesn’t have to be an utterly humiliating disaster. There are plenty of products out there to ease a tween’s or teen’s menstrual cycle. 

With the products listed below, your teen or tween can make an effortless entrance into adulthood. Periods are about more than preventing your clothes from being ruined once a month. With the right preparation and the right products, this life transition can be an easy one. 


A pad is used to absorb blood and prevent staining clothing. A package of pads should be part of every tween or teenager period preparation bundle. Get them with wings, without wings, ultrathin, thick, cheap, expensive, reusable — whatever suits variations in menstrual flow. Pads with wings are often used for overnight coverage or relaxing around the house.

Rael Organic Cloth Pads

These organic and reusable cloth pads are also leak resistant. Users have commented that they are impressed with these pads presenting as advertised.

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Liners are an essential tool in the period toolbox. They serve as a backup for spotting or leakage when using a tampon, menstrual cup or disc. You should place a liner on underwear or clothing where blood may leak through. 

Always Xtra Protection

These liners have edges to prevent leaking onto clothing and are also made to dry quickly.

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A tampon is generally made of cotton and it has a string on the end for easy removal. Tampons come in different sizes to match your flow as it changes. They also come with applicators to make the process easier but you can also get them without applicators.

Tampax Pearl Multipack 

This variety pack comes with several tampons for each type of flow. Each tampon includes a leak guard and can be used for up to eight hours.

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Menstrual Cup

One of the healthiest and environmentally friendly options for your period is the menstrual cup. It is recommended to use a liner with menstrual cups while getting used to how they fit your flow. There are sizes for each age group and each new menstrual cup should be boiled in water before use. 


You can wear this menstrual cup for up to 12 hours during your period before emptying, rinsing and reusing. Plus, there is a Lena for every period of your life.

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Discs are circular in shape and are inserted similarly to a tampon or menstrual cup. Wash your hands, position yourself comfortably and pinch the disc for insertion. They have the effectiveness of multiple tampons and can be disposed of after use. 

Flex Menstrual Disc

These discs boast that 60% of their users report a reduction in cramps while using them. They are safe, sustainable and last for up to 12 hours.

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Period underwear

Underwear made specifically for your period can make a tween or teenager’s entrance into adulthood much more comfortable. Many brands report positive results in preventing leaks and staining. Whether you prefer bikini-style or boxer brief-style underwear, there are period underwear to suit you. 

Bambody Absorbent Period Panty

These eco-friendly period underwear are good for both periods and incontinence. They allow the user to sleep easy knowing that they will keep their sheets dry through the night.

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Feminine wipes

A menstrual cycle requires extra work to stay feeling clean and fresh. Feminine wipes are small wipes that can be easily stored in a purse or back and used to quickly wipe off any fluids. It is important to have feminine specific wipes that don’t throw off your PH balance. 

Summer’s Eve Cleansing Cloths

These cleansing wipes are balanced to a healthy PH level for their users. They are comfortable, easy to use and come in small, soft packaging.

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Feminine wash

Better for you than regular body wash, feminine wash is safe to use on your entire body. It comes in incredible scents with balanced PH formulas meant to keep your skin healthy and clean. 

Vagisil Scentsitive Scents Daily Wash

This hypoallergenic brand comes in several delicious scents including jasmine and spring lilac. It is meant for “all day freshness” for the most sensitive skin.

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Toiletry bag

A toiletry bag is intended to keep things together, making them easier to find. Because your menstrual time requires you to carry around extra items, prepare a teen or tween with a cute toiletry bag to hold them all in.

Kimoli Toiletry Bag

Set of small zipper bags with simple, modern graphics. They can fit all of your feminine needs inside and can also double as makeup bags.

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Shared experiences can help a tween or teenager to become more comfortable with their menstrual cycle. Several books help introduce modern knowledge and separate facts from fiction surrounding periods. 

Celebrate Your Body (and Its Changes, Too!)

This was written to introduce ages 8-12 to feminine puberty changes. It encourages female empowerment and body positivity.

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Heating pad

A heating pad is a soft pack that heats using electricity or hot water. This can be used to ease pain or discomfort during a period and should be introduced as a helping agent for anyone starting menstruation. 

iReliev Weighted Heating Pad

The plush microfibers on this 3-pound heating pad make it super soft and comfortable to lie with.

Sold by iReliev


Everyone is different when it comes to their period but one thing's for sure, snacks are needed. Some prefer salty and some prefer sweet snacks. Chocolate is a favorite of humans all over but there is something special about shoving it in your face during the menstrual cycle. 

Godiva Chocolatier Assorted Truffles

This assortment of rich chocolates encased in packaging is temperature-controlled and monitored during shipping to ensure it arrives in good condition.

Sold by Amazon


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