Updated April 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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RAM Junior G-Force Boys Right Hand Golf Clubs Set
Junior 7-Club Set w/ Stand Bag – (Ages 9-12)
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Most Versatile
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An option packed with kid-friendly clubs that accommodate beginner skill levels and aid development.


Intuitive, lightweight kids' clubs that are forgiving with high loft. Has protective headcovers and durable bag. Includes 7 necessary clubs including driver, sand wedge, and 7 and 9 irons. Stainless steel material with a junior-sized grip.


Overpriced for the quality.

Best Bang for the Buck
Aspire Golf Junior Plus Complete Golf Club Set for Children
Aspire Golf
Junior Plus Complete Golf Club Set for Children
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Most Durable
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Option for kids with intuitive performance features and portable accessory features.


Meet performance requirements for older and younger kids. Durable aluminum and graphite material. Lightweight heads. Versatile and portable club bag with wheels, backpack straps, and resilient handles.


Smaller sets may not fit taller players.

Top Flite Girls' 5-Piece Complete Set – (Height 46” – 52”)
Top Flite
Girls' 5-Piece Complete Set – (Height 46” – 52”)
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Bargain Pick
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Basic girls' golf set ideal for very young, small, or inexperienced players, ages 9 and below.


Ideal starter set. Putter, driver, hybrid, 7 iron, and sand wedge clubs included with stand bag. Distinctive teal highlights on the clubs and bag fit kids with great style. Durable and resilient. Mimics the performance capacity of adult clubs. Comes with 2 headcovers.


Only available in right-hand model. Made for beginners, not an advanced set.

U.S. Kids Golf 2020 Ultralight Complete Set (Height 51'' – 54”)
U.S. Kids Golf
2020 Ultralight Complete Set (Height 51'' – 54”)
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Best for Beginners
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Durable 5-club set for junior players working out the basics, with plenty of room for expansion.


Height-designed clubs establish beginner fundamentals. Less cumbersome than junior kits with more clubs that might be unnecessary for novice players. The 20%-lighter heads focus attention on longer, straighter shots. Lightweight bag with padded shoulder strap included.


Geared towards beginners specifically. For right-hand players only.

RAM Junior G-Force Girls Right Hand Golf Clubs Set
Junior G-Force Girls Right Hand Golf Clubs Set
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Bottom Line

Intuitive starter option equipped with clubs that aid learning and love for the game.


Kid-friendly clubs compensate for lower strength and skill capacities by amplifying torque and control. Excellent learning set. Protective headcovers and resilient bag. Driver, hybrid, putter, 7 and 9 irons included.


Bag may be a bit too bulky for younger users.


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Buying guide for best kids’ golf club sets

People of all ages can enjoy playing golf, including kids. But kids need different equipment than adult golfers. Kids’ golf club sets are constructed for shorter statures so that kids can safely develop their swings.

However, with so many kids’ golf club sets on the market, how do you find the right one for your mini-pro? 

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Most right-handed kids will use right-handed golf clubs, and left-handed kids will use left-handed clubs.

Considerations for youth golfers

Before you spend a lot of money on a kids’ golf club set, think about what your child would like to accomplish. If he is just looking to have some fun, you don’t need an expensive set with several clubs.

If you’d like your child to become serious about the game in the future, you still don’t need to spend a lot to start out. In fact, unless your child is a little older, has some golfing experience, and likes to practice and play regularly, spending a lot on golf equipment isn’t necessarily the right answer for most kids. Most kids just starting out don’t need a kids’ golf club set with the most expensive clubs or the largest number of clubs.

That said, if your youth golfer shows some skill in the game, spending a bit more for a higher quality set of kids’ clubs may be a worthy investment. Giving your kid a golf club set is a good way to teach responsibility, too. She will need to keep track of the clubs out on the course, while also caring for them properly.

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Did you know?
Junior-size golf clubs are shorter than full-size clubs, making them easier for kids to handle. Junior clubs have a proper flex and weight distribution for kids, too.

Clubs in kids’ golf club sets

Pick a set of kids’ golf clubs that has the clubs your child needs for his skill level.


A kids’ golf club set should have one or two woods in it. A wood has a large head and the longest club shaft, and it’s designed for long-distance shots. A driver is a type of wood that’s made for hitting a golf ball off a tee, rather than hitting the ball off the ground. Drivers are the toughest clubs to learn to swing well, largely because they have the longest club shafts. Other woods, called fairway woods, are available in some kids’ golf club sets, too.


An iron is a club with a thin, angled head that when swung properly gives the ball a lot of height. Irons are numbered to indicate the type of loft they’ll put on the ball. An iron with a lower number, such as a 3-iron or 5-iron, allows for longer shots with less loft. An iron with a higher number, such as a 7-iron or 9-iron, allows for shorter shots with more loft. Short-distance irons are among the easiest clubs to learn to swing. Wedges are irons that are made for extremely short and high-lofted shots. Wedges are usually marked with a letter like “P” or “S.”

