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Updated November 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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KitchenAid 3.5-Cup Food Chopper
3.5-Cup Food Chopper
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Although it's not the cheapest on our list, it offers enough power to get the job done quickly and smoothly.


Highly praised for its reverse spiral action blade, which ensures uniform chopping among a wide range of food types. Comes in a range of attractive colors.


It's loud, even for a food chopper.

Best Bang for the Buck
Fullstar Vegetable Chopper, 4 Blade
Vegetable Chopper, 4 Blade
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After testing, we think large families and anyone who regularly eats vegetables will appreciate this model.


Multiple blade attachments offer great bang for your buck. Roomy collection base holds plenty of chopped vegetables. Chopped carrots, onions, potatoes, and peppers with ease in our user testing.


Small dicing attachment was hard to clean. Blades can slice cleaning brush bristles.

Chef'n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper
VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper
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Simple Yet Solid
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This onion chopper works like a manual food processor, giving you more control over the size and texture.


Chops boneless meat and ice. Hand-powered. Lid locks for safety. Pull cord to spin blades. Storage lid to prevent messes. Most parts are dishwasher-safe. Chops 1 cup at a time.


Some parts are not dishwasher-safe and are difficult to keep clean.

Vidalia Chop Wizard
Chop Wizard
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Tiny Dicer
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Dices onions incredibly finely, but you must use it with care.


Dices with one swift motion. Includes 2 discs. Catch container doubles as a measuring cup with marks from 1/2 to 2 cups. Includes handy lid-cleaning tool. Dishwasher-safe. Very fine chopping.


Must cut onion and other veggies into smaller pieces first. Trying to chop a whole onion is likely to break it.

OXO Good Grips Chopper
Good Grips Chopper
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Accurate Results
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Despite a few quirks, this scale offers convenient features, good looks, and reliable accuracy.


Earns praise for accuracy. Sports a convenient pullout display that's easy to read even when weighing large items. Has an attractive, industrial appearance.


Can be slow to recalculate when adding or removing ingredients. Control panel has been reported to quit working if liquids are spilled on it.


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Buying guide for best food choppers

We all know we should cook dinners from scratch and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to stay healthy. But after a long day, sometimes all that prep work of chopping and dicing seems like way too much effort, and we just order ourselves a pizza instead!

And, of course, there are those for whom chopping fruits and veggies is a physical impossibility. Some people genuinely don't have the strength or energy to stand long enough to prepare dinner.

A food chopper could make a huge difference in your eating habits. These handy gadgets take what could have been a half-hour chore and help you get it done in a couple of minutes, so getting a veg-heavy meal on the table doesn't seem like too much of an ordeal.

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Studies show that 80% of Americans eat less than the recommended daily amount of vegetables and fruit. However, a food chopper could make it more convenient for you to prepare and enjoy these foods.

Manual vs. electric food choppers

Food choppers come in two distinct varieties: manual and electric. Let's look at both and examine their strengths and weaknesses.

Manual food choppers

These are food choppers that are operated by hand no power outlet needed. They normally require a downward pushing motion to work, but some varieties have a pull cord.


  • Manual food choppers don't need electricity to work, so you can take them camping or RVing.

  • They're good for small kitchens where you don't have many free power sockets.

  • They're more environmentally friendly and more energy efficient than electric choppers.

  • Manual food choppers are also usually cheaper than electric food choppers.


  • Some manual food choppers require a fair amount of strength and dexterity to use.

  • Manual choppers aren't as powerful as their electric counterparts and may take longer to get everything chopped.

  • Manual food choppers tend to have a smaller capacity.

Electric food choppers

Electric food choppers are similar to miniature food processors, but they’re more basic and don't have as many functions.


  • Electric food choppers work at the press of a button, so they're easy for people with arthritis and other mobility issues to use.

  • They're quick and powerful.

  • Some electric food choppers can also purée and make pesto and other sauces.


  • Electric food choppers are less portable, as they require connection with a wall socket.

  • They tend to cost more than manual food choppers.
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Did you know?
Food processors can struggle to chop smaller amounts – like only one or two cloves garlic. There’s just not enough volume for the food processor to work effectively.

Food chopper vs. food processor

We already know that some food choppers are manual; obviously, these are quite different from food processors. But what about electric food choppers? Aren't they just tiny food processors? And is there any reason to have both?

