Updated April 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Family Accessories Heavy Duty Waterproof Riding Lawn Mower Cover
Family Accessories
Heavy Duty Waterproof Riding Lawn Mower Cover
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Three Season Solution
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This sturdy cover fits large riding mowers and boasts full waterproof protection.


Fits large riding mowers with 54-inch decks. Made of sturdy 600D fabric with 100% waterproof interior polyurethane coating and sealed seams. Elastic hem fits snugly beneath most riding mowers. Will not crack with exposure. Pleasing olive color.


May be too big for some makes of riding mower.

Best Bang for the Buck
Himal Outdoors Lawn Mower Cover
Himal Outdoors
Lawn Mower Cover
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Simple Yet Solid
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This cover protects push and walk-behind mowers effectively in most common situations.


Strong and durable 600D double-stitched Oxford cloth boasts a double waterproof coating to prevent seepage. Fits most push mowers and walk-behind machines. Offers locking drawstring for fit. Comes with a storage bag.


Some find it thinner and lighter than desired.

WeatherPRO Covers Universal Size Secure Drawstring Push Mower Cover
WeatherPRO Covers
Universal Size Secure Drawstring Push Mower Cover
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Enhanced Design
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This cover fits most push mowers and boasts enhanced protection against sun and rain.


Fits most electric and gas push mowers. Marine-grade polyester fabric is imbued with additives to ensure UV protection and water repellence. Double-stitched seams for strength. Closes with locking drawcord for secure hold. Comes with storage bag.


Some buyers report tearing and fading within a couple of years.

Tough Cover Premium Waterproof Lawn Mower Cover Heavy Duty
Tough Cover
Premium Waterproof Lawn Mower Cover Heavy Duty
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Versatile Convenience
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For most kinds of push mowers, this cover will protect against weather and sun.


Fits most push mowers including reel and self-propelled. Constructed of tear-proof 600D marine-grade fabric with double-stitched seams. Secures with a locking drawstring. Weather- and UV-resistant. Comes with a storage bag.


Pooled water may seep through weave over time.

Tough Cover Zero-Turn Mower Cover
Tough Cover
Zero-Turn Mower Cover
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Best for Experts
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This cover is designed to protect zero-turn lawnmowers from rain and sun.


Designed to fit most makes and models of zero-turn riding lawnmowers. Made of tear-proof 600D marine-grade fabric. Double-stitched seams for added durability. Interior waterproof lining. Buckled straps for attachment. Comes with a storage bag.


Straps can be a little difficult to attach with some makes.


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Buying guide for Best lawn mower covers

Reliable, high-quality lawn mowers make keeping your lawn healthy and neat much easier. However, they can be a significant investment, so you'll want to take care of your mower in order to get the most from your machine for a long time to come. A lawn mower cover doesn’t cost too much, but it’s one of the easiest ways to keep your mower in good shape.

A mower cover is a necessity if you don’t have space in your garage or shed and have to store your mower outdoors. It protects the mower from rain, sunlight, and wind, so the components won’t break down when exposed to the elements. Even if you store your mower indoors, a cover keeps dirt and dust off the engine and other parts. You can find covers for both push and riding mowers, so there’s an option for nearly every model. 

If you need a durable, well-made cover to protect your mower, determine the best type for your needs by identifying the right size, material, and other features. A good buying guide and quality recommendations can help too.

Lawn Mower Covers
Covering your lawn mower can help prevent engine clogs by keeping grass clippings, twigs, and other debris from getting inside the components. 

How to buy the best lawn mower cover

Why you need a lawn mower cover

Before you start shopping for a cover for your lawn mower, you might be wondering if you really need one. 

If you’ve invested in an expensive riding mower or zero turn mower, you’ll definitely want to keep the machine in good working order. These machines can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, so you want to make sure that your mower lasts as long as possible. However, even if you have a less expensive reel mower, you don’t want to have to replace it frequently because you haven’t taken proper care of it. 

A cover keeps dirt, dust, and grass clippings from getting inside the mower and damaging its components, so it continues to start smoothly and run properly. If you store your mower outdoors, it also offers protection from rain and the sun’s rays. It’s especially crucial to keep water out of the mower’s components because moisture can cause rust and other damage. A mower cover can also prevent rodents and other pests from chewing through wires or building nests inside the mower and doing serious damage. 

Lawn mower cover types

These covers are available in two main types: indoor and outdoor. 

Indoor mower covers are effective for mowers stored in a garage, shed, or other sheltered area. They work well to keep dirt, dust, and pests out of your mower, but they only provide minimal protection against moisture. If you use this type of cover on a mower that’s stored outdoors, it will likely deteriorate quickly and show signs of cracking, fraying or peeling. 

Outdoor mower covers are suitable for use on mowers that are stored outside. They can stand up to the elements and even harsh weather conditions. In particular, they offer excellent water protection and can also provide UV and wind protection. These covers can last for many years. 


