Updated February 2022
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PRODUCT REVIEW: Ninja Foodi Air Fryer

The Ninja Foodi Air Fryer is a 9-in-1 appliance with a lot of abilities that allows you to experiment with and enjoy different types of cooking.


Its highly efficient airflow technology is such that you can air fry, roast, bake, and try other cooking methods as well.

Bottom Line

This best-in-class multi-cooker can handle the jobs of at least half a dozen small kitchen gadgets and appliances, saving you space in your kitchen. This saves you money and allows you to enjoy the benefits of pressure cooking, slow cooking, air frying, and more.

Pros: It uses TenderCrisp technology to give foods an ideal crispy texture. The fryer’s airflow design helps lock in moisture and flavor, especially when you are cooking meat, fish, and poultry.


This machine is also adept at cooking and defrosting frozen food.


In the kitchen, it operates more quietly than other air fryers and pressure cookers on the market. And when mealtime is over, it is easy to clean up.


Cons: The machine is heavy and hard to carry. It takes up a lot of space, especially if you have a small countertop.


When it comes to learning how to use functions and pairing them with the right accessories, it takes a little while to learn the ins and outs of the machine.


The inner bowl is made of stainless steel. Some people say they would have liked it to be a nonstick material instead.


Who is this air fryer for? This fryer is great for small or shared kitchens. It is also nice for those times in the hot summer when you just don’t want to turn the oven on.


The fryer is also wonderful for people who would like to have the features of several appliances but do not want to spend money on several appliances.


What does it do? This machine is like a jack of all trades. It allows you to pressure cook, steam, sear, crisp, broil, bake, roast, dehydrate, and make yogurt.


How much does it cost? It retails for $249.99. Keep reading to learn more about pricing details.

Shopping guide for Ninja Foodi Air Fryer

Written by Sian Babish
Updated February 2022

Before you invest in a Ninja Foodi Air Fryer, it is helpful to learn about its specifications. Knowing what you will get for your money can help you figure out whether it would suit your needs.


What comes in the box

This product comes with a pressure lid, ceramic coated pot, and a ceramic-coated Cook & Crisp Basket.


A recipe book is also included.


Size and weight

Weight: 26.04 pounds

Product dimensions: 6.1 by 14.57 by 14.29 inches

Cord length: 36 feet


This fryer is made with stainless steel and high-density BPA-free plastic.


Consumers say its construction is solid and built to last with well-fitting components.


There are a few nonstick ceramic parts included, such as the Cook & Crisp Basket and the cooking pot. Their coatings are free of PTFE and PFOA, which means they are free of harmful chemicals seen in older nonstick cookware.


The Deluxe Reversible Rack is made of stainless steel.


The fryer is covered by a limited one-year warranty when you get it through SharkNinja or an authorized retailer. This covers defects in materials and workmanship.


Claims are handled on a case-by-case basis. Proof of purchase is always required.


Read about the full details here.


When you buy your fryer through SharkNinja as opposed to a different retailer, it is also covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your purchase, you can return the appliance to SharkNinja. You will then get a full refund via PayPal.


Note that your refund may be subject to a 10% restocking fee.


See full details on the guarantee here.


In addition, when you purchase this item directly from SharkNinja, you may be able to get the one-year VIP limited warranty.


If eligible, you will receive the coverage mentioned in the other two warranties. Plus, you will not need to pay return freight and reshipment costs. Learn more about this here.


Two finish options are available: stainless steel and black.


How much does it cost?

The fryer sells for $249.99*, but it is common to see the appliance marked down by one of the company’s authorized retailers.


*Pricing is subject to change. Go to your preferred retailer to learn about current pricing and promotions.


Where can I buy one?

You can buy this appliance through the SharkNinja website here. The device is also carried by the following retailers.



About SharkNinja

Ninja is one of many houseware brands held by SharkNinja.


The company was founded by Mark Rozenzweig in Montreal, Canada. It is best known for designs that are user-friendly and priced to appeal to those on a budget.


The company claims much of its success comes from designing products in response to “consumer pain points.”


In other words, they take a look at what consumers want and what consumers dislike. They then use this information to make products that ease consumer burden.


As a result of the company focus, its products offer clear, seamless solutions for home cooks and homeowners.


