Updated May 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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Buying guide for Best grill tongs

There’s something about the delicious smoky flavor of food prepared on a grill that no other cooking method can quite match. But if you want to create great meals for your next cookout, you need the proper grilling tools. With a good pair of grill tongs for flipping, you can ensure your food cooks evenly on both sides.

What distinguishes grill tongs from ordinary kitchen tongs is that they have longer arms to give you an extended reach when handling food. That allows you to stay farther away from the heat of the grill when you add, turn, or remove food. Grill tongs are usually sturdier than other types of kitchen tongs, too, so you’re able to handle heavier pieces of meat with ease.

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If you’re concerned about your grill tongs tearing or pinching your meat on the grill, opt for a pair with silicone-coated ends.

Key considerations


Stainless steel and other metals are the most common materials for grill tongs. Metal is heat-proof and durable, making it the perfect option for use around a grill.

Bamboo is often used for grill tongs because it’s heat-resistant and durable. It doesn’t perform quite as well as metal, though many users prefer the appearance of bamboo tongs.

Plastic is sometimes used for grill tongs, though it’s not as durable as metal or bamboo because it’s prone to cracking and splitting. Plastic tongs usually can’t handle very high temperatures either.

Some grill tongs feature a combination of materials. For example, they may have stainless steel arms and plastic or bamboo handles to give you the best of both worlds.

Head style

You can choose from several different head styles, which all serve a different purpose. The most common head style for grill tongs is a scalloped edge, which provides a good grip for turning or lifting food. Other grill tongs have a teeth-like edge that provides an even more secure grip, though the teeth may puncture your food. You can also find grill tongs with completely smooth or rounded edges, which are ideal for delicate foods that pierce or puncture easily.

Closure style

The way that grill tongs close can determine how easy they are to use. Most feature a spring closure, which means there is a metal spring that controls the opening and closing of the tongs. This allows the tongs to be more versatile because you can determine how wide the tongs open by moving your hand closer or farther away from the spring.

Some grill tongs have a scissor-style closure. These tongs have a central hinge along a pivot point like a pair of scissors and round openings in the handle that you place your fingers through. They can be more difficult to use, though, because you can’t always get a good grip on the food.

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The length of a pair of grill tongs determines how far away you’re able to stay from the heat of your grill when you’re flipping or removing food from the grate. Unlike kitchen tongs, you should avoid buying grill tongs that are shorter than nine inches. Instead, opt for models that range from nine to 25 inches in length. Most grill tongs range from 12 to 16 inches, which works well for most grillers. These longer sets also work for removing food, like corn or shellfish, from boiling water.

Locking mechanism

Many grill tongs have a locking mechanism, which keeps the tongs in the closed position. That makes it much easier to store the tongs because you don’t have to worry about them getting tangled with other tools in a drawer.

Ergonomic handles

Some grill tongs have handles that are ergonomically designed to make them easier to hold. They often feature a molded grip that’s made of rubber or silicone, so it’s more comfortable to grip in your hand.

Ease of cleaning

No one enjoys washing dishes after the barbecue, so you’ll want to choose a pair of grill tongs that are as easy to clean as possible. You’ll have the easiest time if you choose a pair of dishwasher-safe grill tongs.


  • Grill tool set: In addition to grill tongs, you may want other tools like a spatula, fork, and basting brush to make grilling easier. A grill tool set contains several tools in one convenient case, so you’ll have everything you need to grill with ease.
  • Grill basket: Forget about burning your veggies or smaller cuts of meat and fish on your grill with a convenient grill basket. It holds food above the grate but has openings that allow the smoke and heat to get through to cook the food fully.
  • Meat thermometer: You’ll never have to worry about whether the meat on your grill is fully cooked with a meat thermometer. Insert it into your steak or burger, and you’ll get a digital temperature reading. With a meat thermometer, you can cook meat exactly to your liking.
  • Grill brush: The only part of grilling that isn’t enjoyable is cleaning up afterward. With a grill brush, you can easily remove any cooked-on food from the grate once your grill is cool.

Grill tong prices

Grill tongs vary in price based on their length, materials, and special features. Most cost between $8 and $45.

The most affordable grill tongs are usually nine to 12 inches in length and don’t offer much in the way of special features. They usually range from $8 to $16.

Mid-range grill tongs are usually between 12 and 18 inches in length and offer special features like a locking mechanism. They typically cost between $14 and $27.

The most expensive grill tongs are usually longer than 18 inches and offer special features like a locking mechanism. They generally range from $27 to $45.

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  • Grill tongs work best for flipping large cuts of meat like steaks or chicken pieces on your grill. For more delicate items like fish or burgers, a spatula is a better option for turning.
  • Metal grill tongs get hot quickly when they come into contact with the heat from your grill. Don’t allow them to touch the grate for too long to avoid accidentally burning yourself.
  • Grill tongs are often bulkier than standard kitchen tongs, so instead of storing them in a kitchen drawer, consider hanging them off your grill or on a wall-mounted rack to save space.
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Some grill tongs have a hanging hook, which allows you to hang them from your grill while you’re cooking or from a wall-mounted rack for storage.


Q. What features make a pair of grill tongs most comfortable to use?
You’ll likely find a pair of grill tongs with a molded grip the most comfortable to hold because they feature indentations that fit your fingers. Molded grips are usually made of silicone, too, so they feel softer in your hand. For added comfort, choose grill tongs that aren’t too heavy. A pair that weighs about eight to nine ounces is the best bet to avoid fatigue in your hand.

Q. Can I use kitchen tongs and grill tongs interchangeably?
While kitchen tongs and grill tongs are very similar, you probably won’t want to use them for the same tasks. Basic kitchen tongs usually aren’t long enough to be used safely around the heat of the grill, while the extra length of grill tongs typically doesn’t provide the control you want when you’re cooking on a stovetop.

Q. What should I look for in the locking mechanism of a pair of grill tongs?A. Most people prefer a locking mechanism that you push on the end of the tongs to unlock. That way you’re able to unlock the tongs one-handed by tapping the end against a flat surface. Other grill tongs have a locking mechanism that must be pulled toward the end to open, which means you’re not able to unlock the tongs with one hand.

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