Updated July 2021
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PRODUCT REVIEW: Vegamour Gro+ Advanced Hair Serum

Vegamour Gro+ Advanced Hair Serum is a topical hair restoration treatment that is vegan and cruelty-free. It is quick and easy to use.


If you have hair goals that involve increased density, volume, and thickness, consider this product.

Bottom Line

If you have thinning hair, Vegamour Gro+ Advanced Hair Serum may be for you.


Unlike other treatments, it is sulfate-free and paraben-free. It contains no harsh or harmful chemicals.

Pros: The serum is quick to absorb and will not interfere with your regular hair care routine.


The product helps enhance your hair look, improving density and strength. It may inhibit or slow down the cycle of hair loss.


Cons: This is not a quick fix. Results are gradual, and not everyone experiences them.


Twice-daily application is recommended, and the bottles are expensive.


Who is it for? People with stress- or hormone-related loss of hair or reduced hair growth. These problems may be caused by excessive use of hair styling products, hair color, or heat damage from flat irons and other heat styling tools. They may also be caused by stress or hormones.


What does it do? Penetrates the scalp to deliver nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Promotes hair health at the follicle. Increases hair density, strength, or fullness.


How much does it cost? $68 per bottle, or as low as $22.66 per month. See below for details.

Shopping guide for Vegamour Gro+ Advanced Hair Serum

Written by Sian Babish
Updated July 2021

Before you buy, it is important to learn about the active ingredients, formula, and other specifications of Vegamour Gro+ Advanced Hair Serum.

Active ingredients

Hemp: The reduced-size hemp molecule is effective at penetrating the scalp to reach follicles and maximize regrowth. It boosts circulation and reduces inflammation.


Mung bean: Mung bean is a folate-rich vitamin. It adds luster and vitality to hair.


Red clover: Red clover minimizes follicle shrinkage. It also strengthens root anchoring.


Curcumin: Curcumin has anti-inflammatory properties. It is known to soothe sensitive scalps.


Nicotiana benthamiana: This is a highly concentrated protein. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.



The serum has a thin, watery consistency that does not leave residue behind.


Vegamour products, including this serum, have clean, vegan, cruelty-free formulas. They are free of hormones, gluten, paraben, toxins, dye, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, castor oil, petroleum, PEG, prostaglandin, and hormones.



The serum is packaged in a 30ml glass bottle with a dropper lid.


Return policy

Vegamour only accepts returns for new and used serums up to 90 days following the ship date.


For more information on returns or refunds, visit this page.



  • Not everyone experiences hair restoration.
  • The formula is not hypoallergenic.
  • External factors may impact results, like UV exposure and certain hair products.
  • The glass bottle is breakable and not travel-friendly.



Vegamour’s first hair restoration serum was Vegamour Original Gro+ Hair Serum. It retails for $52, though with a monthly subscription, you can get a reduced rate.


The original formula shares the same foundational phyto-active ingredients seen in Vegamour Gro+ Advanced Serum. However, it does not contain the updated formula’s full-spectrum CBD.


Vegamour Gro+ Advanced Hair Serum costs $68* per 30ml bottle. It is not marked down often. However, you can subscribe monthly to save 15% on each bottle.


Shipping is always free on orders over $55.


Eligible consumers can pay for the serum in installments with Affirm financing.


View more information here.


*Pricing is subject to change. Visit the Vegamour store for current pricing and promotions.


Where can I buy it?

Currently, the serum is only available through Vegamour.


Be wary of third-party sellers. The formula may not be authentic.


Shop for the product here.


About Vegamour

Vegamour, founded in 2016, markets itself as a clean beauty brand in the hair restoration space. It uses sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients in their plant-based products.


When the company set out to source the finest ingredients from around the world, they encountered communities in need due to housing, food insecurity, exploitation, and scarce education opportunities.


As a result, Vegamour established direct Fair Trade partnerships to support ethical harvesting and sourcing initiatives in developing nations.


Vegamour products are certified cruelty-free by the Leaping Bunny Program. They are certified 100% vegan by Vegan Action.

Contacting customer service

Here’s how to connect with Vegamour.


User guide

If you need a user guide, contact Vegamour through their website for a digital copy.


How to use the serum

1.   Decide whether you will use the serum during the day or at night.

2.  Determine whether you would like to use the serum on dry hair or damp hair.

     a. For damp hair, make sure the serum is the first hair product you use after shampoo and conditioner.

     b. For dry hair, keep in mind that any serum, even a quick-absorbing one like this, can weigh down hair. Depending on your hair type, the effects may be noticeable. If you have straight hair or fine hair, it may appear weighted down. If you have curly hair, it may not be as noticeable. 

