Updated April 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Ohuhu Fruit Picker Tool
Fruit Picker Tool
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Customer Favorite
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Ohuhu doesn't just make art supplies, people love their items like this fruit picker, too.


The durable aluminum frame makes for a lightweight tool. Basket proves extremely easy to use with built-in prongs. Comes with a pad to prevent fruit bruising as it falls. This picker is 13 feet in length.


Many customers had issues connecting the pole and the basket head.

Best Bang for the Buck
Fiskars Extendable Fruit Picker
Extendable Fruit Picker
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Fiskars' extendable fruit picker helps you get the hard-to-reach fruits of your labor without any hassle.


Catch the fruit before it falls thanks to the sturdy FiberComp head. The picker pulls the fruit from the branch and catches it in a machine-washable mesh bag. Lightweight and durable from 6 to 12 feet.


Some find the extension hard to pull out to the maximum height.

Zenport Long Reach Telescopic Fruit Harvester and Picker
Long Reach Telescopic Fruit Harvester and Picker
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Most Versatile
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Another top-quality choice for individuals seeking a fruit picker with twist technology and padded claws.


Soft, padded rubber claws allow for a firm and gentle grip when picking. Extendable up to 10 feet. Padded prongs allow for safe and simple twisting to harvest. The aluminum handle comes with a built-in safety lock.


Expensive when compared to similar products. Handle made of cheaper materials.

DOCAZOO DocaPole Fruit Picker
DocaPole Fruit Picker
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Most Comprehensive
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An extension pole that reaches up to 24 feet makes this the fruit picker for the tallest fruit trees.


The large-volume fruit picker allows you to keep multiple fruits in the basket before bringing them down to unload. It makes the picking process less tedious.


Some users report that the connector piece between the 2 sides of the extension pole can break prematurely.

MIYA Fruit Picker Tool
Fruit Picker Tool
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Durable & Rugged
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This sturdy fruit picker has a steel basket that's much tougher than its competitors.


This picker has 3 different heights to choose from to fit your needs. The steel basket should catch heavy fruit. Easy setup in less than 2 minutes. Also works with bags.


Doesn't come with instructions. Some buyers find it slightly heavy.


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Buying guide for best fruit pickers

In the past, the only way to get to fruit on the highest branches was for someone to climb the tree and bring it down. Now we have the convenience of long fruit pickers that can bring the fruit down safely from the highest heights.

Fruit pickers are generally designed as long poles with a basket at the end. They are intended to be used by the average person with minimal effort. In order to ensure you get the best fruit picker for your needs, you’ll need to consider the length of the fruit picker and how much fruit you plan to pick. To make the job more efficient, some come with special features, such as a pruning saw, harvesting bag, and gripping claw.

If you want to get the best fruit picker for your money, take a look at the following buying guide, which has all the information you’ll need to choose the best one. When you’re ready to buy, consider one of our recommended models.

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Try to pick the ripest fruit on the tree first. They are the easiest to remove and they will be the first to fall and rot if you don’t pick them.

Key considerations

When choosing a fruit picker, you’ll need to think about your picking style as well as the types of fruit you want to pick. Some people will use their fruit picker for a multitude of different kinds of fruits, while others will only have a single type of fruit they need to pick. You’ll also want to think about the size of your fruit tree when making your choice.

If you plan to pick fruit from a full-grown tree, such as a grapefruit or avocado tree, you will want to make sure you have the longest fruit picker available. If you only plan to pick from a smaller tree, like an orange or tangerine tree, then a short pole will do just fine. Consider all of the following factors when trying to choose which fruit picker you want.

Fixed vs. extendable pole

Some fruit pickers have extendable poles so you can easily reach fruit at different heights. Others have a fixed pole that does not adjust. To help you decide which type you’ll need, consider the height of the trees you plan to pick from and whether you can use a step ladder to give you a sufficient boost. Most fixed fruit pickers will be no longer than eight feet, while extendable ones can reach as high as 24 feet.

Picking rate

If you need to pick large amounts of fruit at a fast pace, then you will likely want to choose a harvest-style picker. These types of pickers differ from the regular basket style in that they can hold a large quantity in an attached bag while you continue to pick more. Basket-style pickers can rarely hold more than one or two pieces of fruit at a time. A harvest-style picker, on the other hand, can hold as many as seven or eight pieces of fruit in one bag.