Over the past 30 years, SharkNinja has gained a loyal customer base. People who love SharkNina tend to buy multiple devices from the company.


These include Shark vacuums as well as blenders, food processors, grills, ovens, and cookware.


SharkNinja continues to innovate new products out of their corporate office in Needham, Massachusetts. The company has over 1,200 employees across 10 offices in eight countries.


SharkNinja holds over 550 patents. Their products are sold by over 100 retailers.


To learn more about the company, visit this Ninja page and this SharkNinja page.

Contacting customer service

If you need to get in touch with the company or have questions about your new fryer, here are some ways to get in touch with them.


  • Email them
  • Call them at 1-800-365-0135 for general questions
  • Call them at 1-866-826-6941 for information about warranty service
  • Send them a direct message on Facebook or Twitter
  • Search for your issue on the FAQ page


Owner's manual

You can find an electronic copy of the owner’s guide here.


How to set it up

Are you ready to unbox and start cooking with your new appliance?


Here is our quick-start guide based on our experience setting it up.


For more detailed instructions, be sure to look at the complete owner’s guide or quick-start guide.


1. Decide where you want to set up your new appliance.

   a. Make room for those dimensions in your kitchen if you plan to leave it on a 

counter all the time.

   b. If you will not be leaving on the counter all the time, find counter space for those times when you plan to use it. Find a storage area for those times when your fryer will be put away.
2. Wash all removable pieces by hand in warm and soapy water. (As mentioned, some parts may be dishwasher safe. We still advise you to wash them by hand.)

   a. The pieces you can remove include the cooking pot, crisping basket, silicone ring, pressure cooking lid, and reversible rack. 

   b. Thoroughly dry all the pieces before you use them.
3. Plug the unit into an outlet and turn it on.
4. Review the cooking functionsSelect the one you’d like to use.

   a. Figure out which accessories or pieces are needed for what you want to do.

   b. Press the FUNCTION button. Turn the dial to choose a function.

   c. Press TEMP to set the temperature. Turn the dial to adjust it.

   d. Press TIME to set the cook time. Turn the dial to adjust it.

   e. Press START to begin cooking.
5. After the cook time is over, turn off the Ninja Foodi appliance.

   a. Press WARM to keep the food in warming mode.

   b. Turn it off when you are finished.


Only nonstick-safe kitchen utensils should be used to retrieve food from inside the fryer.

Ways to use your appliance

Your new appliance is equipped with nine functions.


To make the most of what it can do, it helps to learn a bit about each function.


Here is a quick look at each one.


Pressure cooker

The pressure cooker function allows you to cook food fast without losing moisture or tenderness. It is often used for pressure cooking chicken breasts, chicken wings, and meat.


The pressure cooking function is popular among meal preppers as well as people who like to can and store foods for the future.



The steam function is typically used to cook delicate food at very high heat, such as veggies, without scorching them.


Many cooks use the steam function to prepare fish, meat, and poultry. They say that it helps these proteins retain moisture and flavor better than if the meat had been baked.

Slow cook

The slow cook function allows food to cook at lower temperatures for longer periods of time, just as you would do with a regular slow cooker.


This function is most often used to make stews, chili, and soups that have meat or poultry in them.


The long heating time of the slow cooker function allows flavors to mix between ingredients. This draws out their intensity and aroma.



The yogurt function lets you pasteurize and ferment milk so you can make your own yogurt.


The function is popular among people who prefer clean eating and cooking from scratch.


As an added perk, homemade yogurt costs a lot less than store-bought yogurt does. In fact, it costs about half as much as what you would pay for separate little containers at the grocery store.



The sear/sauté function lets you use Ninja Foodi Air Fryer as a stovetop to prepare veggies, brown meats, and simmer sauces.


This function cooks ingredients over high heat with only a small amount of oil or fat.


Air crisp

The air crisp function is loved by all, but it is especially loved by those who are watching their health stats.


It allows you to cook crispy, crunchy foods with little to no oil.


You can air crisp a wide variety of dishes that are usually served as fried foods. This includes frozen french fries, chicken breasts, chicken wings, and homemade donuts.



This function allows you to broil, char, and caramelize food. It keeps the food close to the heating element at a high temperature.


It is most often used to cook pork chops, fish fillets, kebabs, and some vegetable dishes.


