Updated March 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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DEWALT Heated Heavy Duty Work Coat
Heated Heavy Duty Work Coat
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Outdoor Workhorse
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This heated heavy outdoor hooded design will keep you warm while working in inclement weather.


Five heating zones cover upper arms and upper torso. Comes with flannel-lined hood. Offers USB device charging. Features stretch back and gusseted arms for free movement. Water and wind-resistant. Machine washable up to 5 times.


Cold air can ingress through the waist.

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Makita Men’s LXT Heated Jacket, Black
Men’s LXT Heated Jacket, Black
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Most Comprehensive
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A heated jacket with almost 3 days of run time on the lowest setting in each charge.


The polyester shell provides protection in windy, wet environments. The side panels stretch with you to avoid claustrophobic tightness. There are 5 heat zones for every area of your core. Great for long hiking trips in cool climates.


There's no hood. It doesn't get as hot as others.

Venustas Men's Heated Jacket
Men's Heated Jacket
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Customer Favorite
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This heated jacket has a high-end tailored design and is great for winter sports.


A rugged jacket with four heated areas across the body. It's made of water-resistant material and has a breathable hooded shell. It works for up to 10 hours. Has three different heat settings that are easy to access.


The arms aren't heated.

Dewbu Heated Jacket
Heated Jacket
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A perfect jacket for those who want to keep their body core warm when temperatures are frigid.


This electric heating coat has five carbon fiber heating zones and three adjustable heat settings. It's made with water-resistant soft shell materials that are lightweight and breathable, and there are five pockets for storing personal items.


It runs small and the battery doesn't last as long as other jackets.

DEWALT Men’s Heated Soft Shell Jacket
Men’s Heated Soft Shell Jacket
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Most Stylish
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A lightweight, soft-shell heated jacket from a trusted name that adjusts to your size and needs.


The hook and loop draw cord closure on the wrists and waist help lock the heat in. The fleece lining adds another layer of warmth. There are multiple options for the battery pack. Great for outdoor work activities.


There are some reports of faulty batteries.


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Buying guide for Best men’s heated jackets

When winter weather sets in and you have to spend time outdoors, having the right outerwear to keep you warm is crucial. If you live where the weather gets positively frigid, even the thickest winter coat may not be warm enough. But, with a men’s heated jacket, you can be comfortable no matter how cold it gets.

A heated jacket looks a lot like any winter jacket, but it contains battery-powered heating elements. An ideal option for anyone who’s sensitive to the cold, it’s especially useful for men who run, hike, hunt, fish, camp, ride a motorcycle, or attend outdoor events regularly in cold weather. Those who work in construction or other jobs that require outdoor work can also benefit from a heated jacket.

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Most men’s heated jackets come with at least a one-year warranty to guard against issues that arise from manufacturing or material defects.

Key considerations


Most men’s heated jackets use a rechargeable lithium battery to power the heating zones. Some more affordable jackets use rechargeable nickel batteries, but these tend to be heavier than lithium batteries and slowly lose their ability to fully charge over time. Rechargeable lithium batteries can be somewhat fragile, so choose a jacket with a sturdy plastic casing for the battery.

  • Battery life: Pay attention to the battery life, too. Some jackets provide warmth for up to ten hours, while others offer five or six hours of heating power. If you plan to use the jacket mainly for short outdoor activities like running or motorcycle riding, the battery life may not matter as much. However, if you work outdoors or spend hours hunting, you’ll want the longest battery life possible.

  • Charger: A heated jacket usually includes a charger to recharge the batteries when necessary. Some models plug into an outlet, while others can be recharged using a USB cable and your computer or tablet. The type of charger depends on the battery’s voltage. A 12-volt battery usually uses an outlet and charges in about 90 minutes. A 5-volt battery typically uses a USB cord and can charge fully in about 90 to 120 minutes.

  • Backup: To keep from constantly having to recharge the battery, some jackets are equipped with a AA battery backup, which is ideal if you’ll be camping, hunting, or fishing in a remote location for a few days and unable to recharge the battery easily.

Heating zones

A heated jacket doesn’t provide heat all over your upper body. Instead, it heats specific zones with heating pads. Nearly every model has heating pads for the chest and back. Some may have two heating zones for the chest, so it’s easier to move in the jacket. You can also find some jackets with a heating zone in the collar and even along the arms, which can be helpful if you spend long periods of time outdoors.


As with any jacket, it’s important that your heated jacket fit comfortably. It can be even more crucial with a heated jacket because a secure fit means you’ll trap the heat inside. Consult the sizing chart for any jacket you’re considering to determine the best option for your body. Some jackets run small because of the added bulk of the heating elements and batteries, so you might need to order a size larger.