Type of fruit

Different types of fruit pickers work best with different types of fruit. Although most are somewhat interchangeable, harvest pickers work best with apples because they tend to have thicker metal prongs that can pull an apple off its hefty branch. Wire-basket pickers are better for citrus fruits, because the thinner wire prongs can easily twist the fruit from the thinner branches. Think about your primary fruit-picking needs when deciding which one will work best for you.


How long you plan to use your fruit picker may have an impact on which one you choose. As a general rule, fruit pickers that have wooden handles will not last as long as those with metal poles. The wooden poles will eventually succumb to weather damage and break. They also are more likely to have the basket disconnect from the pole because wood becomes more pliable with age.

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Never attempt to pick fruit by climbing the branches of your fruit trees. This is dangerous and can lead to serious injury and permanent damage to your body.


Telescoping pole

As mentioned above, a telescoping pole on your fruit picker will make reaching those top branches a whole lot easier. Most telescoping poles will go from roughly 13 feet to a length of 24 feet. This should be enough to reach the fruit at the highest levels of the tree. If you plan on picking grapefruits, avocados, or other fruits that grow on very tall trees, you will likely need a telescoping-pole fruit picker.

Gripping claw

A more modern style of fruit picker available today is one that has a gripping claw. Much like smaller grabbing sticks, a fruit picker that has a gripping claw uses a squeeze handle at the bottom to grip the fruit at the other end. This style is convenient for people who don’t want to twist the entire pole when picking their fruit.

Pruning saw

Some fruit pickers come complete with a pruning saw at the end in addition to a fruit-picking basket. This feature is useful for pruning your fruit tree’s branches, which should be done on a regular basis. It removes the need for two separate tools.

Harvesting bag

A fruit picker with a harvesting bag has one big advantage over a picker with a basket: the bag allows you to pick a lot of fruit in one shot before bringing the bag back down for unloading. If you want the ability to pick large amounts of fruit in a short period of time, this is the style for you.

Fruit picker prices

Inexpensive: You can find a decent fruit picker between $30 and $75. The ones in this range will have either a fixed or telescoping pole.

Mid-range: If you spend between $75 and $100, you will have the option of almost any style of fruit picker you want. These fruit pickers will mostly have telescoping poles and a variety of features.

Expensive: The priciest fruit pickers will cost between $100 and $200. Many of the models in this range include pruning saws, which make for a more complete tool.


  • Always be aware when picking fruit that falling fruit can cause serious injury. That can mean a piece of fruit you’re picking or even one that falls off of a branch naturally.

  • Picking fruit with a friend is a good way to make sure you are as efficient as possible.

  • When twisting a wire-basket fruit picker, be sure to hold tight to the pole. Once the fruit breaks free of the branch, the pole can snap back and injure you.

  • Don’t try to hold too many pieces of fruit in your basket or harvesting bag. Doing so can cause fruit to fall out and injure those below.

  • Always make sure no one else is under the tree where you are using your fruit picker.

  • Even if you’re eating fruit grown in your own backyard, it’s always a good idea to wash it first.

Other products we considered

The large number of fruit pickers available for purchase makes it difficult to pick only five. That’s why we’ve added the following options for you to consider as well. A good inexpensive fruit picker is the Bond Manufacturing Wooden Handle Fruit Harvester. It’s a sturdy basic option for those who want a no-frills fruit picker. If you’re looking for a mid-range option, consider buying the Eversprout 25-Foot Fruit Picker. It comes with a bonus fruit-carrying bag that makes the job even easier. Finally, if you want to spring for an expensive model, look into the Eversprout 19-Foot Fruit Picker Two-Pack. After all, two pickers are always better than one.

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Prune your growing fruit trees regularly to make sure you get the best possible fruit output.


Q. Can’t I just pick the lower fruit and wait for the ones that are higher up to fall?

A. Although you can use this technique, it will lead to fruit trees that are bare on the bottom — and a lot of leftover fruit on the ground afterward. Using a fruit picker will help you harvest from the tree evenly.

Q. Should I pick all of the ripe fruit at once?

A. No. You should only pick the fruit that can be eaten in a timely fashion. Otherwise, they will go to waste. Leave the unneeded fruit on the tree until you are ready to enjoy it.

Q. Does each kind of fruit have its own special style of picker that needs to be used?

A. No. The type of picker you choose comes down to personal preference more than anything.

Q. Does fruit picking have to be a job for multiple people?

A. No. Although it’s helpful to have a buddy with you when picking fruit, modern fruit pickers make it quick and easy to do the job by yourself.

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