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Updated November 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Pleasant Hearth Solid Steel Fire Ring
Pleasant Hearth
Solid Steel Fire Ring
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Easy to Assemble
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This traditional steel model works well with or without pavers, although pre-treating it may be a good idea.


Classic steel construction with solid walls to keep sparks, ash and embers contained. Diameter of 33.5 inches. Can be used on its own or lined with bricks. Easy to assemble. Rolled steel base helps keep it balanced and in shape.


Rust was a concern for some. Many address this by treating it with high-temperature paint before use.

Best Bang for the Buck
Pleasant Hearth Wilderness Fire Ring
Pleasant Hearth
Wilderness Fire Ring
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Woodland Themed
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This steel model has an outdoorsy theme that adds a whimsical, rustic touch to your gathering.


Forest-themed steel design. Can be combined with bricks or concrete block, but decorative enough to use alone. Mesh sides keep embers from leaving. Diameter of 36 inches. Easy to assemble.


A few rust concerns. Some owners recommend treating with heat-resistant, anti-rust paint.

Sunnydaze Octagon Fire Ring
Octagon Fire Ring
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Most Unique
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A sturdy, unusually shaped choice for those who want something a little different.


Octagonal steel shell with an inner diameter of 30 inches and an outer diameter of 38 inches. Comes treated with high-temperature paint. A unique look that works on its own, but is especially attractive when paired with a brick exterior.


The angles make this piece a bit small for larger pieces of wood.

Camco Heavy Duty Steel Campfire Ring
Heavy Duty Steel Campfire Ring
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Most Portable
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Highly portable and ideal for camping or occasional use.


Hexagonal steel with a hinged design makes for easy folding. Assembles without the use of tools. Decorative fir tree design work. Mesh around the tree designs keeps embers in. Includes storage bag for portability.


Not the sturdiest.

Solo Stove Fire Pit Surround
Solo Stove
Fire Pit Surround
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Best for Solo Stoves
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A unique ring, that despite being harder to set-up, really impressed our team thanks to it's powder-coated design.


Integrates well with solo stoves and adds a tabletop that is perfect for placing your drinks and food on when you are sitting around the pit. Keeps the fire pit elevated so that it doesn't potentially get damaged from wet ground.


The integration causes some of the connections to be open which could potentially let moisture in.


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Buying guide for best fire rings

Nothing is quite as festive as an open fire at outdoor parties and gatherings, but you might be wary about lighting one because of the potential danger. A fire ring is the perfect way to bring the ambiance of a fire to your get-togethers without worrying about the fire burning out of control.

These long-lasting metal rings provide warmth and comfort and offer a focal point for your outdoor parties. To pick the right fire ring for your yard, you will need to consider everything from construction and appearance to size, grills, and price.

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Fire rings generally do not have a bottom, so you should take care when deciding where to use one (not on a wooden deck, for example).

Key considerations


Between the weather and flames, your fire ring is going to take a lot of abuse. To withstand that abuse, it should be constructed from a durable material like steel, and the thicker the better. You will find rings made of thin sheet metal, thick rolled steel, and even cast iron. In addition to the weather and fire, a fire ring should be durable enough to withstand the occasional ding or dent if you move it or have a habit of tossing logs into it a bit too carelessly.


Having a fire in your outdoor living space is special, so spend some time selecting a fire ring that appeals to your taste.

Color: As a fire ring will be a focal point of your outdoor gatherings, you want it to be attractive. The majority of fire rings are round and painted black, usually with paints that can withstand high temperatures and protect the ring from both weather and fire.

Cutouts: Decorative cutouts are a popular feature of these rings, as are grills and decorative mesh.

Lip: A lip around the top and bottom can not only add to the ring’s appearance but also provide stability and keep the ring from warping in high heat.


Some fire ring manufacturers/sellers offer a range of sizes to choose from.

Diameter: The diameter of the fire ring determines the length of the logs you can burn in it, as well as the size of the fire. Fire rings typically range from 27 to 36 inches in diameter, with some as big as 48 inches.

Depth: The depth of the fire ring will also affect the size of the fire. In general, the deeper the ring, the better it will be able to hold the fire and the more control you’ll have. Fire rings range from about 8 to 14 inches deep.


Even more than size, fire rings vary greatly in terms of weight. You’ll find fire rings that weigh less than 6 pounds and rings that weigh 60 pounds. A heavier fire ring offers more stability, while a lighter one is easier to move around. If you plan to put a fire ring in one location and leave it for several years, a heavier option is your best bet. Heavier fire rings are also usually made from thicker steel, which will add years of life to the ring.


There’s not a whole lot to these fire rings, so any assembly you need to do shouldn’t be too arduous. Most ship in several parts that need to be put together, usually with bolts. The easier these are to put together, the easier they are to break down and move from location to location. The fire ring should ship with all necessary hardware and instructions for constructing the ring. Check to verify that you have all the parts and know what tools you will need before you begin assembling it.

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Did you know?
Built-in mesh can help keep sparks and coals from falling out of fire ring cutouts.

Fire ring features


While not standard, some fire rings do ship with a grill, so you can easily turn your campfire into a cooking fire. A grill should have some way of swiveling out of the way so you can add wood to the fire or just enjoy the ring in “campfire mode” without the grill in place.

