Updated March 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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UpCircleSeven Dharma Yoga Prop Wheel
Dharma Yoga Prop Wheel
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Customer Favorite
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Resists sweat, holds up to extreme weight of 550 pounds, will help open up your back, and earns our fitness expert's approval.


0.25" in padding to deepen your backbend with confidence and core stabilization. Great for those with chronic pain. Non-flexing ABS frame protects against bends or cracks for stability.


May snag long hair if it isn't tied up or tucked away.

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Pete's Choice Ultimate Dharma Yoga Wheel
Pete's Choice
Ultimate Dharma Yoga Wheel
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Sturdy and larger in size than most, this is an effective alternative to more rigid yoga blocks.


Noted for ability to relieve pressure for people of all sizes. Improves posture and reduces body aches. Large 13" wheel size is ideal for stretching and lengthening spine. Includes yoga strap and blocks if desired.


Some issues with durability.

REEHUT Yoga Wheel Roller with Pose Guide Ebook
Yoga Wheel Roller with Pose Guide Ebook
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Simple Yet Solid
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Loved by yoga instructors, this 12.6 inch wheel is effective at realigning muscles and works well for beginners.


Alternative to 1-dimensional foam rollers and larger than most wheels. Creates deep stretch during yoga and normal stretching routines. Ideal for relieving lower back tension. Tutorial included for guidance.


Not the best wheel for those on the shorter side.

Aozora 13" Yoga Wheel with Step-by-Step Pose Book
13" Yoga Wheel with Step-by-Step Pose Book
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Most Comprehensive
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Made from soft and comfortable cork material, this comprehensive wheel will improve your flexibility and stretching technique.


Cork construction is thick and cushions spine for effective support while stretching. 13" diameter and 5" width are an ideal size for rolling out various areas of the body. Available in different designs.


Users worry that the cork lining may peel off with use.

Chirp Wheel+ for Back Pain Relief
Wheel+ for Back Pain Relief
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Most Eco-friendly
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Well-priced bundle for those looking to purchase multiple sizes of an effective yoga wheel.


3-pack of 6", 10" and 12" diameter sizes. 1/2" sweat-resistant padding. Supports 500 pounds. Perfect width for rolling out between the shoulder blades. Alleviates back pain and eases tension.


Some wheels have cracked or split after a few months of use.


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Buying guide for Best yoga wheels

Though it started with Eastern tradition, yoga has become an increasingly popular pastime and form of exercise all over the world, and you can find a range of props and accessories to help you with your practice. A yoga wheel can help you practice tricky poses without injuring yourself, in addition to being a great tool for gently reducing discomfort from general aches and pains.

All kinds of yogis are choosing to use yoga wheels, so why not get in on the action, too? Whether you want to perfect your back bends or simply add an extra dimension to your child's pose, a yoga wheel can give you a helping hand.

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You don't need a yoga wheel to practice yoga, but it is an extremely useful and versatile prop for home use or in the studio.

Key considerations

What is the wheel diameter?

Yoga wheels are available in a range of diameters, from six to 15 inches. Six-inch yoga wheels are classed as "mini" or "micro" wheels and aren't as versatile as larger yoga wheels. However, they are excellent for gentle exercises or for use by kids.

Yoga wheels around the 10-inch mark are for beginning practitioners who aren't especially flexible and for yogis of five-foot-three or under. Perhaps the most popular and widely available are 12-inch yoga wheels. These are suited for people between five-foot-four and five-foot-ten and those with an average degree of flexibility.

The largest yoga wheels measure 15 inches in diameter and are suited to extremely flexible yogis and yoga practitioners who stand six feet tall or greater.

Expert tip
While a small yoga wheel is used to massage target areas, a medium wheel works better in toning exercises, and the widest wheels are perfect for boosting balance.
BestReviews Fitness Expert

What is it made of?

The majority of yoga wheels are made from cork or hard plastic, such as PVC. Cork yoga wheels have slightly more give to them, which is great for experienced yoga practitioners who like more flexibility in their poses. However, for those who are just starting out, cork can feel less supportive. Notably, cork has eco-friendly credentials and an attractive natural appearance.

PVC is less flexible and stronger overall than cork, and it often has a higher maximum weight limit. It's easy to wipe clean after use and is non-porous. You'll generally find PVC yoga wheels in a wider range of colors and patterns. The downside is that they're not biodegradable or sustainable, so they have a greater environmental impact.

Does it resist sweat?

