Whether it’s the first match of the season or a championship bout, getting together with family and friends to watch the big game is always a treat. But if you’re watching with kids, they probably get a little bored during halftime. Planning a fun game for the entire group to enjoy during the break in the action is a surefire to keep everyone entertained.
As winter sticks her icy fingernails into the soil and frost brings growing season to an end, you may feel a twinge of sadness. A warm and vibrant part of your world has transitioned into a bleak, lifeless landscape. The flowers are gone, the grass is scraggly, and the trees have become skeletal remnants of their former selves.
Most new moms eagerly await the day when they can dust off their pre-pregnancy jeans, pull them on – and actually manage to fasten them. Shaking off that stubborn baby weight is difficult enough, but between endless diaper changes, feeds, and everyday chores, finding the time to regain your pre-pregnancy body can seem downright impossible.
You might have heard of "hygge," but what exactly is it? Well, hygge (pronounced "hue-guh") is a Danish word that refers to a feeling of coziness, comfort, charm, and specialness. While it can refer to all aspects of life, it's recently been used in common parlance to refer to a certain decorative style. If you're trying to hyggeify your bedroom, you've come to the right place.
The fall foliage show is a always a favorite part of the season, with trees in many areas of the country changing from green to a mixture of vibrant orange, yellow, and red. While the autumn colors are definitely a beautiful sight, all too soon the leaves become a chore once they fall to the ground.
In the digital age, few things are more important than online security. We store everything from our vital documents to our credit histories in the cloud and on our personal devices now, and keeping all of that information safe is more urgent than ever.
Sleeping beneath the stars with just a thin layer of canvas between you and the outside world sounds like a dream to some and a nightmare to others. If you fall firmly in the latter camp, don't despair. There are ways to make camping much more enjoyable.
Weekends are perfect for running errands and catching up on chores, but what about a little “me” time? Taking some time for yourself to unwind will help to relieve the week's stress so you can be at your best when facing life's many challenges and demands. That's why we've picked some great deals on items that are perfect for pampering yourself. If you are looking for an inexpensive pick-me-up or an investment in relaxation for your downtime, read on.
By this point you’re probably familiar with the Instant Pot – the immensely popular kitchen gadget that combines pressure cooking, slow cooking, rice cooking, yogurt making, and more. We’ve used the Instant Pot extensively in the BestReviews test kitchen and it never ceases to impress us with its versatility and ease-of-use.
There’s something about traveling light, with nothing but the pack on your back, that’s extremely liberating. When you travel light, you’re able to go off the beaten path and perhaps find some hidden gems that you wouldn’t otherwise find.
You’ve scheduled your moving day, and you’re hoping to fit everything you own in one carload to minimize expenses. You don’t want to underestimate the space you will need to pack successfully, nor do you want to overestimate your vehicle’s capacity. In addition, you want to be prepared for potential problems that could occur while on the road.
Home is where the heart is. But when you have pint-sized explorers intent on making new discoveries every minute, it’s also where the top-heavy furniture, power outlets, stairs, and cabinets are. Possessing inquiring minds and bottomless energy reserves, little ones often find the most imaginative ways to put home safety to the test. While life with children is often full of hair-raising moments, time spent at home doesn’t have to be a gasp a minute.
There will be plenty of opportunities for entertaining family and friends in the upcoming months. Game day gatherings, holiday meals, and celebratory parties all bring people together for fun, companionship, and of course, good food. Whether you routinely entertain or guests stop by unexpectedly, don't be caught unprepared. We've found some great deals on handy appliances and meal prep items on Walmart to give you a jump-start when it comes to making tasty creations for your hungry gang, regardless of the occasion.
The perfect home office is both comfortable and convenient. You'll need some key equipment to turn that designated room in your home into a true office that will help you accomplish tasks from creating documents to keeping necessities organized. To help you get started, we've found some great deals on Amazon that will allow you to convert part of your living space into the room where you get the job done.
For camping fans, it doesn’t feel like summer until you’ve managed to slip away for at least one camping trip. Viewing the stars on a glorious night, reconnecting with loved ones and the beauty of nature — what could be more perfect? But packing for the perfect camping trip isn’t so simple. How rough do you want to rough it? What will you do if you forget something at home when you’re miles deep in the mountains?
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience beautiful cities like Paris, Rome, and Venice? Do you dream of traveling? Lots of people do, but they don’t end up fulfilling these dreams. Why? Often, it’s not the distance that hinders them; it’s the fear of not being understood when they get there.
Digital assistants are quickly taking the world by storm: It seems like every time you turn around, there’s a new voice-activated device just waiting to bring more convenience to everyday life. But one assistant stands above the rest: Amazon’s Echo line of devices have come to dominate the industry by getting manufacturers to include their digital assistant, Alexa, in everything from our TVs to our coffee makers. In fact, there are now more than 20,000 Alexa-compatible devices worldwide, capable of performing more than 50,000 different tasks, ranging from telling you the time to carrying out complex instructions for your home-security system.
Cooler weather is just around the corner, which means more time spent indoors. It also means you’ll have more time to enjoy your favorite indoor entertainment, like curling up to a great movie or improving your gaming skills. If you have been thinking about updating your equipment to make your indoor entertainment even more enjoyable, now is a great time to catch some bargains on items that will make you look forward to the cozy months ahead.
September is a time for new beginnings, and for some young people, that means taking that first big step into the kindergarten classroom. What skills should children have before they make the important transition from preschool to grade school?
The last big weekend of the summer is over, which means everything you love about fall is fast approaching — the changing colors of the leaves, cooler weather, and of course, football. Now's the perfect time to think about making the most of enjoying the big game. Whether you like to head to the stadium or your living room to root for your favorite team, we've found some gear on Walmart that will help make game day even more exciting.
When it comes to digital assistants the internet-connected smart appliances that take verbal commands and connect us to our favorite online services — there’s one brand that rules the roost. Amazon’s Echo devices, featuring their smart assistant, Alexa, have set the standard for digital assistant appliances, and Amazon has continued to expand Alexa’s capabilities on a near-constant basis.