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Best Feisty Pets

Updated March 2023
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William Mark Ferdinand Flamefart The Dragon
William Mark
Ferdinand Flamefart The Dragon
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This fearsome dragon is the perfect companion for rambunctious kids.


Ferdinand Flamefart is roughly 8 inches tall and made of polyester, the surface of which is washable using a cloth. The green and purple colors are vibrant.


Some of the seams have less fur around them.

Best Bang for the Buck
William Mark Ali Cornball The Alicorn Pink-Winged Unicorn
William Mark
Ali Cornball The Alicorn Pink-Winged Unicorn
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This adorable unicorn makes a good companion for all the princesses of the world.


Ali Cornball measures 5.5 by 4.5 by 9 inches. Her golden horn, wings, and hooves sparkle brilliantly against her soft pink exterior. The horn is soft and won’t harm anyone.


The youngest kids might be scared off by Ali’s angry transformation.

William Mark Vicky Vicious the Bunny
William Mark
Vicky Vicious the Bunny
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Best for Young Kids
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Younger owners will embrace Vicky Vicious without the feisty face gimmick.


The contrast between resting and feisty faces is very shocking while keeping its original appeal. The bunny character is popular with young children and older animal lovers alike. Scary, but in a cute and fun way.


Top-heavy, tends to fall forward. Conversion mechanism can fail quickly.

William Mark Extinct Eddie The Stegosaurus
William Mark
Extinct Eddie The Stegosaurus
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This ancient dinosaur is the next best thing to getting your child an actual T-Rex.


If your child loves green, then they’ll love Eddie with his bright green skin and dark green spine spikes. He sits roughly 8 inches tall and is usually calm and sweet unless you make him angry.


Some arrived with broken eyes. Others had issues with fur falling out after a short amount of time.

William Mark Lightning Bolt Lucy The Plush Purple Sloth
William Mark
Lightning Bolt Lucy The Plush Purple Sloth
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This electric sloth breaks from the usual slow and lazy streaks sloths usually have.


The vividness of the purple across Lucy’s body is enough to make any purple lover swoon. She can’t climb trees but she can cuddle and snuggle with the best of them.


Some Lucys had torn stitching around the head. It doesn’t ship in a box.

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Buying guide for Best Feisty Pets

Sometimes kids want plush toys with a bit more personality — enter Feisty Pets, cute animals and creatures that look innocent but can change their expression to startling scowls.

Created in 2016 by WMC Toys, these plush animals bare their teeth when you squeeze the back of their heads. This unusual and alarming design can be used to spook friends, family members, and even pets. Since the introduction of this toy, WMC has released dozens of varieties featuring different animals and creatures, as well as different-size models. In addition, some creatures make different expressions when squeezed.

No matter what creatures you or your kids adore, there’s probably an equally cute and terrifying Feisty Pets plush for you. While most Feisty Pets look and work similarly, the huge variety of options can be intimidating. 

Best Feisty Pets-Toys-Special Name 
Every Feisty Pets toy has a special name, as well as a particular list of likes and dislikes.

What to know before you buy a Feisty Pet

How do Feisty Pets work? 

Feisty Pets have moveable facial features and mechanical insides to achieve their iconic transformation. To activate their “feisty” side, just squeeze the back of your toy’s head and its face will instantly transform. When you let go, their faces return to normal. 

Types of creatures

As with any stuffed animal, the type of creature is usually the most important factor. Fortunately, there are a huge number of Feisty Pets to choose from, ranging from everyday animals to wildlife to fantasy creatures. Feisty Pets come in dozens of varieties that can be roughly broken into five categories:

Pets: If your kids have a favorite type of pet or want a plush that looks like your family pet, you have a few animals to choose from. 

  • Dogs, including a chihuahua, a basset hound, a golden doodle, and a variety of other popular breeds
  • Cats, including a tabby named Princess Pottymouth and a black cat named Katy Cobweb

Farm animals: Whether your family has livestock or you kids just love farms, there are a handful of farm animals to choose from, including a horse, a pig, a goat, and a cow.

Fantasy creatures: To satisfy the imagination of little ones, consider a mythical beast. Fantasy creature options include a dragon, a unicorn, a pegasus, a kaiju, and others. While these aren’t true “fantasy creatures,” there are also a few dinosaur options available.

Wildlife: The largest category of Feisty Pets is their selection of wildlife characters. There are too many to list, but some popular styles include a frog, a lion, a tiger, and a purple sloth.

Holiday: For a seasonal gift, there are a few options to choose from, including a Valentine’s Day bear, bunnies, a reindeer, a Santa bear, and Katy Cobweb the black cat.

Feisty faces: growling, tongue, evil grin, or doofus?

Which feisty expression do you want your plush to wear? While the original “growling” face is a classic, there are a few new faces to choose from. 