We can't deny that electric food choppers are similar to food processors, but some differences do exist.

  • Food processors are multi-purpose machines. Yes, they can chop food, but that’s not their only job. Food choppers, on the other hand, are specially designed to chop food, so they do it perfectly.

  • Food processors are often large and difficult to clean. Many people dread getting their food processor out of the cupboard. A food chopper is small enough to be left out on the counter, even in a compact kitchen. It doesn’t feel like such a hassle to clean it and put it back together.
"If you want to involve the kids in meal prep, look for a food chopper without exposed blades."


When it comes to food choppers, there are a surprising number of things to keep in mind. Below are some of the main considerations you should factor into your purchasing decision, such as electric or manual, ease of use, and speed settings.

Electric or manual

One of the first things to decide is whether you want an electric or a manual food chopper.

If you want to be able to use it when camping or traveling, or you simply don't want another electrical appliance, a manual food chopper is probably right for you.

If power and ease of operation are at the top of your list, an electric food chopper is probably the way to go.


Some food choppers can prepare very little at one time; others have a much larger capacity. A food chopper that holds 3.5 cups of food would be considered a large-capacity chopper. You're more likely to find electric food choppers that hold this much at once.

In the course of our research, we found food choppers that hold as little as five tablespoons of chopped food at once. If you're cooking for just one or two people, you might prefer a small-capacity chopper. You're more likely to find manual choppers with such a small capacity.

Ease of cleaning

We've all had kitchen gadgets and appliances that are so awkward to clean that we eventually give up using them. Some food choppers are easy to clean thoroughly, whereas others are a bit more of a chore. You may need to check customer reviews if ease of cleaning is especially important to you. The product list at the top of this page is a great place to start!

Ease of use

All of the products listed in our product list should be easy for an able-bodied adult to use. However, if you're looking for something that can be operated with no more than the press of a button, we recommend an electric chopper with a start button.

Varieties that are operated with a pull cord are also fairly easy to use, even for individuals with limited manual dexterity.


BPA is a substance found in plastics that can leach into your food. Human exposure to BPA has potentially been linked to some health issues.

We can't say whether having a BPA-free food chopper would make a difference in your overall health, but if it's something that concerns you, you may want to avoid it. Some food choppers are advertised as being BPA-free. If it’s not clear in the product literature, you may want to contact the manufacturer to find out for sure.

Speed settings

Most electric food chopper have two speed settings: high and low. This is all you really need. The high speed will allow you to purée ingredients or quickly achieve a fine dice. The low speed will give you a chunkier chop.

Given that you are the power source, manual food choppers don't have speed settings.

Food chopper prices

You needn’t break the bank when it comes to buying a food chopper. Even if you go for a big-name electric food chopper from a heritage brand, it will likely only set you back between $30 and $50.

If you want a basic but effective manual chopper, you can pick up a decent one for about $15.

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Although the FDA has declared BPA safe in low doses, it has been linked to health concerns, including high blood pressure and issues in the brain. As such, many people try to avoid products that contain it.Food choppers are very commonly made with plastic, so check if the product of your choice is BPA-free or not.


Q. Can you chop anything in a food chopper?

A. You can't chop every food in a food chopper, but most products are fairly versatile. They tend to be best suited for chopping fruits and veggies, but some choppers can pulverize softer produce, such as tomatoes or stone fruit, rather than chopping it.

Some brands can also chop bread (for breadcrumbs), cheese, nuts, and cooked meat.

The most powerful models are good for making dips and sauces such as pesto, hummus, salsa, and guacamole. Some can even make nut butters and grind coffee.

Q. Are food choppers dishwasher safe?

A. Not all food choppers are dishwasher safe, but many are. While we wouldn't necessarily recommend choosing your chopper based on this feature alone, it's definitely an added bonus, especially if the unit has nooks and crannies that are tough to clean by hand.

Q. What are the benefits of using a food chopper?

A. The following are just some of the benefits of using a food chopper.

  • Food choppers, particularly those of the electric variety, can be helpful to people who don't have the manual dexterity to use a knife.
  • Food choppers save you time and effort when making dinner.
  • Food choppers encourage healthy eating by making meal prep easier.
  • You're less likely to cut yourself using a food chopper than a knife.
  • Some models can help you achieve a much more even dice than you would by hand.
  • Food choppers without exposed blades are usually safe enough for older children to use (under supervision).
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