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Updated January 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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Expo Low-Odor Dry Erase Markers
Low-Odor Dry Erase Markers
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Trusted Brand
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These chisel-tipped markers write smoothly, and you get a lot of them for the price.


Value pack of 32 markers in black, green, red, purple, and blue. Alcohol-based with a low odor. Colors are easy to see from a distance and erase easily. Chisel tip. Long-lasting. Markers write smoothly and color dries fast.


Reports that some dry out too quickly. Colors could be a bit brighter.

Best Bang for the Buck
U Brands Low Odor Dry Erase Marker Set
U Brands
Low Odor Dry Erase Marker Set
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Simple Yet Solid
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This marker set offers good, quality markers with erasers attached to each pen for ease of use.


A great value for the quality of the markers. The attached eraser makes it easier to correct any errors and ensures that the eraser can rub off all the colors without a hitch. The flat design prevents the marker from rolling and the magnetic strip means it can be stored directly on a whiteboard.


A limited number of colors and not the longest-lasting option.

Quartet Bold Color Dry Erase Markers
Bold Color Dry Erase Markers
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These markers have a low odor and comfortable design, as well as a gauge on the side to track ink usage.


Easy to erase with no streaks. Vibrant colors, with chisel tips for thin or thick lines. Made with a patented, 3-chamber ink system. Offers 12 assorted colors in all. Has an ink gauge. Very low odor. Comfortable to use.


Caps are an odd shape that make it difficult to store them in holders. Some claimed the colors were watery and tended to blot or bleed.

BIC Magic Marker Brand Dry Erase Marker
Magic Marker Brand Dry Erase Marker
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Most Versatile
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These low-odor markers have an indicator on the side so you can keep track of how much ink remains in them.


Chisel tips for broad or fine lines. Made from smooth-writing liquid ink. Rich, long-lasting colors. Erase easily, with no ghosting. The package contains a dozen assorted colors. Ink indicators on the sides of markers allow you to tell how much ink remains. Can be used on most porous surfaces.


Not as clear on glass as on dry erase boards. Some buyers felt that these markers did not last long before going dry.

Arteza Dry Erase Marker Set
Dry Erase Marker Set
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Vibrant Colors
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Made by a popular art brand, this set comes with 12 high-pigment colors that are highly visible and wipe away easily.


Set of 52 features 12 bold colors. Color shows up well even on glass. Chisel-tip markers allow for creative writing or doodling. Conforms to ASTM and EN71 safety regulations, and markers are nontoxic and low-odor.


Inconsistent pigmentation. Some consumers felt the odor was more prominent than expected.


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Buying guide for best dry erase marker sets

Whiteboards seem to follow us through the years: as young students, they’re a classroom focal point, and as adults, they’re one of the most important fixtures in the office. If you use a whiteboard as an educator or corporate professional, then you appreciate the importance of having the right dry erase markers at your disposal.

Dry erase markers are write-and-wipe instruments for whiteboards. Imagine the whiteboard as a giant blank slate — the possibilities are endless. It’s pretty incredible to imagine how many lessons, lines, and lists appear on one through the years.

Dry erase markers come in a variety of colors to create vivid notes that disappear with the simplicity of a dry cloth or eraser. You even have the choice between chisel, fine, and round tips to make lines as thick or thin as you like. If you’re sensitive to the smell or concerned about letting children use them, rest assured there are plenty of non-toxic and low-odor marker sets available. We dipped our quills to review the best dry erase marker sets and invite you to check out this article to find the right set for your classroom, home, or office.

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Inspire students to volunteer to write answers on the classroom whiteboard by letting them choose their favorite from a rainbow of marker colors.

Key considerations

Amount per set

Dry erase marker sets may include up to a dozen colors. Some sets duplicate popular colors (such as primary ones) as they tend to get the most use. There are also classroom-size sets available which include several complete sets of the full color spectrum. Having multiples is helpful, especially during the school year — you never have to worry about running out of specific colors.

Tip style

  • Chisel: Chisel tips are at a 45° angle. They give the option of creating either thin or thick lines, depending on how you place the tip on the board. If you’re creative and experiment with lettering, chisel tips offer some latitude when it comes to calligraphy and other artistic writing styles.

  • Fine: Fine tip is the thinnest available and is often used on smaller whiteboards. The ink is limited because the barrel and brush are obviously smaller, so using these on larger boards could be a wasted effort.

  • Bullet: Bullet tips are rounded and create consistently thick lines. As far as ink reliability goes, bullet tips are top performers because they feed ink evenly to the brush tip. This style is beneficial if you find yourself drawing large diagrams and lettering on a regular basis.

Whiteboard size

Large whiteboards like the kind used in classrooms usually call for larger markers, especially those with chisel or bullet tips.

Medium-size boards often seen in offices can use any type of dry erase markers. If you find there is a lot of information that goes up on these boards, you may prefer using fine tip markers to properly form letters and numbers in a limited space.

Small whiteboards used by individuals or on the refrigerator do well with fine tip markers, especially since the surface area is so limited. If you’re not putting much information on it, any marker size will do.

