Favorite Amazon Prime Day Deals by U.S. State


Amazon's Prime Day is going to be bigger than ever this year — 36 hours of can't-miss deals beginning at noon PDT on July 16, running through midnight on July 17, 2018. So, what should you buy?

We waded through mountains of data on sales trends from last year's Prime Day to find out which products were the top sellers. If you're at a loss of what to get this time around, our research of the most-loved products in each state should help you get started on your wish list.

Let's look a few of the top trends:

Drones: Unsurprisingly, drones topped the charts in eight states — Washington, Colorado, California, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Michigan and Illinois. What is interesting is how different all of these states are. Clearly, people love drones! In addition to the drones on the map, we have a feeling that the new DJI Spark will be the hot copter this year thanks to its compact size and useful features.

Kitchen: The hottest kitchen appliance in recent years, Instant Pots are up there with drones in popularity. The multicooker lets you cook rice, roasts, soups, desserts — even yogurt — to perfection in a jiffy. We encourage you to look out for sales on the DUO60 or DUO80. These classic Instant Pot models will sell out fast if they go on sale.

Now, here are some trends from each region of the U.S. You can see them broken down in the map above, each region represented by a different color:

Midwest: Residents of the Midwest have scattered desires. North Dakota and Iowa want flashlights. Ohio and Wisconsin hope for tablets. Minnesota and Indiana residents want to stay caffeinated with new coffee makers. Michigan and Illinois stick with the national trend for drones, while those in Nebraska want cordless drills. Missouri and South Dakota want pressure cookers like the Instant Pot and folks in Kansas have their eyes on a new bathroom scale.

Northeast: This region trends toward personal care, sporting goods, and clothing. Connecticut and Rhode Island want to hit the links with new gear, with the Srixon Golf Gloves being the most popular for those states. 

Southeast: The South trends toward kitchen products — Virginia residents specifically want the Instant Pot Cookbook. However, Mississipi, Oklahoma and South Carolina DIY-ers have cordless drills on their wish lists. Get excited about knocking out all those household projects you haven't had the right power tool for.

West: West Coasters are mostly looking for tech products. Californians will be buying drones, while people from Oregon, Utah and New Mexico are likely going to be shopping for fitness trackers and smartwatches. Idaho residents hope to get their hands on the Amazon Fire HD Tablet ... an almost sure thing to be on sale on Prime Day, along with the multitude of other Amazon devices.

If you want help deciding what to put on your wish list, or need help once Prime Day goes live, reach out to the BestReviews team for advice!