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Last Updated November 2019

Going fishing is a bit like being a secret agent on assignment. You're a highly trained individual on a clandestine mission that requires reliable intel, careful planning, precise timing, and a whole lot of stealth. Having all of those cool gadgets and that reliable gear doesn't diminish your value — it actually increases it.

But the newest gear isn't always ideal. Sometimes, the top-performing devices are the tried-and-true ones. Bearing that in mind, here are five of the best cool gadgets and reliable gear that you should bring with you on every fishing outing.

PLUSINNO Fishing Lure Tackle Set

Being prepared for any situation is simply a matter of having the right gear. With this tackle set, you'll have 102 handy items at the ready. From frog lures and plastic worms to jig heads and spoon lures, most everything you need can be found in this convenient set.

Generic Universal Fishing Life Vest

Sometimes what makes an item a must-have isn't the focus, it's the versatility. Stohlquists's dual-function vest falls into this category. It not only serves as a quick-access wearable storage compartment for your fishing essentials, but its buoyancy may also help save your life in the event of a mishap.


One trick that helps tame new line that’s misbehaving is to run the spool under hot water. This helps the line conform to the reel and can greatly lessen the frustrations of twisted, tangled line.

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YETI Tundra 45 Cooler

It goes without saying that if you're out on the water for the entire day, you're going to need a cooler. The YETI Tundra 45 is a heavy-duty workhorse that will fit almost anything you want to put inside. And thanks to the extra-thick walls and three inches of PermaFrost insulation, whatever you do put inside is going to remain cold all day long.

Garmin Striker Plus Fish Finder

Before you can catch 'em, you gotta find 'em. The rugged design of this unit and the sunlight-readable display make the Garmin Striker Plus an ideal companion for all your water excursions. Additionally, you can create and store maps with one-foot contours for up to two million acres as well as mark waypoints and create routes.

Crosstour Underwater 4K Action Camera

Last but certainly not least is the documentation. Your miraculous fish tale will be all the more amazing when there is video to back it up. With its 4K resolution, 170° field of view, and WiFi remote control, the Crosstour Action Camera is the perfect tool to document your adventures.

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