  • Growling: It’s hard to go wrong with this startling expression, especially if your kids hope to surprise their friends or pets. 
  • Tongue: To mix things up, some Feisty Pets stick out their tongue when their heads are squeezed.
  • Evil grin: Arguably just as creepy as the “growling” face, the evil grin face features a disturbing row of human-like teeth in a menacing smile.
  • Doofus: For the kid who already has an assortment of Feisty Pets, the “Doofus” expression is a funny change of pace. With this expression, pets’ eyes go off in different directions and their mouths drop open to reveal crooked teeth.

If you like one particular Feisty Pets toy, consider collecting all of its different expressions or even its mini version.


What features do Feisty Pets have?

Plush vs. plastic

Plush is the classic choice and is the material that most resembles traditional stuffed animals, which makes the “feisty” surprise all the more effective. It’s also the best material to cuddle with due to its softness.

Plastic, on the other hand, is more durable and easier to clean. In addition, plastic Feisty Pets usually have more moving parts.

Size and design 

In addition to the classic size, there are a few smaller options that are easier to take on the go. 

Classic Feisty Pets: These plush toys range in size from 8 to 10 inches in height (or in some cases, length). While many of them are quite similar in general design with oversized heads and bodies that sit in an upright position, some toys, like sharks, bats, and turtles, look more like their real-world counterparts.

Plastic Feisty Pets: These include four-inch plastic figurines, as well as the Mini Misfits series. The four-inch versions change their expression with the press of a button, but they also raise their arms. Mini Misfits come in mystery boxes shaped like pet carriers, so you never know which animal you’ll get. Just like their larger counterparts, these figures make a fearsome face when a button on their head is pressed.

Minis: These plushes are either four or five inches in height and look very similar to the full-size Feisty Pets plushes. Most of the time, these are smaller versions of other Feisty Pets characters, but they make expressions just as creepy. 

Masks: For a simple Halloween costume, Feisty Pets masks look just like the plush toys and transform when you open your mouth. They feature a plush texture and come in child and adult sizes. 

Best Feisty Pets-Original Feisty Pets
Did You Know?
The original four Feisty Pets were a cat, a dog, a bear, and a monkey. Since then, dozens of different animals have been released.

How much do Feisty Pets cost?


From $9 to $15 are smaller models like keychains and Mini Misfits. While these aren’t the size of most stuffed animals, they’re a good value option and operate just like any Feisty Pets toy. In some cases, toys in this range may come two to a pack, making them a smart option for parents with several little ones. Masks also fall in this range, making for a quick and affordable costume.


Most Feisty Pets cost from $15 to $25, including the majority of the standard-size plushes. Price usually varies in this range based on rarity or overall size of the plush.


For $25 to $30 are rarer plushes as well as bundles that may include a standard size plush and a keychain, or several Mini Misfits. Most of the time, the price per toy is much lower than if you purchased the toys individually. 

Because of their feisty side, these toys may appeal to those who have outgrown traditional stuffed animals. 



  • Don’t scare pets too often. While it’s funny to see your pet’s reaction, Feisty Pets might stress them out a bit. Capture a video or two at first, then let your four-legged friend be. 
  • Keep dogs away from Feisty Pets when you aren’t around. If left unattended, dogs can easily tear these toys apart — especially if they’re seeking revenge after being spooked. 
  • Don’t clean Feisty Pets in a washing machine. Because of their many joints and parts, they can easily become damaged. Instead, use a cloth and a bit of water to remove any stains or grime.
  • For the best scare, patience is key. Let your friend look at or hold the Feisty Pet before you unleash its big surprise. The less they expect the transformation, the more surprised they will be.
Best Feisty Pets-Toys-Cuddled
Though these toys are popular for their funny expressions, they’re quite soft and can still be cuddled with.


Q. Are Feisty Pets collectible?

A. It’s possible that some creatures will increase in value if production stops. Like any trendy toy, it’s hard to predict how popular Feisty Pets will be in a decade or more. However, some people try to collect as many different Mini Misfits toys as possible, so opened Mini Misfits toys can be valuable if you get a hard-to-find creature.

Q. Do Feisty Pets require batteries?

A. No — they’re entirely mechanical and powered by a simple squeeze or the press of a button. It’s worth noting that this means they don’t actually make a “growl” sound — you’ll have to provide that yourself.

Q. Can you display Feisty Pets in their “Feisty” mode?

A. The default expression is the “cute” face on all Feisty Pets. It would be difficult to find a way to keep the face in its “feisty” state.

Q. Are the teeth sharp? Could little kids hurt their fingers if they stick them in a Feisty Pets toy’s mouth?

A. Surprisingly, the teeth are quite hard and sharp, as they’re made of plastic. A little one could definitely get a painful “chomp” if they put their finger in a Feisty Pets’ open mouth, so it’s best to supervise them while they play.

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