Shelf life

Dry erase markers dry out as any ink writing implement does. The average shelf life is between one and two years. Of course, the lifespan accelerates with use, so the shelf life truly refers to how long a marker still has moist ink when it’s not in use. The longest-lasting markers are equipped with caps that seal tightly, so look for those that feature a snapping closure for a secure fit.

"If a lot of people at your office write on the whiteboard, attach markers to a magnet holder or string so they don't get lost."


Ink ingredients

The ink of dry erase markers is made with a formula that combines alcohol, resin, and silicone-based polymers for a nonstick, non-permanent mixture. These special ingredients have different properties than other pens as they do not get absorbed and therefore are not permanent. Pigment is added to the formula during the manufacturing process.

Stay-put features

In addition to their unique formula, dry erase markers also include stay-put features to reduce the likelihood of unwanted ink transfer. Some markers have smearproof or quick-drying formulas that are forgiving with gentle, superficial contact over the ink. Quick-drying formulas bank on eliminating smearing by not staying wet long enough to transfer. They require a few additional strokes of a dry eraser to come off a board. If you’re left-handed, these features are definitely worth exploring.

Safety engineering

Dry erase markers include safety precautions to make them as safe as possible for users. Low-odor markers cut down or eliminate the chemical smell emitted in regular markers, which can trigger migraines or allergies. Non-toxic formulas are ideal in classroom environments, as they don’t contain certain chemicals that could be dangerous if ingested or if they come in contact with skin.

Some dry erase markers are AP Certified, which is an official seal of approval for art supplies from the Art & Creative Materials Institute, ensuring they contain no substances in sufficient quantities to consider them toxic or hazardous. Others meet ASTM and EN71 regulations, which means the markers have undergone rigorous lab testing at the global level and meet a series of international safety standards.

Color variety

Dry erase markers used to be limited to plain colors: black, blue, red, and green. While sets still include these colors, there are new additions of different shades and other bright colors like pink, purple, or orange. More expansive sets include over a dozen colors, so if color coordination is part of your organizational plan, you’ll be thrilled with what’s out there.

Value packs

Marker sets may come packaged as a value pack which includes other dry erase accessories. Simple value packs come with a matching eraser, a useful addition. Other value packs come with whiteboard cleaning supplies such as a specially formulated solution to clean ghosted markings or a microfiber cloth. There are also marker sets that come as a part of office supply packs that include a collection of sticky notes, paper clips, and staples, though these markers tend to be inferior in quality compared to regular marker sets or value packs.

Dry eraser marker set prices

Dry erase marker sets cost between $8 and $30. It really depends on how many markers are included, though they average about a dozen to a set.

Inexpensive: At the low end between $8 and $15 are sets with at least four different colors, though they tend to dry out quickly.

Mid-range: Mid-range market sets cost between $15 and $20 and often have smearproof features as well as a larger array of colors.

Expensive: Between $20 and $30 is where you find the most highly pigmented and longest-lasting markers.


  • Remember to cap the marker tightly. After each use, remember to secure the cap back onto the marker so it doesn’t dry out. Once you hear or feel a snap, you know it’s properly sealed.

  • Buy more than one tip style. If you’re writing on your whiteboard often, you may benefit from having more than one tip style. Fine tip markers are ideal for writing, but if you’re drawing large diagrams, opt for a bullet or chisel tip.

  • Give markers as a gift to a new teacher. When someone close to you teaches their first class, they need all the right tools. Giving them a bright collection of dry erase markers gives a pop of color as they write their first lesson on the board.

  • Change markers when streaking starts. Once you begin to notice drying or streaking, it’s time to change your dry erase marker. Even though what you’re writing is still visible, people at the back of the room could have difficulty seeing it, especially if there’s a glare.

  • Color-code your lessons. If you like to incorporate a visual element into your lessons, utilize a color-coded system so students can associate important information with specific colors.
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If your child wants to color on an open space but you prefer an eco-friendly and paper-free medium, use dry erase markers on a whiteboard. When they’re ready to move on to their next drawing, take a picture of their creation so it’s permanently saved in your image collection.


Q. Can I use regular dry erase markers on glass whiteboards?

A. Yes. Like traditional whiteboards, glass whiteboards also have non-porous surfaces, which means your dry erase markers glide across them with ease. One thing to keep in mind when using glass whiteboards is the color of the wall behind them. Always choose the color of your markers based on what is easiest to see from the farthest corner of the room.

Q. I have a small personal whiteboard for my child to practice their homework. What tip style should I choose?

A. It depends on both their age and the nature of their homework. For younger children who are learning to hold writing instruments, opt for thicker markers for little hands to grip. For grade school children who practice math, choose fine tip markers so they can write out intricate problems with precision.

Q. What is the most universally visible marker color on a whiteboard?

A. Everyone sees colors differently, but generally speaking, blue and black are easy to see against the white background. If you want a consensus, write a word in each color you have and ask people in the back of the room which one they can see better.

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