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Best Maytag washer

Which Maytag washers are best?

When it comes to washing your clothes, you can hardly do better for less money than a good Maytag washer. They’re strong-functioning machines with affordable costs and they’re available in more than a few attractive looking designs, plus they have options for both top-loading and front-loading, as you like.

The best Maytag washer is the Maytag 5.3 Cubic Foot Smart Capable White Top Load Washing Machine with Extra Power Button. This large-capacity machine handles plenty of laundry, all while being Energy Star compliant.

What to know before you buy a Maytag washer

Top-loader vs front-loader

Top-load: Top-load Maytag washers tend to be cheaper than front-load options and many find them to be more comfortable/easier to load. They tend to cycle through clothes quicker and have larger capacities. They also don’t have the chance of leaking like front-load Maytag washers.

Front-load: Front-load Maytag washers are more energy- and water-efficient, as they use less of each to accomplish the same task. They usually offer a few more settings and functions, and they operate more quietly. They can also be stacked to save space.

Size and capacity

It’s impossible to avoid the fact that if you want to wash large loads of laundry, you’ll need a big washer. You can squeeze in some extra capacity depending on what kind of Maytag washer you get, with the highest capacity per size belonging to front-load and high-efficiency top-load Maytag washers. 

What to look for in a quality Maytag washer


Some Maytag washers carry the high-efficiency label. This means that they use less energy and less water to accomplish the same amount of cleaning. They cost more than a standard Maytag washer, and you must use special, high-efficiency detergent with high-efficiency washers, otherwise the machine and your clothes could be damaged. 

Smart home connectivity

Some of the newest Maytag washers include Wi-Fi connectivity. This can allow you to receive alerts when the washing is completed, as well as control everything from the length of washing to which types of cycles to use all from a phone or tablet app, or even using voice controls from Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Cycle options

The best Maytag washers include multiple options for what kinds and lengths of cycle to run your clothing through, which can alter everything from the temperature of the water to how long the cycle lasts and even the intensity of the tumble/rotation. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Maytag washer

Maytag is one of the most affordable names in the washing machine game that still maintains a high level of quality. Many of Maytag’s washers start as low as $600 and stay below $800. Maytag’s largest and most feature-rich machines typically start around $800 and rarely exceed $1,100.

Maytag washer FAQ

There’s standing water in my Maytag washing machine after the cycle ends. What’s wrong and what do I do about it?

A. If there’s any standing water left behind once your Maytag washer has finished its cycle, you likely have a drainpipe that’s clogged with hair and lint, among other things. Simply clean it out and you’ll be good to go. You could also be filling your washer past its intended capacity, so try a smaller load.

What’s the quietest Maytag washer that I can buy?

A. The quietest Maytag washer you can buy is both high-efficiency and front-loading. A standard front-load Maytag washer won’t generate much noise, either. It’s difficult to avoid noise generation when purchasing a top-load Maytag washer. 

What are the best Maytag washers to buy?

Top Maytag washer 

Maytag 5.3 Cubic Foot Smart Capable White Top Load Washing Machine with Extra Power Button

What you need to know: This large-capacity smart Maytag washer features an Extra Power button to trigger a stronger, more intense and stain-focused cycle.

What you’ll love: The smart home compatibility extends to both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Multiple washing modes and cycles mean you can use only what you need. The Deep Fill selection floods your Maytag washer with the maximum amount of water to assist with difficult stains.

What you should consider: This Maytag washer is incompatible with stacking and when purchased from Home Depot is non-returnable, though it does have a warranty through Maytag.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot

Top Maytag washer for the money

Maytag 3.8 Cubic Foot High-Efficiency White Top Load Washing Machine with Deep Fill Option

What you need to know: This high-efficiency Maytag washer is able to tackle more stains and messes while using less energy and water to fight them.

What you’ll love: This Maytag washer utilizes a method called POWERWASH that triggers both aggressive spinning and heated water to greatly increase the power of cleaning. A Quick Wash cycle allows for 30-minute cleans of small loads.

What you should consider: As a high-efficiency Maytag washer, you’re paying more money for less space, so while each load takes less effort, you’ll need to do more loads.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot

Worth checking out

Maytag 4.8 Cubic Foot Stackable White Front Load Washing Machine with Steam and 16-Hour Fresh Hold Option

What you need to know: A top Maytag washer with options for those looking for a stackable solution to their storage requirements.

What you’ll love: The Fresh Hold setting uses a combination of an internal fan and intermittent use of the tumbler to keep clothes fresh and prevent mildew for up to 16 hours after the conclusion of the wash. A Sanitize cycle can kill 99.9% of common bacteria.

What you should consider: This is another Maytag washer that’s non-returnable to Home Depot but is covered by Maytag’s manufacturer warranty.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot


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