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Best BRITA Water Filter Pitchers

Updated September 2023
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Best of the Best
Brita 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher
10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher
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Best for Large Households
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The 10-cup capacity of this pitcher means you won’t have to refill it as often to enjoy filtered water.


The 10-cup capacity of this filter pitcher can be used to fill up to 3 24-ounce water bottles in 1 go. Its dimensions are 10.39 by 5.68 by 10.04 inches. It comes in white, black, and blue.


It can be too heavy for the young and elderly when full to the brim.

Best Bang for the Buck
BRITA 10-Cup Stream Pitcher
10-Cup Stream Pitcher
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Most Convenient
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At a lower cost and the same capacity as other models, this pitcher stands out for filtering as it streams.


Consumers report that this makes great-tasting water and has excellent filtration. Its large size and convenient electronic filter change reminder are other stand-out features that we love. BPA-free.


Tends to have a slow pour, which aggravates some users.

BRITA 5-Cup Metro Water Pitcher
5-Cup Metro Water Pitcher
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Best for Small Spaces
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A good-quality water filter pitcher that's ideal for those who need a smaller size that can be put in compact fridges.


Praised for its sleek design, this pitcher stands out for holding up to daily use and being perfect when a small pitcher is needed. It is great for smaller refrigerators or households or for use in RVs. This product is made of BPA-free plastic.


Occasional problems with the filter. A few also experienced cracks or leaks after months of use.

Brita 6-Cup Water Filter Pitcher
6-Cup Water Filter Pitcher
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Best for Everyday Use
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Those living alone or living in small spaces can appreciate the size of this water filter pitcher.


The 6-cup capacity can be used to fill up to 2 24-ounce water bottles at once. Its dimensions are 10.13 by 4.75 by 9.88 inches. It comes in white, black, lilac, red, turquoise, and almond.


The cover doesn’t latch tightly to the pitcher and can fall off when pouring out the last of the water.

Brita Stream Cascade Water Filter Pitcher
Stream Cascade Water Filter Pitcher
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Slim but Capacious
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This pitcher uses Brita's Stream design to filter water as you pour for a quicker experience.


Large 12-cup capacity. Stream filter works as you pour for less waiting. Slimmer design fits well in the refrigerator or on the counter. Features a locking easy-fill lid for convenience. Sports a filter change indicator.


The as-you-pour filter is less effective than standard filters.

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Buying guide for best brita water filter pitchers

The refreshing taste of a tall glass of water quenches your thirst and invigorates you. If you’re reaching for bottled water because your tap water isn’t as fresh or cold as you’d like it to be, you might find yourself spending a pretty penny on water. Brita water filter pitchers address these issues affordably and easily.

Brita water filter pitchers have a simple yet sophisticated system: Add water in the top portion for it to be filtered and emptied into the compartment below so you can enjoy drinking clean, contaminant-free water. Brita’s filters utilize proprietary technology and are specially designed to extract a variety of particles from tap water that affect taste and quality. In fact, you may even notice a difference in the appearance of your filtered water. Best of all, the pitcher eliminates the need for bottled water. On average, you could save up to a couple hundred dollars annually by switching to a Brita water filter pitcher.

If you’re ready to improve the quality of your drinking water, consider one of the models we highlight here. We’ve also assembled this buying guide to help you find the right Brita water filter pitcher for your needs.

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Invest in a quality water bottle for school, commuting, or the gym. Fill it with filtered water for a fresh drink at a fraction of the cost of single-use water bottles, and you help the planet at the same time.

Key considerations

How it works

Brita pitchers are made of three main areas that coordinate into one system to filter water: the reservoir in the top, the filter, and the pitcher. Water is poured into the reservoir where it slowly enters the filter. Filtration takes approximately five to ten minutes before all the water has emptied into the pitcher.

The filter itself is the gem of Brita’s product line. Nestled into the reservoir, this streamlined filtration system incorporates mesh, carbon, and an ion resin exchange to filter out impurities. Unfiltered tap water can contain a number of contaminants and toxic particles that affect the taste and quality of water. Thanks to the Brita filter, your water is purged of chlorine, metals, cadmium, and mercury.


There are two main types of filters in Brita pitchers: standard and stream. The standard filter is far more popular and has been used by Brita in its pitchers for over 25 years. Stream filters are newer, and while they’re more convenient, they aren’t as common in Brita pitchers.

Standard filters: These filter up to 40 gallons or last for two months of continuous drinking. They simply pop into the designated area inside the Brita pitcher and take up to ten minutes to filter water. Brita’s Longlast filters can work for up to six months and, on average, replace almost 900 water bottles. However, they’re about three times more expensive than the standard filter, and not every pitcher model is compatible with this type of filter.

