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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Best of the Best
Backyard Discovery Skyfort II
Backyard Discovery
Skyfort II
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Bottom Line

This large and roomy model is 2 stories tall, built for longevity, and has enough to entertain children for hours.


Includes many features, such as a rock wall, monkey bars, clubhouse, porch, picnic table, sandbox, and 2 different types of swings. Perfect size for kids of all ages. Durable and built to be played on for years.


Setup is long and tedious. Some recommended a pro to assemble it.

Best Bang for the Buck
Backyard Discovery Buckley Hill Wooden Swing Set
Backyard Discovery
Buckley Hill Wooden Swing Set
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Simple Yet Solid
Bottom Line

Basic play set for climbing, sliding, and swinging; includes a chalkboard for fun day-to-day messages or artwork.


Features covered upper wooden deck and mesh sides for enhanced UV protection, while maintaining visibility of children for safety. Comes with 2 chain and belt swings. Ladder up to the 6-foot slide is easy to use. Includes chalkboard for drawing and writing. Cedar wood is durable and rot-resistant.


It's smaller than expected and takes a long time to build.

Backyard Discovery Mount McKinley All Cedar Wood Swing Set
Backyard Discovery
Mount McKinley All Cedar Wood Swing Set
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Classic Build
Bottom Line

A strong playset for children up to around age 10 filled with all the classic entertainment of slides, swings, climbing, and more.


Comes with a rope ladder, clubhouse, rock wall with rope, slide, swings, a telescope, and steering wheel. Wood is sturdy and high quality. Easy to follow instructions. Adults can sit comfortably in the clubhouse.


Very long and time consuming to set up. Some reviewers recommended staining the wood before setting up.

Backyard Discovery Heavy Duty Durango Wooden Swing Set
Backyard Discovery
Heavy Duty Durango Wooden Swing Set
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Easy Assembly
Bottom Line

A simple set of 2 swings that functions safely and well, providing children with endless fun and enjoyment.


High-quality wood built to last. Solid and sturdy, will securely hold children. Fairly quick and easy to set up. Stakes hold it securely in place. Best for children up to age 10.


Some of the paint rubbed off on reviewers hands while assembling.

Backyard Discovery Woodridge Elite Swing Set
Backyard Discovery
Woodridge Elite Swing Set
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Bottom Line

A large, multileveled playground built with all sorts of structures to keep multiple kids of all ages entertained and happy for hours on end.


Packed with fun activities including a slide, swings, 2-level clubhouse, sand box, crow's nest, tunnel, rock wall, and more. Very roomy, built to hold multiple children. Clear and easy to read instructions. Beautiful and well-engineered.


Assembly is very time consuming. Although instructions are clear, setting up can still be difficult. It took most reviewers around 15 to 20 hours to complete.


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Buying guide for best backyard discovery swing sets

To an adult, all swing sets might look the same, but to a child, each is a wondrous new world overflowing with its own unique adventures. If you want to purchase the perfect Backyard Discovery swing set for your child, you need to see it through their eyes.

A basic swing set from Backyard Discovery might be plenty exciting for a younger child who just wants to swing with a friend and enjoy an occasional slide. However, if you have an older child who’s raring to start testing their climbing and jumping skills, you might want to choose a swing set with a few more accessories.

This article breaks down everything you need to know so you can purchase the best Backyard Discovery swing set for your family. All you have to do to become an expert on the topic is keep reading. If you’re ready to begin your adventure right now, consider one of the models that we've featured on this page.

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The specific warranties for Backyard Discovery swing sets may vary from model to model. You can find all warranty information on the last few pages of the owner's manual.

About Backyard Discovery

Before you find the ideal swing set for your yard, take a minute to learn what makes Backyard Discovery products so special. The company has been producing high-quality wooden swing sets, playhouses, and other outdoor leisure home products for over 30 years. The company comprises innovative parents who also happen to be expert craftspeople who take backyard play very seriously. The company designs backyard playsets that encourage kids to use their imagination while engaged in active fun. The goal is to provide an environment for your family to create happy, lasting memories.

Key considerations


Before you purchase a Backyard Discovery swing set, figure out precisely where you’re going to install it. The following are factors to keep in mind when looking for a suitable location.

Level ground: A Backyard Discovery swing set must be built on level ground. Before purchasing, check that the area where you intend to install it is even.

Safe ground: Choose an area that is free of roots, rocks, and underground pipes. The area beneath the swing set should be covered with impact-absorbing rubber tiles or shredded rubber tires for safety. Sand and wood chips are more liable to wash away in the rain. Don’t install the swing set on a hard surface, such as cement or asphalt..

Dry ground: Make sure the location isn’t an area where rainwater collects.

Buffer zone: For safety, you need a minimum of 6 feet of obstacle-free space on all sides of your Backyard Discovery swing set. Be certain to take that additional footage into consideration when searching for a suitable location.

Safety checks: Over time, the weight of the swing set will cause it to sink into the ground. Periodically, check your Backyard Discovery swing set to make certain it’s settling evenly and is still level and safe for play.

Age range

A Backyard Discovery swing set is an investment in your children's future. To get as many years out of it as possible, you want to consider not only the age range of the children who will be playing on it but also the number of years they may be playing on it. In other words, do you want a swing set that will only be used for a few years, or do you want something that will have a variety of challenges to offer your children as they get older?

Under 5 years old: You want structures that are low to the ground and don’t require too much strength or coordination. One brief unsupervised moment could lead to a painful fall. However, if you only purchase the smallest swing set, your children may lose interest in a few years because it no longer challenges them physically.

