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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for Best DeWalt replacement batteries

DEWALT, one of the biggest names in power tools, makes a wide range of items that are powered by a few different kinds of batteries. To keep your DEWALT items fully operational and working properly, it helps to have some DEWALT replacement batteries on hand.

DEWALT replacement batteries come in different voltages and sizes to match corresponding tools. If you buy one DEWALT tool, it may be worth investing in more because you can use your batteries across a wide spectrum of tools, from chainsaws to weed eaters.

In this buying guide, we delve into the details of DEWALT replacement batteries. We explain the various features of DEWALT batteries, provide tips on how to get the most out of your investment, and answer your frequently asked questions. We even provide information about a few of our favorite DEWALT replacement batteries to make your shopping easier. Read on for our expert guidance.

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Note that not all batteries are created equally. The recommendations for taking care of a DEWALT battery may not be appropriate for other batteries.

Key considerations

DEWALT’s battery-operated offerings

DEWALT offers a comprehensive line of home tools, from saws and drills to weed eaters and hedge trimmers. These popular tools are electrically powered. In 1994, DEWALT began releasing its line of cordless power tools that operate on lithium-ion battery power.

Expert Tip
Remember that Li-Ion batteries can remain in the charger once fully charged. It does not affect their life span.
BestReviews Home Improvement and DIY Expert


DEWALT cordless power tools primarily use three voltages: 20V, 40V, and 60V. There are over 200 DEWALT options that use 20V batteries! When shopping, it’s important to match the voltage of the battery to the voltage required by the tool. For example, a 20V battery won’t provide enough power for a tool that operates at the 60V level.

Notably, there may be obsolete DEWALT tools and batteries in circulation that use different voltages. If you’re looking to invest in long-lasting tools, avoid these secondhand products.


A properly maintained lithium-ion battery should last about three years. With extra care, however, you may be able to get even more time out of a battery. The opposite holds true, too. A poorly maintained battery could die a lot sooner than its three projected years.

When choosing DEWALT tools and batteries, consider the monetary investment it will take to purchase a new battery every few years.

Battery maintenance

Just like tools, batteries require proper care to keep them working properly. Make sure they are charged and stored in a dry, cool place. When not in use, the battery shouldn’t be exposed to excessive heat or cold. Batteries should never come in contact with water or moisture.

Consider investing in a protective battery case for traveling and storage purposes.

Number of batteries

When shopping for DEWALT batteries, you have the option of buying them in singles or pairs. It’s handy to have an extra battery on hand, especially if you’re tackling a lengthy project or have more than one tool that uses the same type of battery.

Runtime varies, but you can expect up to about an hour of work per charge. For projects that take over an hour, you may want to have an extra charged battery on hand, so you don’t have to stop working. For example, if you’re edging and trimming and want to get it all done in one afternoon, a second battery can help move progress along.

Expert Tip
Don’t leave batteries in cold or hot cars. This negatively affects the lifespan.
BestReviews Home Improvement and DIY Expert

Aftermarket batteries

Buying a DEWALT replacement battery isn’t your only option for DEWALT tools and products. You can also seek out an aftermarket battery designed to work with DEWALT tools. Be sure to match up the voltage and size appropriately. The fact that the voltage matches doesn’t mean it will fit all DEWALT products. You would need to research each aftermarket battery before purchase.

You may find aftermarket batteries are cheaper than DEWALT batteries. Furthermore, some may boast a longer run time and even more power. However, they can be inconsistent and may not fit or work as advertised. What’s more, you may not be given a warranty. In short, we advise you to weigh the pros and cons carefully if considering an aftermarket battery.


FLEXVOLT backward compatibility

DEWALT offers a feature called FLEXVOLT. These 60V batteries are backward compatible, which means you can use the 60V FLEXVOLT battery on tools that take 20V batteries. A pair of them can also be used to power a 120V product. This is especially handy if you have more than one DEWALT tool or anticipate buying more. Note that FLEXVOLT Batteries are not compatible with 40V tools.


You may have the option of buying accessories alongside the battery. Some bundles, for example, come with a charger. If you need more than just a battery (perhaps two batteries, an adapter, a charger, a tool), consider buying a bundle. This will be more convenient and also cheaper than buying each item individually.


DEWALT sells batteries that feature XR, which stands for extended runtime. These batteries have a higher ampere hour (Ah) than DEWALT’s regular batteries of the same voltage. As a result, they last longer when in use. Notably, XR batteries still require the same maintenance and precautions as other batteries to keep them working properly.


DEWALT drillOne of the most useful and practical home tools is the power drill. 

DEWALT impact driverAnother common and effective home tool is the impact driver.

DEWALT weed eaterFor outdoor work, the weed eater is essential for maintaining boundaries and keeping your lawn looking clean and fresh. 

DEWALT replacement battery prices


If you’re going the aftermarket route, you’ll be able to find a pair of 20V batteries or a single 60V battery for under $75. As mentioned, however, an aftermarket battery isn’t always a reliable purchase.


For those sticking with DEWALT, their 20V batteries sell for around $75. You could spend a bit more to get a case and charger.

Expert Tip
Label batteries with purchase date so you know how old each one is as time to replace approaches.
BestReviews Home Improvment and DIY Expert


For over $150, you can purchase a two-pack of 20V or 60V DEWALT batteries. Spending a bit more may earn you a protective case as well as a charger. There are also bundles with tools available at a much higher cost.


  • Avoid running down the battery. DEWALT advises preventing the battery from discharging completely. Running it down can decrease its lifespan or damage cells.
  • Monitor the temperature. DEWALT batteries should be operated and charged in temperatures between 40°F and 105°F. Any use or charging outside that range could cause permanent damage.
  • Let it charge. Keep DEWALT batteries on the charger when not in use. They have an equalization and maintenance mode to protect the battery. Leaving them out will cause the charge to dissipate slowly.
  • Be careful traveling. Fire can ignite if a battery terminal comes into contact with conductive material. Make sure that anytime you’re moving a battery, it’s insulated and protected.
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DEWALT offers a 90-day money-back guarantee on batteries and one year of free service to repair normal wear and tear. The company’s three-year warranty only covers faulty workmanship and materials.


Q. How can I improve the runtime of my battery?

A. Proper maintenance will help prevent significant loss of battery life over time. It can also help improve how long the battery holds a charge and performs adequately. Once you notice a decrease in performance, stop using the battery. As mentioned, running the battery down to the end will shorten, not lengthen, its life.

Before charging, make sure the battery temperature has dropped to room temperature. (It may be hotter during usage.) This takes at least two hours. Once settled, charge the battery for at least eight hours before using it again. This generous amount of time allows every cell in the battery to recharge.

Pro tip: do not briefly charge your battery to get a little more power out of it for a quick job.

Q. What should I do with old, dead batteries?

A. Don’t throw them in the trash! DEWALT is a partner with the Rechargeable Battery Cycling Corporation and recommends that their batteries be recycled. This can be done at DEWALT recycling centers; check online to see if one is near you. Alternatively, there may be another appropriate recycling center or home product store in your area that will safely take care of old DEWALT batteries.

Q. Do DEWALT replacement batteries have memory?

A. Typically, a battery’s memory, which develops over consistent, repetitive use, is relegated to low-consumption items. Memory can cause a gradual battery drain and lower runtime because it becomes accustomed to regular use. As power tools are often used infrequently, with sporadic output, they don’t have a chance to develop a memory. DEWALT batteries are unlikely to develop a memory that would decrease productivity and lifespan.

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