If you would like to recreate the tasty results you might get from an indoor grill, the broil function is a great feature. It is also a great substitute for outdoor grilling.


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The bake/roast function lets you use the fryer as an oven to bake meat and potatoes.


Many people like to use this cooking method for baking as well. If you have the right dishes for making cakes, breads, and desserts in your fryer, you will not want to miss this.


It has been said that desserts and other sweet treats made in an air fryer are quite delicious.



The dehydrate function lets you pull the moisture out of fruits, veggies, and meats to create healthy snacks, just as you would with a traditional dehydrator.


This is a favorite feature among meal-preppers and campers because dried foods last longer. Also, they do not take up much space in a camping pack.

Common concerns

This fryer is a capable countertop appliance with a variety of functions.


That said, it is normal for consumers to have questions before or after they buy any new kitchen appliance.


Here are our responses to some of the most common concerns we have come across.


Learning curve

While it is considered user-friendly, some people experience difficulty learning how to use the functions and accessories properly.


We agree that it takes considerable use of the appliance for it to become second nature. This is especially true if it is your first time using a multi-cooker.


A few people have said their early experiences were very time-consuming. They have also said that there is a steep learning curve.


Do not forget that there are many online tutorials to help you learn to use your fryer.


Learning how to cook

The Ninja Foodi Air Fryer comes with a simple recipe book to get you started. However, we know that there is a good chance you will want to try more recipes than just the standard air fried foods you have heard about.


Fortunately, SharkNinja has a few user-friendly recipes available on their website here. The website makes it easy to search for a recipe by meal type, season, cooking style, cuisine, or difficulty level.



At 26 pounds, this is not a very portable machine. In fact, it is bulky and heavy to move.


For this reason, many people dedicate permanent counter space to it. However, this may not be possible for homes with smaller kitchens.


According to a few buyers, the effort involved in moving the fryer from room to room discourages frequent use.


Bang for the buck

There is no question that getting nine countertop appliances for the price (and space) of one is an excellent deal.


However, some consumers admit they have not used the appliance to its full potential, even after owning it for several months.


Some people feel it would have been more cost-effective to buy a more affordable single-use kitchen appliance instead of spending more on unused features.


Optional accessories

To get the most out of your new appliance, consider investing in some of these compatible accessories.


Foodi Skewer Stand: This stand is designed with 15 skewers for meat, poultry, seafood, or vegetable kebabs. The vertical skewers allow airflow to travel 360 degrees, similar to convection cooking, for even, flavorful cooking.


Ninja Foodi Deluxe Bake Kit: This kit includes a 9-inch crisper pan, loaf pan, and round cake pan. They give you the flexibility to make pizza, cakes, casseroles, bread, and vegetables.


Foodi Crisping Rack: This spider-shaped rack is typically used to cook bacon and tortillas. Its unique design lets grease drip to the bottom, making fried foods less greasy. Cleanup is quick and easy.

How to find a sale

To find the best deals, pay close attention to major shopping events. Retailers frequently sell the appliance at a deep discount on Black Friday and throughout the holiday season. It is often marked down for Labor Day, Presidents Day, and Valentine’s Day.


The lowest price we have seen so far is $169.99.


Similar products

If you are still shopping around and comparing different types of cookers, here are a few other options worth considering.


Ninja Air Fryer: This affordable fryer offers four functions: air frying, roasting, dehydrating, and reheating. It is user-friendly and cooks food evenly, but it lacks the advanced functionality of the Ninja Foodi.


Instant Pot Duo 11-in-1 Pressure Cooker: This popular multi-cooker shares many functions with the Ninja Foodi. What’s more, the price is lower, and it includes a sous-vide function. However, some consumers feel the design is not as intuitive as that of the Ninja.


Crock-Pot Express Crisp Pressure Cooker: This capable design has 14 functions, including functions designed to air fry foods, cook rice, and cook beans. Just like the Nina Foodi, it eliminates the need to buy many other small kitchen gadgets. However, some people say the food takes longer to cook than expected.


Because the Ninja Foodi fryer has the functions seen in a variety of cookers, we also recommend visiting our pages for best multi-cookers, best pressure cookers, and best air fryers. On these pages, you will find a detailed breakdown in each category. You will also find more awesome product recommendations based on our research.