Ages 5 to 10: Children at this age are growing stronger, taller, and more adventurous. You want a swing set that provides them with the physical challenges they need to remain active. Ladders and climbing walls are great accessories to consider for this age group.

Ages 11 and up: Children at this age are able to take full advantage of the more daunting challenges a Backyard Discovery swing set can offer. They may even be brave enough to climb to the top of the tall towers that were either too dangerous or too frightening for them when they were young.


It’s important to note that even if you purchase an age-appropriate swing set, accidents can still occur. There should always be an adult supervising playtime to make sure there is no roughhousing or climbing on areas that aren't meant to be climbed on. Additionally, Backyard Discovery swing sets are not designed to be used in wet weather. Make sure the swing set is thoroughly dry before allowing your children to swing and climb.


Occupancy: All playground equipment has a maximum occupancy limit. If there are too many kids playing in a small space, the chances of injury increase dramatically. Make sure you take into account friends and relatives, not just immediate family, when considering the size of the Backyard Discovery swing set you need.

Weight: If mom and dad want to play on the swing set, too, make sure you purchase a model that will support the weight of one or more adults.

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Did you know?
Backyard Discovery plants four saplings for every tree the company harvests to create a swing set.

Backyard Discovery accessories

The following is a list of available accessories on a Backyard Discovery swing set. Please note that not all accessories are available for every swing set.

  • Balcony
  • Belt swing
  • Captain's wheel
  • Chalkboard
  • Clubhouse
  • Crow's nest
  • Elevated bridge
  • Kitchen playset
  • Ladder
  • Monkey bars
  • Multilevel clubhouse
  • Observation tower
  • Picnic table and benches
  • Porch swing
  • Rock wall
  • Sliding board
  • Spiral tube slide
  • Stairs
  • Sun protection
  • Telescope
  • Trapeze bar
  • Two-person glider
  • Web swing
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Did you know?
Backyard Discovery uses a water-based, environmentally friendly, nontoxic treatment on all wooden components.

Backyard Discovery swing set prices

The price of a Backyard Discovery swing set is directly tied to its size and the number of accessories you want.

Inexpensive: From around $500 to $1,000, you can get a swing set and sliding board combination. These models tend to feature a small shaded area, a single slide, two swings, and trapeze bar.

Mid-range: At around $1,000, Backyard Discovery swing sets start to feature two activity branches: one for swinging and one for climbing. Typically, there is a structure of some sort in between that offers a shaded place for either sit-down activities or more climbing.

Expensive: Once you get to the $2,000 mark, the structures on a Backyard Discovery swing set become much more elaborate. You might have a multistory playhouse, lookout tower, porch-style swing, and second slide, as well as multiple playhouses.

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Did you know?
Backyard Discovery uses cedarwood in the manufacturing of its swing sets due to its natural resistance to insects, rot, and weather.


Your Backyard Discovery swing set is designed to last. However, in order to get decades of enjoyment from this product, you need to take care of it. The following are a few tips to help you get the most out of your investment.

  • Stain or seal the wood. To keep your warranty valid, you need to apply stain or sealant to the wooden parts of your swing set within the first 6 months after purchase and then once each year after that. Remember to wait approximately 48 hours after applying stain or sealant before letting your children use the swing set again.
  • Check that the swing set is level and safe. At the beginning of each swing season, and every couple weeks in the warmer months, check to make sure the swing set is still level and there are no exposed bolts or sharp edges. Test all bolts to make sure they’re tight and secure. Inspect all the wood for cracks, splits, and splintering. While splinters can be carefully sanded away, any cracks or splits that compromise the integrity of the structure need to be repaired promptly. All ropes, chains, and cables should be routinely inspected for visible signs of damage or deterioration.
  • Clean the swing set. Whenever you inspect your swing set, take a moment to also give it a quick cleaning.
  • Oil metal parts. Any moving metal parts need to be regularly oiled to ensure resistance-free movement and help protect your swing set from corrosion or rust. If rust develops, lightly sand it off and repaint the section using non-lead-based paint.
  • Store plastic swings in cold weather. If the temperature drops below 32ºF, any plastic swings need to be taken inside for storage.
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If you need help putting your new Backyard Discovery swing set together, it's best to hire an experienced assembler, or you can call the company directly to get help.


Q. Does Backyard Discovery have a return policy?
A. Because Backyard Discovery sells swing sets through a variety of retailers, as well as directly to consumers, the return policy may vary slightly depending on where you purchase your swing set. It’s important to read the specific retailer's return policy to learn about the options you have if you run into any problems.

Q. Can I get my Backyard Discovery swing set delivered to my backyard?A. In general, the products are only delivered to your curb. The driver's responsibility is to get the boxes off the truck and onto your property. Additionally, the homeowner should not help the driver remove items from the truck.

Q. How big are the shipping boxes for a Backyard Discovery swing set?
Typically, the swing sets are packaged in boxes that are 92 inches long by 22 inches wide. The boxes typically range from 3 to 9 inches high. However, if you order an accessory, such as a sliding board or a playhouse, that product may come in a different size box. The number of boxes you receive depends on the set you order. Also, after receiving your packages, be sure to perform a thorough inventory to make sure that all the parts have been delivered.

Q. What’s the best way to order replacement parts?
Whether your set is missing parts or you need to replace parts on an older swing set, the best way to order new parts is by contacting Backyard Discovery directly via its website. Calling the retailer or calling Backyard Discovery may delay the ordering process.

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