Choosing the right size cover is essential if you want it to protect your mower adequately. 

For simple reel mowers, most covers are one-size-fits-all. Many are even adjustable, so you can ensure that it’s as tight as it needs to be to protect the mower. 

For a large riding mower or zero turn mower, you can find specific size options based on the size of the mower’s deck. Note the dimensions of any cover you’re considering to make sure that it will fit your particular model. 


Lawn mower covers are made of several materials, including cotton, nylon, plastic, vinyl, and polyester. Where the mower will be stored determines the cover material that you need.

Indoor covers are usually made of less durable materials like cotton. 

Outdoor covers must be more durable to withstand the elements. That’s why plastic, vinyl, nylon, and polyester are typically used for these covers. Some materials are treated to offer additional moisture, weather, and UV protection. These treatments increase the material’s durability so the cover will last even longer. 

If you keep your lawn mower outdoors, opt for a light-colored cover. Light colors reflect sunlight, so the mower won’t get too hot. 


What features should I look for in a lawn mower cover?

Denier rating

To determine how tough and durable a lawn mower cover is, check the material’s denier rating.  This rating measures a fabric’s thickness and density, so you can get an idea of how strong it is. In general, the larger the number, the stronger the fabric. A 600-denier fabric is more durable than a 300-denier fabric. 

The ratings include a number followed by a D. For example, some lightweight fabrics may have a denier rating of 100D. For a lawn mower cover, you typically want fabric that is at least 300D.


Securing: Most lawn mower covers have some type of mechanism to hold the fabric in place over the mower. For example, it might be an elastic or drawstring hem, tension straps, or even buckles. 

Adjusting: Many lawn mower covers with a drawstring hem or tension straps are adjustable, so you can tighten them if necessary. That makes it easier to secure the cover tightly over the mower and make sure it won’t fall off. 


It’s a good idea to look for a mower cover that has air vents. The vents allow the mower to air-dry in a humid environment or when exposed to moisture to prevent any of the mower’s parts from developing mold, mildew, or rust.

Storage bag

It’s helpful to have a place to store the cover when it isn’t on your mower in order to keep it clean and prevent damage. Some covers come with a storage pouch or bag that protects the cover from dirt or dust while you use your mower. 


While the color doesn’t affect a lawn mower cover’s performance, some people choose a cover in a shade they like. Most mower covers are black, but you can find some in other shades like gray, silver, brown, beige, green, or blue. 

dyk1-Lawn mower covers
Did You Know?
Some lawn mower covers are made of marine-grade materials to make them highly waterproof and able to withstand the elements. 

How much do lawn mower covers cost?


The most affordable lawn mower covers are those designed for reel mowers. They typically offer a universal fit and are made of polyester or vinyl. These covers generally cost between $10 and $20. 


These lawn mower covers offer options for reel and riding mowers. The reel mower covers are made of higher-quality materials and provide excellent durability. The riding mower covers are generally made of less durable materials, so they’re best used for indoor storage. These covers typically cost between $20 and $40.


The most expensive lawn mower covers are designed for riding mowers. They’re made of highly durable, weather-resistant materials for indoor or outdoor use. Depending on the size, these covers usually cost between $40 and $99. Some covers for the largest riding mowers cost more than $100. 

In areas that often experience strong winds, a mower cover with buckles is more secure and less likely to blow off.



  • Let the mower engine cool before putting on the cover. Not all covers are made of heat-resistant materials, so the cover could melt if the mower is still hot. 
  • Clean dirt and debris off your mower and dry it well before covering it. You don’t want the inside of the cover to get dirty because it can then transfer the dirt back to the mower. If the cover gets wet, it can also grow mold and mildew. 
  • Secure the cover tightly to keep it from falling off. Use the securing mechanism to tighten the cover so it fits as snugly on the mower as possible. That can help prevent it from blowing off on windy days. 
5 Best Lawn Mower Covers
If you use your lawn mower regularly, a lightweight cover is your best option because it’s easy to remove and fold for storage. 


Q. How long does a lawn mower cover last? 

A. It depends on the type of cover and how well you take care of it. However, you can expect to get several years or more of use from most covers. Simple cloth covers generally won’t last as long as those made of more durable materials like nylon. Covers with a higher denier rating are also more likely to last. 

Keep in mind that covers used outdoors will deteriorate more quickly than those used indoors due to the greater exposure to potentially damaging elements. 

Q. What’s the best way to store a lawn mower?

A. Ideally, you should keep your mower in a clean, dry location. A garage or shed is an excellent place because it offers protection from the elements and harsh weather. You should still place a cover on your mower, however, because it can keep dirt, dust, debris, rodents, and other potentially damaging substances and critters from getting inside and damaging its components. 

Q. What type of maintenance does the cover require? 

A. You should periodically hose it down to remove any dirt, dust, pollen, or other debris. If you have a cloth lawn mower cover, you can toss it in the washer when it needs cleaning.

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