We might not talk about it much, but exercise causes one unpleasant side effect: sweat. Ideally, your chosen yoga wheel should have some sweat-resistant properties so sweat won't sink in and breed bacteria. Although sweat won't sink into PVC, some PVC yoga wheels have an outer layer of foam padding that may or may not be sweat-resistant. Cork is sweat-resistant to a certain degree, but it's better if it has a sweat-proof coating. That said, cork does have antimicrobial properties to hinder the growth of bacteria.

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If you find certain poses painful, even when using a yoga wheel, stop right away and consult your yoga instructor. You need to make sure you're performing the poses correctly to avoid injury.

Yoga wheel features


A yoga wheel should have some kind of padding around the exterior to make it more comfortable to use. However, there must be a balance, since a yoga wheel with too much padding could lose stability and not provide enough support for the user.

As the name suggests, cork yoga wheels have a soft layer of cork padding around the exterior. This has enough give to be comfortable but not so much that it loses support or stability. PVC yoga wheels usually feature a TPE foam outer around the plastic resin core, though some exceptions exist.

Color or pattern

You can find yoga wheels in a range of colors. Some even feature patterns on the inside of the core or around the outer shell. Of course, the aesthetic appearance of your yoga wheel won't make any difference in how it works, but there's nothing wrong with wanting a yoga wheel that looks as great as it performs.

Non-slip grip

Yoga wheels need to have a nonslip exterior so they don't just roll around indiscriminately. They need to be able to roll when you want them to, but they should also have enough traction to keep still when you want to hold a pose.


Some yoga wheels have extras thrown in, such as yoga mats, yoga straps, or instructional videos. While these bonuses are nice, we recommend discounting them when comparing yoga wheels. If the one you like best happens to come with an extra, great, but don't buy a subpar yoga wheel just for the free gifts.

Expert tip
Resting on the yoga wheel while massaging the back has been proven to release the pressure off the spine, improving the posture.
BestReviews Fitness Expert

Yoga wheel prices

How much should you expect to pay for a yoga wheel?


The most basic yoga wheels start between $15 and $30, but often, these aren’t as sturdy and comfortable as we'd like — with the exception of a few quality yoga wheels in compact sizes.


These yoga wheels cost roughly $30 to $60. You can find some solid yoga wheels in this price range, though they might lack some of the features of top-shelf models.


At the high end of the price spectrum, you'll find yoga wheels between $60 and $120. The most expensive models tend to be made from premium materials, and many feature attractive patterns.


  • Choose a yoga wheel that is light enough for you to comfortably carry. This is especially important if you plan to take it with you to the yoga studio.

  • Check the maximum weight limit of your chosen yoga wheel. Some yoga wheels can take up to 1,000 pounds. Others have a lower maximum weight limit, but this is often somewhere around 500 pounds, which should still be sufficient for nearly all users.

  • Learn how to use your yoga wheel safely. If you're not confident, ask your yoga instructor for advice, or consult some instructional videos before you first use it.
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Some yoga wheels are free of dyes and certain controversial chemicals. For some consumers, this is preferred.


Q. What kind of exercises can I do with my yoga wheel?

A. You can do a range of backward bends, side bends, and forward folds over your yoga wheel. The wheel provides support and stability while mastering these poses. You can also incorporate your yoga wheel into all kinds of poses, both basic and advanced, from child's pose to forearm balances.

If you're unsure what kinds of poses or exercises to try with your yoga wheel, consult your yoga instructor or search online. However, you should be careful not to attempt any poses beyond your skill level, as doing so could result in an injury.

Expert tip
Here’s one of my favorite stretches to do with a yoga wheel: Stretch your spine by keeping the wheel beneath your back. Bend backward, keeping your back arched while curving your legs and feet to the edge of the mat. Rest the yoga wheel beneath the curve of your spine. As you get into this position, extend your arms to the side in a parallel line. To make the stretch more intense, feel free to hang your head back.
BestReviews Fitness Expert

Q. Can children use yoga wheels?

A. Yes, children can use yoga wheels. The miniature six-inch models are particularly suitable. However, you should always supervise young people while they're using a yoga wheel. Be certain they don't attempt any poses or exercises that could lead to injury.

Q. Can I use a yoga wheel if I have a bad back?

A. You need to be careful when using a yoga wheel with a bad back, especially if attempting backbends of other poses that significantly stretch your back. If you simply suffer from minor aches and pains in your back, however, a yoga wheel can be helpful in reducing these feelings — if you build up your back strength gently. However, if you have a serious issue with your back, consult a doctor before attempting to use a yoga wheel.

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