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Updated October 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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Buying guide for best toro leaf blowers

Homeowners love the look of stately trees on their properties…until late autumn rolls around, that is. Trees provide plenty of shade all spring and summer. Then in the early autumn, the beautiful green leaves turn orange, yellow, red, and brown. If it stopped there, we’d all be a lot happier. But, eventually, those leaves have to fall from the tree and land in the yard, creating a big job for the homeowner. If you’re still raking leaves, you need to invest in a Toro leaf blower.

This powerful tool simplifies the job of cleaning up fallen leaves, and some models even have a vacuum mode and mulch the leaves for you. Toro is one of the most trusted and well-known brand names in outdoor power tools, and its expertise extends to leaf blowers. While Toro doesn’t offer gas-powered leaf blowers, it has a wide variety of electric models available, ensuring you can find just the right one for your yard.

We’re here to help you do just that. We’ve spotlighted some of our favorite Toro leaf blowers in our matrix, and our buying guide can help you zero in on just what you need.

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Toro makes leaf blowers that weigh less than those of some other manufacturers. This means you can carry a Toro leaf blower comfortably for a long time.

Key considerations

Toro offers corded and cordless electric leaf blowers. (If you want a gas-powered leaf blower, you’ll have to try a different manufacturer.) Additionally, understand that Toro only makes handheld blowers. Some other manufacturers may offer backpack-style units or wheeled units. Toro’s leaf blowers are made to be carried by hand, so by design they’re lightweight and easy to wield.

Corded vs. cordless

Corded: Toro corded leaf blowers are highly reliable. You’ll never have a dead battery with this style of blower. These electric leaf blowers weigh roughly 6 to 10 pounds. You can carry one for long periods without tiring. Corded leaf blowers are inexpensive compared to other designs.

On the downside, you’re limited in where you can use one by the length of the extension cord. Using a cord in the yard can be a hassle because it can get tangled in bushes or wrapped around trees as you work.

Cordless: Toro cordless leaf blowers run off battery power. Although the battery pack can be large, a cordless leaf blower tends to weigh far less than a gas-powered blower, about 8 to 12 pounds with the battery attached. You can carry a cordless leaf blower anywhere on your property because you aren’t limited by the length of an extension cord.

However, you can expect the battery to run down after roughly 30 to 45 minutes of use. For big jobs, you might want to have a second battery charging while you use the first.

Toro leaf blower features

Several features are available on Toro leaf blowers. Think about which of these can simplify the job on your property, and then select a model that delivers them.

Speed: Some Toro electric leaf blowers allow you to adjust the operational speed. Using a cordless model on a slower speed when possible saves battery power. It also makes less noise. Additionally, running it at a slower speed creates less vibration in the machine, which results in less arm fatigue for you.

Grips: Toro’s handheld leaf blowers have either one or two handles. Having two handles allows you to aim the nozzle more accurately. The second handle is usually positioned at the back of the machine. Using two hands on the blower better distributes the weight, so you can work for longer periods as well.

Nozzles: The shape of the nozzle helps you finish the job efficiently. A flat, oval, or rectangular nozzle delivers a greater level of precision for sweeping leaves. A round nozzle can move wet leaves and small sticks with additional power.

Power switch: Having a power switch near the main handle of the machine is a key feature. Should the unit become clogged, you want to be able to turn it off quickly.

Expert Tip

Essential Accessories

Extension cord: Iron Forge Cable Extension Cord
If you select a corded leaf blower, you need to purchase a high-quality extension cord to reach all areas of your property. This 100-foot all-purpose cord is good for indoor or outdoor use and comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.

Replacement battery: Toro PowerPlex 88541 MAX Lithium-Ion Battery
If you buy a battery-powered Toro leaf blower, you’ll need a replacement battery at some point, because the battery naturally loses its ability to hold a full charge after a few years of use. This 40-volt PowerPlex battery can charge in two hours and works with several different Toro PowerPlex tools, including blowers and chainsaws. It has a USB port and convenient handle, too.

"Only purchase an extension cord that is rated for heavy-duty outdoor use for a Toro corded leaf blower."

Toro leaf blower prices

Because Toro leaf blowers are only offered as corded and cordless electric, they are less expensive than gas-powered leaf blowers from other manufacturers.

Corded: You can find some corded Toro leaf blowers for as little as $40. More powerful Toro corded leaf blowers have a top price point of around $100 to $125.

Cordless: Toro’s cordless leaf blowers cost a little more than corded units, with a price range of $75 to $200.


  • Don’t use the leaf blower on excessively windy days. Trying to blow leaves on a gusty day will just leave you frustrated. Pick a calm day, or, if it’s a light wind, try to work in the direction the wind is blowing.
  • Save the leaf blower for big jobs. If you’re trying to pick up just a few leaves here and there, a rake is the better choice. Leaf blowers work better if you have lots of leaves to deal with.
  • Place a tarp in the target area. To simplify cleanup after using the leaf blower, spread out a tarp in the yard, blow the leaves onto the tarp, and bundle up the leaves in the tarp when you’re done.
  • Aim the nozzle at a shallow angle. Don’t hold the nozzle vertically. Instead, hold it closer to the ground at a shallow horizontal angle. This will move the leaves efficiently without blowing so much dirt around.

Other products we considered

We expect the majority of homeowners will find a high-quality Toro blower in our matrix. However, if you’re seeking different features, we did consider a few other products. The Toro 51585 Power Sweep isn’t quite as powerful as some of the other models, but it’s lightweight, generates an air speed of 160 mph, comes with a two-year warranty, and has an extremely low price. Another inexpensive Toro leaf blower that has just a bit more power is the Toro 51617 Rake and Vac Leaf Blower. It offers two speed settings and generates an air speed of 215 mph. In a cordless design, you’ll appreciate the battery power in the 20-volt Toro 51701 Cordless Leaf Blower. The battery and the ergonomic handle allow you to work a long time between charges.

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Certain models of Toro leaf blowers can generate air speeds as high as 250 mph on the most powerful setting.


Q. My neighborhood has restrictions on the noise level a leaf blower can generate. What can I do?
Toro cordless leaf blowers generate less noise than other designs. Perhaps a low-powered cordless unit will allow you to remain within the noise restriction guidelines. If you’re allowed to make more noise during certain times of the day, consider a Toro leaf blower with variable power. Change the power setting to match the noise limitations for the time of the day it’s in use.

Q. What are the advantages of electric leaf blowers over gas-powered blowers?
Toro only offers corded and cordless electric leaf blowers. Electric blowers weigh less than gas-powered leaf blowers, allowing you to use them for longer periods without wearing out your arms. Electric blowers run more quietly and require less maintenance than gas-powered units, too.

Q. How do I know how much power I need in a Toro leaf blower?
Think about the amount of time you spend on yard maintenance. With a large area to tend, a powerful blower can help you do the job faster. However, powerful leaf blowers cost more and generate more noise than blowers that generate less speed and power. If you have a small yard, or you only want to blow leaves off the porch and sidewalk, a low-power unit will work nicely.

Q. Beyond ear protection, what kind of safety gear do I need to operate a Toro leaf blower?
Because of the leaf particles and dust flying around, you’ll want to wear safety glasses and a mask. Be sure the mask can capture fine particles. For additional protection against flying debris, wear work boots, long pants, long-sleeved shirt, work gloves, and a hat. Check the leaf blower’s user guide for any other specific safety gear to use with that particular model.

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