Hybrid clubs

A hybrid club is a combination of an iron and a wood. It has a larger club head than an iron, but it has a shorter shaft than a wood. A kids’ golf club set with a hybrid club can be a good idea, as this is one of the easiest clubs to learn to swing successfully that also provides a nice distance.


A putter has a rectangular or square head with a flat face. It’s made only for striking the ball on or just off the green, as it doesn’t give the ball any loft. Instead, a ball struck with a putter will roll. The putter is the only club you can use when taking a shot on the green. Other clubs would damage the delicate grass and putting surface of the green.

"Most children can’t generate enough swing speed to take advantage of high-tech materials in expensive golf clubs."

Buying kids’ golf club sets vs. buying individual kids’ golf clubs

Some people choose to purchase a pre-assembled golf club set for their kids, while others prefer to assemble a set from various individual clubs. Both methods have their pros and cons.

Kids’ golf club sets

The biggest benefit of purchasing a kids’ golf club set is that it comes with everything your kid will need. This saves you time versus shopping for individual kids’ golf clubs. Buying a set of clubs is often a better value than purchasing individual clubs, too. This is especially important because kids grow fast and will outgrow their clubs every couple of years. Most kids’ golf club sets come with a bag, a putter, and a few clubs, which is perfect for a starter set.

Individual kids’ golf clubs

If you’re looking for higher-quality golf clubs for your child, you may want to look at creating your own set with individual kids’ clubs. Or perhaps kids’ golf club sets come with too many clubs for your child’s skill level. Some kids’ sets contain 10 to 14 clubs. If you don’t want to spend the money for clubs your kid won’t use, you can pick out individual clubs to create a smaller set of your own. You will have to purchase a golf club bag and a putter separately using this method, both of which are automatically included in kids’ golf club sets. So putting together your own set will take a bit more time versus buying a pre-configured kids’ golf club set.

Prices for kids’ golf club sets

The cost of kids’ golf club sets varies quite a bit, based on the number of clubs in the set, the quality of the clubs, and the type of golf club bag included.

At the low end, a kids’ golf club set costs $60 to $100. These sets usually include three or four clubs and a golf club bag. The bag is often a simple pencil-style bag with no kickstand and limited storage pockets.

Most kids’ golf club sets range from $100 to $150. These sets include four to six clubs and a larger golf club bag with plenty of storage pockets. The clubs included in mid-range sets are of good quality, too.

More advanced golf club sets for youth golfers cost $150 or more. These kids’ golf club sets include at least six clubs and a sturdy golf club bag with a kickstand. The more clubs included in the set, the more expensive it will be. If you’re looking for a full set of high-quality clubs for a youth player (10 to 14 clubs), you can expect to pay $500 or more.

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Most kids can begin using adult-size golf clubs once they hit their teenage years, but your child’s height is more important than age in determining when to switch to adult clubs.


Q. How do I determine the right size golf clubs to purchase for my child?

A. Don’t just assume that your eight-year-old child will use the same size golf clubs as your nephew did when he was eight. After all, eight-year-olds aren’t all the same height and weight, so don’t rely on age recommendations for a set of kids’ golf clubs. Many manufacturers of golf club sets for kids provide a recommended height range for their clubs. Follow these height guidelines when picking a kids’ golf club set.

Q. Can I cut the shafts down on my old clubs, give them to my kids, and save some money?

A. A few decades ago, cutting down an adult set of clubs for a child was a common practice. However, by shortening a golf club, you alter the flex of the shaft, as well as the weight distribution of the club. This may lead to poor swing mechanics. Your child won’t be able to create the desired club-head speed without the appropriate flex in the shaft. A golf club made specifically for a child will provide the proper flex and weight distribution.

Q. How should my child modify her swing if the golf clubs in her set are too long?

A. Although having a child use clubs that are clearly too long can lead to bad swing habits, kids can deal with clubs that are slightly too long. Most of the time, it’s best to have the child move her hands an inch or two down the shaft from the top of the grip. This is called choking up on the club. Choking up more than a couple of inches can lead to swing problems, though.

Q. How many clubs should a kids’ golf club set have?

A. Most kids’ golf club sets will only have four to six clubs, and that’s plenty of options for new youth players. Whereas an adult player may have 12 to 15 clubs in his bag, kids don’t need so many clubs, especially when they’re just starting to play. Because high-loft irons are the easiest clubs to learn to swing, any kids’ golf club set should at least have a 7-iron, 9-iron, or wedge. As kids become more experienced and learn to make various shots, they’re ready for more clubs in the set.

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