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Best massage guns

Which massage gun is best?

Getting a massage from a trained therapist offers many health benefits. Unfortunately, it can also be quite costly, so most people don’t get them as often as needed. Massage guns solve this problem at a fraction of the cost. 

You should look for many things when choosing a massage gun, including a durable build with an ergonomic design, several attachments for different treatments and a long stroke length so you can get deep into the muscles for effective relief. The Theragun Pro offers all this and more, making it the ideal choice for most users.

What to know before you buy a massage gun

Benefits of using a massage gun

Massage guns are a self-myofascial release tool, but you can use them to focus tightly on specific areas, unlike the popular foam roller. They utilize a motor and oscillating head to produce rapid, high-pressure tapping against the body. Though studies currently limit the benefits of massage gun use, there is no reason to believe they don’t offer the same health benefits of traditional massages, such as muscle soreness relief, increased range of motion and improved circulation. 


Consider the shape and design of any massage gun you are considering purchasing, and ask yourself how easy you think it will be to use on yourself. Lightweight options will cause less hand fatigue, while those with long handles or rotating heads will make it easier to get to hard-to-reach spots on your body without asking for help from another person. Conversely, small massage guns are more convenient to travel with and more comfortable to hold. 


Anytime you perform wellness treatments on yourself, safety should be of the utmost concern. When it comes to massage guns, they are generally considered safe for home use. However, there are some things users should know. It is essential to limit treatment time, as there have been reports of muscle tissue breakdown caused by improper and excessive use of a massage gun. 

If you are pregnant, speak to your doctor before using a massage gun on yourself, as you’ll need to take some additional caution, and you can only use them on specific areas of your body. Additionally, they are generally unsuitable for those with nerve or bleeding disorders or who easily bruise.

What to look for in a quality massage gun

Multiple speeds

Massage gun speeds are rated in revolutions per minute or percussions per minute. They both reflect how many times it taps your body per minute. The more percussion per minute, the more effective a massage gun will be. However, higher speeds can also make them uncomfortable for some people and, potentially, more difficult for beginners to use on themselves. Because of this, most people will benefit from a massage gun with multiple speeds that allow them to tailor the treatment to their specific needs. Some models only offer two speeds, while others boast as many as six or variable speed adjustments.


As with speeds, the more interchangeable attachments a massage gun has, the more versatile it will be. With some models, you may only get a single ball attachment. Others include between four and six attachments ranging from wide-flat discs to semi-pointed cones to dual prongs. Each of these attachments offers a different treatment experience.

Battery life

Most massage guns are battery-operated. This is convenient since it means you won’t be tethered to a wall at all times, but it also means you’ll have to remember to charge them regularly. Depending on the massage gun, the battery life may be as short as 30 minutes or as long as 6 hours. If buying a massage gun for commercial use, such as in a physical therapist’s office, consider purchasing a model with a replaceable battery. This way, you’ll always have a backup charged and ready to go.

Massage gun FAQ

How long should sessions be with a massage gun?

A. Massage guns are best for short treatment sessions. Most experts recommend using them for 15 seconds to 2 minutes before moving on to a different spot on your body. 

Is it best to use a massage gun before or after a workout?

A. Massage guns can be practical tools both before and after workouts. If used beforehand, they can help increase your range of motion and warm up muscles by increasing circulation, which can help reduce the chances of injury. Massage guns can reduce delayed onset muscle soreness when used after a workout.

What is the best massage gun to buy?

Top massage gun

Theragun Pro

What you need to know: The Theragun PRO (4th generation) is a powerful and easy-to-use machine that is well-suited to both residential and commercial settings.

What you’ll love: It boasts a rotating arm, so you won’t have any trouble getting to every part of your body. It also features a long stroke length for reaching deep into muscles.

What you should consider: It weighs 2.9 pounds, making it a bit bulkier compared to other options.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top massage gun for the money

Ekrin Athletics Bantam Mini Massage Gun

What you need to know: Compact yet powerful, this is a great entry-level choice. 

What you’ll love: Its 6-hour battery life gets you through plenty of treatments before it needs to recharge. It has three speeds and comes with four attachments. 

What you should consider: Some people find the vibrations hurt their hands after a few minutes of use. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Theragun Mini

What you need to know: If you need something small enough to take along when traveling but powerful enough to offer effective relief, the Theragun Mini fits the bill.

What you’ll love: It has a deeper stroke length than many full-size models, offers three-speed settings and is compatible with the company’s fourth-generation attachments.

What you should consider: Some may find holding it awkward.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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