Stream filters: New to the Brita product family are stream filters, which utilize the company’s cutting-edge Filter-As-You-Pour technology. With this style, filtering is instantaneous, so you no longer have to wait ten minutes before drinking the water. These filters last for up to 40 gallons or two months. They’re smaller than the standard filters, though, so they optimize space inside the pitcher. As a result, you can get a stream-filter-compatible pitcher that’s the same size as a standard-filter model, but it will have a slightly larger capacity.

Filter tracker

To know when it’s time to change the filter, Brita pitchers are equipped with either a manual or digital tracker. Manual trackers are peelable stickers with a calendar that you adjust with each filter change. Digital trackers are built into the lid and alert you with a blinking red light when it’s time to change the filter. Simply press the button to reset it for another cycle, which measures 40 gallons or two months, whichever comes first.


Capacity: Brita water filter pitcher capacity is expressed by the number of eight-ounce cups of water the pitcher holds. There are five-, six-, eight-, and ten-cup pitchers available. And just because the capacity is larger, it doesn’t mean the pitcher is larger. Some slimline models have a large capacity and take up less space than certain smaller-capacity models. More than anything, it depends on the shape of the pitcher, so if space is a concern, it’s something to consider.

Shape: Before you purchase a Brita water filter pitcher, make a realistic assessment of the space for it in your kitchen. If you’re short on space in your refrigerator, a slimline or oval pitcher is your best bet. You might want to rearrange your refrigerator contents as well, and place less frequently used items behind the pitcher.

If you’re considering keeping the pitcher on the counter, some consumers say this only works if you don’t mind drinking room temperature water. It’s not a big deal if you leave the air conditioning on all the time, but if you turn it off when you’re not home, expect to only have warm water available during the hotter months.

Brita water filter pitcher features


There are only a handful of color choices when it comes to Brita water filter pitchers. Even then, most of the pitchers are transparent plastic, so any color is limited to the lid and/or handle. Traditional pitchers have white and gray accents, and in some models you’ll see red, green, blue, or magenta. There are also limited-edition colors, such as violet, which usually come out around holidays.


Brita uses BPA-free plastic, so it’s a safe, nontoxic container for your water. You’ll notice the plastic is as thick as that seen in premium kitchen appliances, so it’s engineered to be durable. There are some new models that use stainless steel panels in addition to the plastic parts, though these are rarer.

"A small office that isn’t ready to invest in a water cooler can buy some Brita pitchers instead. "

Brita water filter pitcher prices

Brita water filter pitchers range in price from $15 to $60. Cup capacity and filter style don’t affect the price as much as the silhouette and lid style do.

Inexpensive: At the low end, between $15 and $30, are pitchers with a simple silhouette, including slimline models.

Mid-range: Brita pitchers priced between $30 and $45 include newer models with improved digital trackers and spill-reduction spouts.

Expensive: At the high end of the range, between $45 and $60, pitchers include unique models that have stainless steel elements and an overall better design. You’ll also see value packs in this price range, which include the Brita pitcher, filters, and sometimes a Brita travel bottle.


  • Buy the right filter. With more than one pitcher and filter style in the Brita product line, check the packaging to make sure you buy compatible pieces.
  • Avoid overfilling your pitcher. If you fill your Brita pitcher beyond the fill line, it will overflow.
  • Add a Brita pitcher to a registry. Brita water filter pitchers make a great addition to a wedding or baby registry. The pitchers and filters are affordable, and it’s a gift that will last for years.
  • Wash your Brita pitcher monthly. A deep cleaning on a regular basis keeps your Brita pitcher in tiptop shape, as well as free of mold and mildew. You can use dish soap and water or a homemade cleaning mixture of white vinegar. Make sure you rinse it thoroughly.
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Drinking more water plays a big role in successful, healthy weight loss. If you’re about to kick-start a healthier lifestyle, invest in a Brita pitcher to make it easier and more cost-effective to drink more water.


Q. I think the digital tracker is broken, but my Brita pitcher is otherwise fine. Do I need to replace it?
Your Brita pitcher will continue to filter water without issue, but you’ll need to track the filter manually. Set an alert on your phone or calendar to ensure timely filter changes. Another option is to contact Brita and see if the company can replace the tracker or lid.

Q. Can I put ice in my Brita filter, so it stays cold on the table?
If you add ice to the pitcher, you’re essentially adding unfiltered water that will contaminate the freshly filtered water. To have fully filtered cold water, filter the water before pouring it into ice cube trays. Once it’s frozen, you can add cubes to glasses of water for an all-around fresh, contaminant-free drinking experience.

Q. I recently moved and since then I’ve noticed a change in the taste of my filtered water. Is something wrong with my Brita pitcher?
It’s unlikely, especially if it was working correctly before you moved. It could be that your taste buds are still getting used to the water in your new community. Each city and town filters water with its own system, so there are mild taste differences from place to place. You could also change your filter and see if that makes a difference in the taste.

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