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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for Best air compressor accessory kits

An air compressor is capable of accomplishing a multitude of tasks from filling a basketball to powering automotive tools. Unfortunately, without the right accessories, all that potential remains untapped. To experience all the versatility that an air compressor has to offer, you need an air compressor accessory kit.

The best air compressor accessory kit includes parts made of durable, corrosion-resistant materials. If you don't already own an air blow gun, the kit you choose should have this essential item. Other key components, such as an air chuck and pressure gauge, should be included in your kit if you’ll be using your air compressor to inflate tires.

If you purchase nonstandard accessories, the seal may leak and the power and efficiency of your air compressor may be compromised.


When you purchase an air compressor accessory kit, the most important thing to understand is what type of components you can get. The following is a list of the most common components found in these kits.

Air blow gun

This is not a weapon used to shoot darts. The air blow gun associated with an air compressor is an essential tool that controls a focused stream of air. It can be used to clear away debris or control the airflow in attachments, such as inflation nozzles, that don’t control the airflow on their own.

Inflation nozzles

Different objects require different types of inflation nozzles. A tapered nozzle, for instance, may work on an exercise ball, but you'll need an inflation needle to fill a basketball. Be sure the accessory kit that you’re considering has the type of inflation nozzles you require.

Expert Tip
Check and make sure that all kids and pets are away from the work area. People often underestimate the dangers of compressed air pressure, but it can cause injuries.
BestReviews Home Improvement and DIY Expert

Pressure gauge

This is required if you want to use your air compressor to inflate things like tires. This tool tells you how much pressure has built up inside the object that you’re inflating and helps protect you from injury caused by too much or too little pressure. Some gauges are built directly into the air blow gun and so are always available. Others are separate tools that can only be used in specific instances, such as checking tire pressure.

Air chuck

If you’ll be using your air compressor to inflate tires, you need an air chuck. This handy tool only releases air when it’s attached to a tire valve. In other words, an air chuck doesn’t require an air blow gun to control the airflow.

Couplers and plugs

If you’ll be using a variety of pneumatic tools with your air compressor, you want your accessory kit to include a number of couplers and plugs. These accessories allow you to quickly and easily connect tools and other components to your air compressor. Since there are male versions and female versions of each, couplers and plugs usually make up the bulk of any accessory kit.

Swivel plug

This special type of plug may be hard to find, but it can be very handy. It functions like a regular connector, but it offers the added benefit of freely swiveling so the air hose doesn't get tangled while you’re working.

Expert Tip
Be sure all connections are fully secure before operating because a wayward hose or brass connection can become a dangerous projectile.
BestReviews Home Improvement and DIY Expert

Teflon tape

If you’re working with threaded connections, you need Teflon tape to create an airtight seal. If this item doesn't come with your kit, you’ll have to purchase it separately.

Air hose

Some higher-end air compressor accessory kits include an air hose. If you don’t need one, you can purchase it for about half the price. If you do need a hose, purchasing it as part of a kit can be a more economical choice.


An air compressor accessory kit includes several small pieces. A case is recommended to help keep you from misplacing any components.

For Your Safety
Before changing tools, make sure that your air compressor is off and the pressure adjustment is closed.



There are several sizes available, but for the average homeowner, a 1/4-inch air compressor accessory kit will suffice for most tasks.


It is highly desirable to seek National Pipe Thread Tapered (NPT) components. This is a standard that ensures a proper fit across different manufacturers. For more information on this, see the FAQ section below.

Expert Tip
Inspect hoses for any breaks or bulges in the rubber or plastic prior to use.
BestReviews Home Improvement and DIY Expert

Color coding

Many couplers and plugs look similar at first glance but are functionally different. If you use different types of couplers and plugs in your garage or workshop, some manufacturers offer color-coded options so you can quickly identify the right part for your task.


With air compressor accessory kits, you have the option of purchasing plugs and couplers made of either steel or brass. Both are good choices, with caveats.

Steel is tougher but more prone to corrosion. Make sure it’s treated to be corrosion resistant.

Brass can be more easily damaged, but it is corrosion resistant and forms a better seal.

Did You Know?
Teflon tape is known by many names, including thread seal tape, PTFE tape, and plumber's tape. It is crucial for obtaining the perfect seal.

Air compressor accessory kit prices


For around $10, you can get a small air compressor accessory kit that features just a handful of items. Usually, these kits come with an air blow gun and a few nozzles. They are curated for basic inflation needs, such as basketballs, bike tires, and exercise balls.


From roughly $12 to $22, the kits feature a wider selection of accessories. You can get a pressure gauge, couplers, plugs, and more — usually around 15 to 18 pieces. However, since the specific items can vary from kit to kit, it’s important to make sure the accessories you need most are included in the kit you choose.


Once you move above $22, the main reason for the price increase is an included air hose. Some kits include a 50-foot hose while others may just have a short length of hose attached to the air blowgun. Even the higher-priced kits vary in the accessories that are included, so again, be sure all the parts you need are in the kit you’re considering.

Expert Tip
Never point the tools at a person or look directly at the tools when using, changing tips, or servicing them.
BestReviews Home Improvement and DIY Expert


Teflon tape doesn't actually tape anything. Calling it “tape” makes people think that it covers holes to stop leaks. It doesn't. The purpose of this crucial tool is lubrication. Teflon tape makes it easier to fully tighten threaded connections to create a better seal. Another important function is it helps keep pipe threads from seizing, making it easier to loosen the connection in the future.

  • Wrap the tape three times. To properly use Teflon tape, neatly wrap it three times around the male portion of a threaded connection. Using more tape doesn't provide a tighter fit with a better seal. On the contrary, using too much tape can keep the threads from engaging and cause leaks.
  • Follow the directions. To stay in place, the Teflon tape must be wrapped in the same direction that the pipe is threaded (clockwise); otherwise, it will bunch up and unravel when you try to tighten the connection.
  • Don’t leave the tape loose. It’s important to keep the tape fully on the threads, with no part dangling beyond the edge. In something as small as the fitting on an air compressor, loose tape inside the pipe could be enough to hamper or even clog the system.
After making a connection of any type using your air compressor accessories, always test the security of your connection before turning on the air compressor.


Q. How important is it to purchase an air compressor accessory kit that includes Teflon tape?

A. While Teflon tape can be vital to achieving a truly airtight seal in threaded connections, it can easily be purchased separately at any hardware store. It’s better to purchase a kit with the plugs, couplers, and other accessories you need than it is to choose one simply because it includes Teflon tape.

Q. A lot of air compressor accessory kit parts have the letters NPT listed after the name. What does NPT stand for?

A. The letters NPT stand for National Pipe Thread Tapered. It’s simply the US standard for the tapered threads that are used for pipes and fittings. You can be absolutely certain that two NPT parts will be compatible.

Q. I have a 1/4-inch NPT pipe thread. Can you explain what that means?

A. Sure. The 1/4-inch is the pipe size. For it to meet NPT standards, the outside diameter of the 1/4-inch pipe must be exactly 0.540 inches and it must have 18 threads per inch. Every 1/4-inch NPT accessory, no matter which company manufactures it, will be manufactured to these specifications so the connection can produce an airtight seal.

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