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June 20, 2022  |  Miscellaneous

When is Amazon Prime Day?

What to expect for Prime Day this year

Prime Day 2022 has officially been announced for July 12-13. Each year, the popularity of e-commerce climbs a little higher. From 2020 to 2021, e-commerce sales increased by roughly 14%. This year, some analysts are predicting e-commerce sales will grow another 16%. Amazon’s Prime Day is the retail holiday that takes advantage of this move toward online purchasing.

Two years ago, Amazon pushed Prime Day back several months to mid-October. Last year, the event was held in late June. While the sale officially takes place in July for 2022, early deals will begin on June 21, with Amazon offering up to 55% off many Amazon devices including the Kindle Paperwhite, the Echo Dot (fourth generation) and more.

To get the best deals on Prime Day, you need to be prepared. This means it's time to start making plans now. This comprehensive pregame guide will walk you through everything we already know about Prime Day 2022, as well as what we can reasonably expect, based on previous celebrations.

Prime Day 101

What is Prime Day?

The first Amazon Prime Day was held on July 15, 2015. It lasted for 24 hours, and its purpose was to acknowledge the 20th anniversary of going live. The date also commemorated 10 years of Amazon Prime. That first year, nine countries, including the U.S., UK, Spain, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, and Austria, were involved in the celebration.

Prime Day’s main purpose was to get people to subscribe to Amazon Prime. To do this, Amazon offered more deals than you could get on Black Friday, focusing heavily on Amazon products, such as the Fire TV Stick, Echo devices, and the Kindle. That first year, the company also introduced Alexa.

Besides deals on Amazon products, online shoppers could find low prices from a multitude of Amazon sellers as well. Over time, Prime Day became so successful that one day wasn’t enough to celebrate. Eventually, it turned into a 48-hour deals extravaganza.

Who can participate in Prime Day?

Unlike Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other massive sales events, Prime Day isn’t open to everyone — it’s a thank you to the company’s subscribers. In other words, to participate in Prime Day, you must first be an Amazon Prime subscriber. The only exception to this is people who are in the midst of their 30-day trial period — as long as Prime Day occurs during that month-long window, you can participate.

When is Prime Day 2022?

Prime Day 2022 will be held on July 12-13, keeping with the tradition of being celebrated in July. The first five Amazon Prime Days took place in July. In 2020, the event was pushed back to October. Last year, Prime Day came early and was held in June. The rumors circulating in 2021 hinted that 2021’s early date was an attempt to boost Q2 earnings. 

Why do consumers love Prime Day?

Consumers love Prime Day because for 48 hours, manufacturers and sellers from around the world are fiercely competing for their attention. This means prices drop to lows that are typically reserved for Black Friday sales events. Since comparison shopping can be done with just a click, it puts the buyer in control, giving them the confidence that Prime Day is the best time of year to get the most for their money.

What types of products will go on sale on Prime Day 2022?

Although it’s impossible to predict exactly which products will be on sale this Prime Day, it’s possible to make an informed guess based on which products performed well in years past. Here are 15 items that we’re reasonably confident will be on sale during this year's event:

How to make the most of Prime Day 2022

While it’s possible to stumble upon value by accident, the accelerated pace of Prime Day means the most prepared consumer can get the best deals. Here are a few ways to get ready for this year’s event.

Prime Day is still weeks away, but now is the time you have to start preparing. When those 48 hours start, you don’t want to waste a minute of that time creating a shopping list, especially since some deals might only last a few minutes. Before Prime Day arrives, you should already have at least two comprehensive lists. One is must-have items that you need. The other is wish list items you’ll only purchase if the price is right.

Stay flexible

Amazon Prime Day is one of the rare times when it’s not ideal to shop with blinders on. Yes, the must-have items on your list are the priority and you have to be very careful about impulse buys during such a massive sales event. However, sometimes you need to be open to a little spontaneity to get the best deals.

Use the Amazon app

One of the easiest ways to get an advantage on Prime Day is to use Amazon’s app. It’s free and incredibly useful. The app allows you to “Watch” for upcoming deals on specific items. To do this, turn on the notifications in the app’s settings and mark which items you’d like to watch. When the product goes on sale, the app alerts you with a message saying the deal is starting.

Ask Alexa

The absolute easiest way to save money on Prime Day is to ask, "Alexa, what are my deals?" Alexa will respond by showing you the top deals of the day. If you find something you like, just confirm with Alexa that you’d like to make the purchase. After you do, Alexa will place your order and the item is yours. It really is that simple.

Don’t stop on day one

On Prime Day, not everything is on sale at the same time. Some products go on sale the moment the event starts, while other deals might not be announced until the second day. To make the most of Prime Day 2022, you have to be in it for the duration — be just as excited and vigilant on day two as you were at midnight PT on day one.

Search for bundles

If you’re searching for your first smart speaker, chances are that’s not all you need. To get the most out of a smart speaker, you’ll want to purchase other smart devices, such as smart light bulbs, a smart thermostat, and more. While you can certainly buy these items separately, bundles give you everything you want in one place. They’re more convenient, and often they offer a deeper discount than you could get by buying the products individually. Just be careful that the bundled products aren’t inferior items that the seller is just trying to move.  

Consider last year’s model

Especially with tech, when the new model comes out, last year’s version is deeply discounted because it’s no longer “the best.” However, upgrades are relative. If you have a TV that’s 10 years old, purchasing last year’s model will still be a significant step up, and you might be able to do it for a fraction of the cost on Prime Day.

Look for bonus deals

On Prime Day, Amazon traditionally offers incentives when you perform certain actions. In the past, you could get an extra $10 if you purchased from a small business or purchased an Amazon gift card. You could also get up to a $200 gift card when you were approved for an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card. While we aren’t certain what types of bonus rewards Amazon will offer in 2022, if you want to increase your buying power, this is a simple strategy that lets you do exactly that.


Q. What time does Prime Day start?

A. Prime Day will begin at midnight PT on July 12, which is 3 a.m. ET.

Q. Are only Amazon products on sale on Prime Day?

A. No. While Amazon products and services are the focus of Amazon Prime Day, they aren’t the only deals you’ll find at this sales event.

Q. Do brand name manufacturers offer deals on Prime Day?

A. Yes. Prime Day is an excellent time to buy top products from top manufacturers at a price you might not see again until Black Friday.

Q. Do small businesses offer deals on Prime Day?

A. Yes. Not only can you support small businesses on Prime Day, but Amazon often rewards you for this action by giving you a credit that you can use for other purchases.

Q. What is Amazon Assistant?

A. Amazon Assistant is not Alexa. It’s an extension for your browser that lets you compare products and prices as you shop. This is an excellent way to verify if Amazon is truly offering the best price.

Q. Can I shop on Prime Day if I’m not an Amazon Prime member?

A. You must be a current Amazon Prime member to take advantage of the deep discounts offered on Prime Day. The one loophole is you can take advantage of the deals when you sign up for the 30-day free Amazon Prime membership.

Q. What are lightning deals?

A. Lightning deals are limited sales that expire in a certain amount of time or when the product sells out. Sometimes these deals last for hours, but other times they disappear in minutes. Once you place the item in your shopping cart, you have a maximum of 15 minutes to make the purchase. If the deal ends before you make your purchase, you miss out on the low price.

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