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Updated November 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for best oster waffle makers

Frozen waffles make a good, quick breakfast. But they don’t have the fresh taste and texture of the real thing. For that, you need a waffle maker — and Oster manufactures some of the best waffle makers on the market. 

Oster waffle makers are available in both round and square designs, though the majority make round waffles. You can choose from models that make different types of waffles and even those that allow you to flip your waffles for more even cooking. While Oster waffle makers are ideal for breakfast, you can also use them to make dessert waffles and snacks. 

But because Oster offers countless waffle makers with myriad features, finding the right one can be a challenge. With our buying guide, you’ll have all the information you need to select the best Oster waffle maker for your special family breakfasts. If you find yourself waffling about which waffle maker to choose, however, we’ve included some specific Oster waffle maker recommendations to make the choice even easier. 

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Making a large batch of waffles? You can reheat any waffles that have cooled off by placing them back in your Oster waffle maker. Only heat them for a minute or two to prevent burning.

Key considerations


Oster offers different types of waffle makers, which vary in terms of the kind of waffles they make and how the waffles are cooked. There are three basic types. 

  • Standard waffle makers feature fairly shallow pockets, so the waffles are relatively thin and have an even texture across their surface. These waffles are sometimes known as American or traditional waffles and are typically 5 to 7 inches wide. 

  • Belgian waffle makers have deeper pockets, creating waffles that are thicker than standard. Belgian waffles have a crisp exterior and a moist interior, and their wells are deeper to hold more syrup, butter, and other toppings. Belgian waffles are roughly the same width as standard waffles.

  • Flip or rotating waffle makers are different from standard American and Belgian waffle makers because the shell that contains the heating plates can turn. Instead of just pouring the batter into the bottom grid and closing the lid, you pour the batter in, close the lid, and turn the maker with a handle to rotate it 180 degrees. The waffles cook for one to two minutes, and then you flip the maker onto the other side to cook for another couple of minutes. Flip waffle makers usually offer more even cooking than non-flip models. 


Waffle makers typically cook between one and four waffles at a time. Those that make a single large waffle feature a grid design on their plates that don’t have any cut lines. Models that make more than one waffle divide the griddle compartment with cut lines that allow you to easily separate the waffle into multiple servings. All Oster waffle makers make four smaller waffles because their plates have cut lines that allow you to use a knife or even your hands to separate the finished waffle into four servings. 


Nonstick plates

There’s nothing worse than making homemade waffles only to have them stick to the waffle maker’s plates. Nearly all Oster waffle makers have nonstick plates, though, which eliminates the frustration of having to pry your waffles out of the appliance. The nonstick plates, which are typically made of ceramic or coated with Teflon, also make it easier to clean your waffle maker because you can just wipe away any debris with a damp cloth. 

Indicator lights

For the easiest waffle-making, choose an Oster model with indicator lights. The lights illuminate when the waffle maker is preheated and ready to take batter, but they also light up when your waffles are done to prevent burning. 

Temperature control

For the most control over how your finished waffles turn out, opt for an Oster waffle maker with adjustable temperature settings. In most cases, the higher the heat setting, the browner your waffles will be. But you may also find that certain types of batter require higher heat than others, so the ability to adjust your waffle maker’s temperature can be helpful. 

Ease of storage

Waffle makers are fairly bulky appliances, which makes storing them somewhat difficult. Oster offers some models that are designed for easy storage. These models feature a vertical design that allows you to lock the waffle maker in place and store it without taking up too much horizontal space in your cabinet. It also helps to choose an Oster waffle maker with built-in cord storage to keep the cord from getting tangled when not in use.

"If you find that your waffles are sticking to the nonstick plates of your waffle maker, adding some more oil or butter to the batter can help them release easier. "

Oster waffle maker prices

Inexpensive Oster waffle makers are standard models that make thin, crisp waffles. They usually have nonstick plates and indicator lights, but they don’t offer too many other special features. These waffle makers generally cost between $18 and $30. 

Mid-range Oster waffle makers are typically Belgian waffle models that make thicker waffles. They usually have nonstick plates, indicator lights, and temperature controls. These waffle makers generally cost between $30 and $45. 

Expensive Oster waffle makers are usually flip or rotating models. They have nonstick plates that are made of high-quality materials. These models will include indicator lights and temperature controls. High-end Oster waffle makers typically cost between $45 and $55. 


  • Nix on the overmixing. Only mix your waffle batter until the large clumps of dry ingredients are incorporated. If you overmix the batter, you can wind up with tough waffles.

  • Make crisper waffles. Adding cornstarch to your batter can help make your waffles crisper. 

  • Use a measuring cup. The amount of batter you should pour onto your waffle maker can vary depending on the batter recipe you’re using. It helps to pour the batter from a measuring cup, so you get an idea of how much you need for each full-size waffle. 

  • Find the right temperature. If your Oster waffle maker offers adjustable temperature controls, it’s best to start at the middle setting. Raise the temperature if your waffles turn out too light, or lower it if your waffles get too brown. 

  • Make your own frozen waffles. Baked waffles freeze well for those days when you don’t have time to make waffles from scratch. Allow them to cool fully, and then freeze them in plastic freezer bags. To reheat them, use your toaster, toaster oven, or oven until they’re warm and crisp. 

Another product we considered

We also love the Oster Vertical Waffle Maker because its unique vertical design and upright batter-pouring funnel means you can fill it without worrying about batter overflowing the edge. It features a titanium infused DuraCeramic coating, too, which is much more durable than standard nonstick plates.


Q. How should I clean an Oster waffle maker?
A. It’s essential to clean your waffle maker after each use. Unplug it and allow it to cool completely. Brush any loose crumbs from the grooves, and use a damp cloth to clean the plates. Dry the waffle maker thoroughly before storing it. If there’s any baked-on batter on the plates that you can’t wipe away, don’t use steel wool or another abrasive sponge to remove it. Instead, pour some cooking oil on the spot and allow it to sit for about five minutes. That should soften the batter enough that you’re able to wipe it away with a soft cloth. 

Q. Can I make cake-based waffles with an Oster waffle maker? 
A. Yes, you can make cake-based waffles in all Oster waffle makers. You usually have to be more careful when removing them, though, because cake waffles are generally more fragile than regular waffles. It usually helps to have a spatula on hand to support the cake waffles as you lift them out. 

Q. Are Oster waffle makers covered by a warranty?
A. Nearly all Oster waffle makers include a one-year warranty that covers defects in materials or workmanship. Normal wear and tear or damage from accidents or misuse aren’t covered. 

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