3.  Fill the dropper completely and apply to the scalp evenly. Massage in gentle, circular motions.

4.  Wash your hands.

     a. The serum may clog pores. Be sure to continue your skincare routine.

5.  Style as normal. 


Vegamour recommends consistent use of the serum for best results.


If you decide to apply it just once a day, you may notice results after three to four months.


For quicker results, Vegamour recommends application twice a day.


Other ways to use Vegamour Gro+ Advanced Hair Serum

At the hairline

It is common to experience hair thinning only at the hairline and sides of the head.


The serum may help trigger regrowth with localized application to these areas.


At the neck

Some people experience hair thinning or breakage around the base of the neck. The serum may help strengthen these weaker areas of hair.

Common concerns

Just like many skincare products that require consistent application over time, you will need to wait for results.


Because of the delay, some consumers have concerns before (or after) they invest in the serum. Here are the most common ones.


Brushing hair

Some consumers wonder whether brushing hair immediately after application will pull the product away from the scalp. It is hard to say for sure whether this occurs.


Many consumers using Vegamour Gro+ Advanced Hair Serum have said that it absorbs within 10 to 15 minutes. They did not believe the product was lifted away from their application sites with brushing.


Time investment

It is common for consumers to wonder whether the time investment is worth it. While the serum is quick and easy to use, you must make time for application in your daily hair care routine.


For the best results possible, it is vital to commit to consistent application. This will increase your chances of seeing improved hair feel, hair texture, and thickness.


Skin concerns

The serum earns praise as a clean formula. It has piqued the interest of individuals managing skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and sensitive skin. Some are concerned that the serum may irritate their skin.


As with any topical treatment, we recommend spot-testing Vegamour Gro+ Advanced Hair first. If you don’t notice a reaction or irritation after 48 hours, you may be in the clear to use the serum on the rest of your head.


If you are under the care of a dermatologist or other physician for any of these (or other) conditions, we advise consulting with them before using the serum.

Optional products

Here are a few more products from the Gro+ line you can add to your routine.


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Vegamour Gro+ Advanced Hair Foam

After the serum is applied to hair, many Vegamour consumers reach for Vegamour Gro+ Advanced Hair Foam as a styling product. The revitalizing foam is infused with full-spectrum CBD and provides body, texture, and volume.

Vegamour Gro+ Advanced Gummies

Some consumers take Vegamour Gro+ Advanced Gummies to support hair health from the inside out.


These naturally flavored hemp oil gummies are formulated with hair-healthy ingredients like biotin, folic acid, and zinc, all of which contribute to shine and strength.

Vegamour Gro+ Advanced Lash & Brow Kit

Many customers also seek products for lashes and brows.


Vegamour Gro+ Advanced Lash & Brow Kit features an advanced formula that is effective at penetrating roots. It contains full-spectrum hemp oil, mung bean, and red clover to support regrowth.

How to find a sale

This serum does not go on sale often. However, the company occasionally runs promotions. It also sometimes offers new customer discounts on their first order.


If you are a Vegamour loyalist, check out the loyalty program. You’ll receive credit in your Vegamour account every time you refer someone. For more information, visit this page.


Similar products

The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density: This clinically formulated serum improves hair density and increases blood flow throughout the scalp. Hair thickening and regrowth is a common result. However, it may take up to a year to notice results.


PURA D’OR Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Biotin Shampoo: This biotin-rich shampoo promotes hair strength and thickening. It is hypoallergenic, vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.


HUM Nutrition Hair Sweet Hair Gummies: Formulated with biotin, vitamin B, and zinc, these vegan gummies may supplement hair growth and strength. However,  they may not be best for those with sensitive stomachs.



Just like you can’t prevent split ends, you may not be able to completely prevent thinning hair.


However, you can get regular trims to prevent split ends, and you can take certain steps to keep the rest of your hair healthy.


Consider these tips.

  • Use argan oil to prevent breakage. This hair oil is one of the best hair serums, and it costs very little. It contains fatty acids that, according to Healthline, can help prevent breakage and damage caused by heat styling.
  • Try a hair mask. Hair masks are great for frizzy hair and/or curly hair as a moisturizing treatment. They are also suitable for straight hair. A mask applied to damp hair and left to sit for 20+ minutes will hydrate your strands and make it less likely to break.
  • Beware of products that increase hair loss. Some products are so harsh that they actually contribute to the problem. For example, some keratin treatments have been found to increase hair loss. Before you use any product on your hair, find out what’s in the bottle.


In addition to these hair restoration products, visit our pages on the best hair treatments for men and women.