Drain/ventilation holes

Fires burn poorly without proper ventilation. An effective fire ring should have holes in both the top for ventilation and the bottom for ventilation and drainage. Drainage is important to keep water from pooling in the fire ring, which can cause the metal to rust.


Cutouts are decorative holes cut into the fire ring, usually in the shape of animals or trees. Your fire will get plenty of ventilation from these cutouts, eliminating the need for additional ventilation holes. Cutouts can be an attractive decorative element in a fire ring, particularly at night. Kids love them, and they provide a much better view of the fire itself. Some fire rings include mesh inside the housing to keep coals or bits of wood from falling through the cutouts.

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Did you know?
Lips around the top and bottom of a fire ring can help stabilize the ring when it’s in use.


There are some additional tools you’ll need when using your fire ring. Some fire rings ship with accessories, but for others, you’ll have to buy them separately.

Poker: Sunnydaze Decor Fire Pit Poker
If you need to move logs around in the fire ring, you need a long-handled poker. This 26-inch steel poker from Sunnydaze Decor has a wooden handle.

Spark screen: Sunnydaze Fire Pit Spark Screen
A spark screen can help to protect you from sparks and embers that can occasionally shoot from the fire. A must for those who have children, this option ships in several sizes.

Cover: Classic Accessories Terrazzo Fire Pit Cover
Protect your fire ring from snow, rain, and even sun damage with this Classic Accessories cover. It fits fire rings and pits up to 44 inches in diameter and includes an elastic cord on the bottom for a snug fit.

Fire ring prices

While you can find some fire rings for under $30, most are in the $100 to $350 range, with some higher. Lower-priced fire rings tend to be constructed of lightweight steel and have a smaller diameter. These are better for anyone seeking a portable fire ring for a smaller fire. Pay more and you’ll find deeper, wider fire rings made of thicker steel. These tend to outlast inexpensive fire rings by years. They also weigh more and include extras like a grill or mesh screening.

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Did you know?
Some fire rings are designed to be used as an in-ground fire pit liner.


  • Look for small cutouts. Cutouts in a fire ring can add a ton of ambiance to your party, but avoid buying a ring with very large cutouts, or you could have problems with hot coals falling out of the ring.
  • Don’t douse the fire with water. The sudden change in temperature can warp the metal.
  • Place your fire ring on pavers or bricks. While you can place a fire ring on the ground, you will add to both the appearance and safety by placing it on a flat surface made of bricks or pavers. It will also be easier to clean the fire ring. But avoid placing bricks or pavers around the sides of the fire ring, because this can cut off the ventilation and result in a poorly burning fire. One problem with using stone: when heated, some stones with trapped gas or water pockets can explode.
  • Keep the box. If your fire ring disassembles easily and you plan to use it in a variety of locations, hold on to the original box to store and transport it. This makes carrying the ring around easier, and you won’t cover yourself and your vehicle in ash and smudges.
  • Touch up the paint. Typically, these rings come coated in a high-temperature paint to protect them against both the fire and the elements. You can extend the life of your fire ring by picking up your own high-temperature paint and recoating the ring — inside and out — once a year. Be sure you completely clean the fire ring first.
  • Use pieces of wood that are all the same size. For a more uniformly burning fire that can be more easily controlled, use pieces of wood that are all roughly the same size.

Other products we considered

There are plenty of fire rings out there, and we wanted to recommend a few more. The Pleasant Hearth Infinity Galvanized Fire Ring differs from other rings with its silver finish. Its 36-inch diameter and 13-inch depth allow for larger fires than many other fire rings on the market.

And while you might pay a bit more for it, the P&D Metal Works Outdoor Campfire Ring offers an exceptional build and a 48-inch diameter that will push your campfire into bonfire territory. We also like the whitetail deer and pine tree cutouts.

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While almost universally round, some companies do manufacture and sell fire rings in other shapes, such as octagons.


Q. Which is better, a wood or gas fire ring?
There are two primary types of fire rings on the market: wood burning and gas burning. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Wood-burning fire rings are easier to set up and cheaper to use than gas. Wood tends to put out more heat than gas, and some users feel that nothing can surpass the ambiance of a wood fire. On the other hand, propane can be a safer burning option than wood, and it’s certainly easier to control in terms of being able to quickly start and extinguish a fire. Gas can be more expensive to use, however, and it doesn’t quite rise to the same comfort level that a wood fire does.

Q. Can I put two of these rings together to create one really big fire ring?
Generally, no. These usually ship out in several parts, so you might assume that it would be a simple job to add a few more sections and wind up with a larger ring. The truth is that the various angles/arcs won’t bolt together into a smooth circle, even if you could line up the bolt holes correctly.

Q. How can I safely use my fire ring?
Like anything else involving fire, there are a number of steps you can take, generally all common sense, to minimize your risk when using a fire ring. You should always keep children and pets away from a hot ring. Don’t wear loose, flammable clothing when tending the fire. Try to burn hardwood, as softwood can create more sparks. Always have some way to quickly douse a fire, by either having a fire extinguisher or hose handy. Never use accelerants like gasoline to light a fire. And let the ashes cool completely before attempting to dispose of them.

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