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Did you know?
Not all men’s heated jackets include a battery to power the heating elements, so you’ll have to purchase it separately, increasing the price of the jacket.

Men’s heated jacket features

Material: Most men’s heated jackets are made of cotton and/or polyester. The best styles have a 50/50 cotton-polyester blend, which is an effective combination because it offers moisture-wicking capabilities and durability for a truly high-performing jacket.

Lining: Some heated jackets also have a lining, often made of fleece. If you want to use your jacket in extremely cold temperatures, a fleece lining can be very effective at keeping you warm.

Insulation: Not all men’s heated jackets are designed for use in extreme cold. If you need a jacket that keeps you warm in subzero weather, opt for one with insulation. It can help make the jacket windproof and more effectively trap the warmth that the heating elements generate. You may also be able to run the heating elements at a lower setting, which can help extend the life of the battery. For the warmest heated jacket, opt for one with multiple layers of insulation to really keep the heat in and the cold out.

Waterproofing: Some heated jackets are treated with a protective outer coating that helps repel water and keep the material from becoming damp in rain or snow. Not all heated jackets are waterproof, so check the product description carefully if waterproofing is important to you.

Hood: A hood can be an important feature for keeping you warm, protecting your ears, and helping you stay dry, but just like any men’s jacket, not all heated jackets come with a hood.  Keep in mind that the hood probably won’t contain a heating element.

Pockets: Pockets are an important feature in any jacket because they allow you to easily store any personal belongings you need to bring with you. Opt for a heated jacket with zippered pockets or flaps over the pockets to make sure your items are protected.

A heated jacket with external pockets can also help keep your hands warm. In fact, some jackets have heated pockets, too, so you can keep your hands as toasty as your upper body. Some heated jackets also allow you to charge an electronic device like a smartphone via a USB port in the pocket.

Washability: Because of the heating elements, not all men’s heated jackets are machine washable. Some styles require hand-washing and air-drying, which can make them more difficult to keep clean. For the easiest maintenance, opt for a jacket that you can toss in the washer. Just keep in mind that you must remove the batteries from even a machine-washable heated jacket before you clean it.

"Most men’s heated jackets position the batteries in the pockets to allow for greater freedom of movement."

Men’s heated jacket prices

Men’s heated jackets vary in price based on the voltage, battery life, and insulation level. Most styles range from $100 to $300.

Inexpensive: The most affordable men’s heated jackets have little to no insulation, batteries with less than 12 volts, and can keep you warm for approximately six to seven hours. These jackets work best if you only plan to be outdoors in cool temperatures or for activities that keep you outside for shorter periods like running or hiking. They range in price from $100 to $150.

Mid-range: These men’s heated jackets have 12-volt batteries, moderate insulation, and can keep you warm for up to eight hours. They work well in moderately cold temperatures or for activities that keep you outdoors for longer periods like fishing and hunting. These jackets range in price from $150 to $200.

Expensive: The most expensive men’s heated jackets have batteries with up to 20 volts, can keep you warm for up to ten hours, and offer several layers of insulation. These work well in extremely cold temperatures or for activities that keep you outdoors all day, such as camping or construction work. These jackets range in price from $200 to $300.

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Expert Tip
If your heated jacket is machine washable, put it in a mesh laundry bag before placing it in the machine.


  • Wipe any dirt or stains off your jacket with a damp cloth. Because cleaning a heated jacket can be a hassle if it’s not machine washable, wipe away any dirt as soon as you notice it.

  • Always check the battery level before you head out. Most heated jacket batteries have a light to indicate the amount of charge left.

  • Use the lowest heat setting that keeps you warm to help prolong the battery life. Turning the heating elements up to the highest setting drains the battery more quickly.
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To keep your jacket in proper working condition, charge the battery fully before you put it away for the summer. If you store it for more than three months, charge it again.


Q. Are men’s heated jackets safe to wear?

A. Heated jackets are perfectly safe to use in cold weather. The batteries use an extremely low voltage, so there’s no risk of electrocution. The wiring components in a heated jacket are also fully insulated to prevent any current from passing through your body. Most jackets also have an auto shutoff that turns the heating elements off immediately if it overheats.

Q. How heavy is a heated jacket?

A. A heated jacket definitely feels somewhat bulkier than a standard jacket, but it’s designed to be as lightweight as possible. While the battery does add some heft, the jacket uses extremely thin wires to help keep the weight down.

Q. Are heated jackets allowed on planes?

A. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does permit heated jackets on flights. However, be aware that you might need to take the battery out of the jacket and screen it separately. If you have any concerns, ask your airline about the proper protocol before your departure date.

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