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20 stylish athleisure outfits you can buy on Amazon

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When it’s time to rest and relax, you don’t want to do it in your out-and-about clothes. You want to wear the most comfortable clothes you own. Usually, that means your favorite ratty T-shirt and worn-out pajama bottoms. But consider trying athleisure wear instead. These clothes are just as comfortable as your pajamas, but you can also wear them to work out or make casual trips to the grocery store.

In this article: Under Armour Athleisure T-Shirt, Dragon Fit Athleisure Tank Top and CRZ Yoga Athleisure Pants.

What is athleisure?

Athleisure clothing is, essentially, anything mainly designed to avoid irritating your body while working out. The exact origin of the term “athleisure” is disputed, as is the timeframe for when it truly began to take off. Some say the trend took off in the 1960s and 1970s when tracksuits were popular, in the 1980s from the influence of hip-hop or even in the 2000s and 2010s when yoga pants exploded.

Athleisure examples

Athleisure wear can be divided into tops and bottoms.

  • Tops include shirts with long, short or no sleeves that have moisture-wicking properties. Hoodies, sweatshirts, sports bras and sports bra/tank top hybrids are also included in this category.
  • Bottoms mainly include joggers, sweatpants and yoga pants. Depending on who you ask, basketball and track shorts can also be included in this category. 


You can choose from an excellent selection of high-quality/low-cost clothes, and you will find a lot of options that rarely exceed $50. However, the cost for most brand-name athleisure wear starts at $100 or more.

Best athleisure tops for men

Amazon Essentials Athleisure T-Shirts

This two-pack of shirts is perfect for the budget-conscious buyer. They come in six sizes and 14 pairs, with most pairs have two different-colored shirts.

Sold by Amazon

Carhartt Athleisure Long-Sleeved Shirt

This shirt is perfect for your next cold morning run or cozying up on the couch with a good TV show. It comes in 11 sizes and four styles.

Sold by Amazon

Magcomsen Athleisure Polo

This is a great shirt to wear to work if you don’t want to change your top when it’s time to exercise after clocking out. It comes in five sizes and 59 styles.

Sold by Amazon

Real Essentials Athleisure Long-Sleeved Shirts

Protection from ultraviolet rays makes these shirts perfect for outdoor excursions. They come in six sizes and 13 sets, most of which have four different-colored shirts.

Sold by Amazon

Under Armour Athleisure T-Shirt

This shirt has a loose cut so it can better move with your body. It also wick sweat away quickly. It comes in 14 sizes and 88 styles.

Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods 

Best athleisure bottoms for men

A Waterwang Athleisure Pants

These pants have a decorative zipper on the right leg that helps elevate them above the drab design of most joggers. They come in five sizes and 10 styles.

Sold by Amazon

Champion Athleisure Pants

These pants have an elasticized waist and an internal drawcord, which allows you to have the most comfortable fit possible. They come in five sizes and 10 styles.

Sold by Amazon

G Gradual Athleisure Pants

These pants have two deep pockets, one on each side, and a zippered pocket above the right buttock. They come in five sizes and 16 styles.

Sold by Amazon

Match Athleisure Pants

Don’t let the look fool you; these are still joggers despite appearing to be “normal” pants. They have tapered legs with elastic cuffs and come in eight sizes and 43 styles.

Sold by Amazon

Puli Athleisure Pants

These pants have several pockets for the person who needs to carry plenty of stuff with them. They come in five sizes, 11 standard colors and three fleece-lined colors.

Sold by Amazon

Best athleisure tops for women

Amazon Essentials Athleisure T-Shirt

This light, breezy shirt is perfect for lounging or wearing over a sports bra. It comes in 12 sizes, 16 styles sold individually and five styles sold in pairs.

Sold by Amazon

Core 10 By Reebok Athleisure Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is light, so it won't add weight while you work out, but thick enough to keep you warm. It comes in eight sizes and 10 styles.

Sold by Amazon

CRZ Yoga Athleisure Tank Top

This sports bra/tank top hybrid has cups to provide some extra support and is meant for use during low- to medium-impact activities. It comes in five sizes and 16 styles.

Sold by Amazon

Dragon Fit Athleisure Tank Top

Another great sports bra/tank top hybrid, this one comes down a little lower under the armpit to give you extra ventilation. It comes in five sizes and 23 styles.

Sold by Amazon

Iuga Athleisure Workout Dress

This all-in-one dress has a skintight bodysuit underneath the skirt, which allows you to stay protected and covered while you exercise or relax. It comes in six sizes and seven styles.

Sold by Amazon

Best athleisure bottoms for women

Baleaf Athleisure Pants

These pants' pockets have zippers, so there’s no risk of anything falling out or being pickpocketed. They come in six sizes and eight styles.

Sold by Amazon

BMJL Athleisure Shorts

These pants have zippered pockets to keep your items secure and a stretchy lining to ensure the most comfortable fit. They come in seven sizes and 30 styles.

Sold by Amazon

CRZ Yoga Athleisure Pants

These pants have front and back pockets, which is a rarity for pants of this type. They come in six sizes, two inseams and 15 styles.

Sold by Amazon

Hiskywin Athleisure Pants

These pants have wide, flowing cuffs that make them perfect for floating around your home on your days off. They come in five sizes and 45 styles.

Sold by Amazon

Libin Athleisure Pants

These are wrinkle-free and stretchy, making them a good fit for anyone who tosses their clothes on the chair instead of putting them away. They come in seven sizes and 10 styles.

Sold by Amazon


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