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Best 10 Indie Lee skin care products

Which Indie Lee skin care products are best?

After Indie Lee survived being diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2009, she decided to launch a skin care line. Its goal was to help users avoid the kinds of environmental factors her doctors attributed to causing her tumor. Indie Lee skin care is distinguished by carefully sourced ingredients, scientific development, attractive recyclable packaging and effective formulas for both face and body. Explore the Indie Lee brand and discover some new favorites to add to your routine.

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What's in Indie Lee products

Ingredient transparency

Indie Lee products include well-known skin care ingredients, such as jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid, along with lesser-known ingredients, such as mountain ash berry extract (a source of vitamin C) and caviar lime (used in masks and peels). On Indie Lee's website, users can look up any ingredient to learn more about its purpose and how it's sourced.

Ingredients Indie Lee avoids

Indie Lee products are formulated above and beyond EU cosmetics standards, which means they omit more than 1,300 potentially harmful or irritating ingredients, such as synthetic fragrances, sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde and petroleum-derived products like mineral oil.

Indie Lee's clean beauty philosophy

Along with its thoughtful ingredients and formulations, Indie Lee seeks to educate consumers on what they're putting on their skin. The company describes what its ingredients are meant to do and offers guides for how to layer skin care, what shopping for organic skin care really means and more.

The company is also Leaping Bunny-certified cruelty-free, meaning it performs no animal testing. It also uses no animal-derived ingredients with the exception of humanely sourced beeswax in two of its products.

Indie Lee is taking steps to reduce its environmental impact by using glass wherever possible as well as offering a recycling program and using post-consumer recycled materials in its packaging. Refillable packaging will be offered in the near future.

Indie Lee product range

Indie Lee offers a full skin care routine, including cleansers, exfoliating peels, serums, facial oils, moisturizers and more. Indie Lee also makes a tinted lip balm for fans of subtle color, and it recently introduced a mineral sunscreen.

For the body, Indie Lee offers a variety of pampering products like body oils, bath soaks, scrubs and body wash. The company even makes a natural deodorant in collaboration with Taos Aer, a clean beauty company that specializes in sustainable, naturally-sourced deodorant.

How to store Indie Lee products

Since Indie Lee products use natural ingredients without standard preservatives, Indie Lee recommends using products within 18 months of purchase and within six months of opening. Store them at room temperature, and keep them away from sunlight.

Best Indie Lee products

Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser

This best-selling jelly cleanser contains vitamin-rich, exfoliating lycopene and antioxidants for firmer, glowing skin. Coconut and sunflower oils help the cleanser wash away makeup and impurities.

Sold by Credo BeautyUlta Beauty, Violet Grey and Dermstore

Indie Lee Soothing Cleanser

Oat kernel oil and chamomile make this milky cleanser soothing and hydrating for sensitive or acne-prone skin. Like the Brightening Cleanser, it can remove makeup. The glycerin helps soften skin and give skin a plump appearance, while the Damask rose extract helps soothe and minimize redness.

Sold by Ulta Beauty and Violet Grey

Indie Lee Banish Solution

A talc-free alternative to classic acne spot treatments, this product uses colloidal sulfur, salicylic acid, camphor, zinc oxide and more to target and dry out blemishes overnight. Don't shake the bottle; just dip a cotton swab into the pink sediment, then dab it on your blemish.

Sold by Violet Grey, Credo BeautyDermstore and Ulta Beauty

Indie Lee CoQ-10 Toner

This toner's hero ingredient is the antioxidant coenzyme Q10, or CoQ-10. It can protect skin from sun damage, improve skin tone and help skin cells replenish and recover. The alcohol-free formula also contains hyaluronic acid to help your skin stay hydrated.

Sold by Ulta Beauty, Violet Grey and Credo Beauty

Indie Lee Gentle Daily Peel

Exfoliating peels may sound intimidating, but this one is gentle enough for daily use on all skin types. The salicylic acid gives it mild exfoliation properties, while the alpha and beta hydroxy acids clarify the skin. 

Sold by Dermstore

Indie Lee Squalane Face Oil

If you have oily skin, this noncomedogenic oil can help skin retain moisture without clogging pores, thanks to the 100% olive-derived squalane oil. It absorbs easily, and you can blend it with a serum, moisturizer or foundation.

Sold by Ulta Beauty and Dermstore

Indie Lee Daily Vitamin Infusion

This oil-based serum is a great pick for dry, sensitive skin. The moisturizing ceramides hydrate and smooth skin along with the rose hip, avocado and sugarcane-derived squalane oils. Additionally, the rosemary leaf extract and vitamins A, C and E improve texture and tone.

Sold by Violet GreyUlta Beauty and Credo Beauty

Indie Lee Active Oil-Free Moisturizer

Keep oily skin hydrated without worrying about breakouts with this lightweight gel-cream moisturizer. It contains plenty of botanical extracts that help brighten, soothe, balance and condition skin. It also utilizes antioxidants to protect the skin from pollution and environmental stressors.

Sold by Bluemercury

Indie Lee Daily Skin Nutrition

This rich yet fast-absorbing moisturizer contains botanical oils, such as avocado, rose hip and olive oil, to help your skin retain moisture. Vitamins and botanical extracts protect skin from environmental stressors while improving tone and brightness. It's formulated for all skin types, but it's especially good for sensitive or dry skin.

Sold by Bluemercury

Indie Lee I-Waken Eye Serum

With hyaluronic acid, algae extract and more, this deeply hydrating eye serum softens and brightens the under-eye area. The serum is lightweight and sinks into the skin, so it's easy to layer eye cream or makeup over it.

Sold by Credo Beauty


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