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Best Automatic Pot Stirrers

Updated March 2024
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StirMATE® ProdSmart Pot Stirrer Gen 2 (Rechargeable)
ProdSmart Pot Stirrer Gen 2 (Rechargeable)
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Powerful Performance
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A cleverly-designed, well-constructed, and powerful automatic pot stirrer that will save you time and energy in the kitchen.


Cleverly designed stirring mechanism automatically adjusts to nearly any sized pot you use it for. Sturdy and well-made, with good, consistent stirring action when fully charged (the rechargeable battery charge lasts about 4 hours) and a quiet motor that won't dominate your peaceful, quiet kitchen.


The stirring speed is not adjustable and it doesn't work well with very thick mixtures.

Best Bang for the Buck
Uutensil StirrTime Automatic Pan Stirrer
StirrTime Automatic Pan Stirrer
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Simple Yet Solid
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A battery-powered food-safe stirrer with one simple function - to stir your pot while you're moving on to other things.


StirrTime makes things easy with a power-on-and-place function that's perfect for busy home cooks. Place it in your pot or pan, cut the other ingredients, then come back without worrying about burnt on bits at the bottom. The stirring "feet" are made of food-safe material that's safe up to 248 degrees F.


Not too powerful. Meant for thinner soups and sauces; won't work well with thicker, heartier ones.

SAKI Automatic Pot Mixer
Automatic Pot Mixer
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Rechargeable Batteries
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Rechargeable and highly adjustable, this auto-stirrer can handle everything from thin sauces to chunky chili.


Stirs at two different speeds. Two BPA-free stirring arms help keep your pan balanced. Adjusts to fit saucepans measuring 6 to 10.2 inches in diameter and between 4 and 8 inches high. Automatic stirrer is cordless and rechargeable - takes 4 hours to charge. Works with all kinds of pots.


Works well with a variety of meals, but some report that it may leave some cream-based dishes scorched.

Ardente Gourmet Stirrer
Gourmet Stirrer
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Great for Soup
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This sturdy automatic stirrer latches to the top of the pot end and ensures that soups and sauces cook without burning.


The simple design uses the pot itself to hold the stirrer into place while silently stirring whatever's cooking in it. Spider-leg design on top helps the lower part of the unit work without shakes and spills. Great for hearty tomato sauce.


Some complain it's slightly underpowered.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best automatic pot stirrers

Are you a multitasker in the kitchen? Does your arm get tired while stirring? Or do you simply want to cut down on monotonous tasks in the kitchen? If so, an automatic pot stirrer belongs on your short list.

These handy devices take the grunt work out of sauces, soups, grits, and stews. You may not be familiar with how they work or even what types are available but don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Our shopping guide dives into the considerations and features you’ll typically run into along with our top five picks. Stop stirring, sit back, and take a look at how you can cut down on your workload in the kitchen.

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Some manufacturers offer a three or four-year warranty extension for only three or four extra dollars. If you're going to put the automatic pot stirrers to good use, it might be worth investing a few extra dollars to save on your investment.

Key considerations

Battery type
Automatic pot stirrers run on either rechargeable or disposable batteries. Battery life is fairly comparable between the two types but, in the long run, models with rechargeable batteries tend to cost less. The models with disposable batteries take either C or AA batteries.

Clean up
Models with dishwasher safe paddles are far easier to clean than those that must be hand washed. However, the motor, no matter the paddle type, should never be placed in the dishwasher. Instead, wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

Storage ease
Automatic pot stirrers can be awkward to store. Models with foldable or removable arms are more compact and easier to store.

Flimsy arms have no place on an automatic pot stirrer. Thick plastic, stainless steel, and rubber-coated paddles offer the best durability. When shopping, understand that some models are only intended for soups and thin sauces. If used for thick sauces or stews, the motor and arms may break down.

Pot width and depth
Automatic pot stirrers can be adjusted to different sized pots. You should still take a good look at the pots you own to make sure you buy a pot stirrer that will work for your cookware. Automatic pot stirrers can fit pots with diameters between six and fourteen inches, though not all models cover this range. Sometimes manufacturers list the pot stirrers size capabilities by quarts rather than diameter. In this case, the pot stirrer should fit a pot that holds an equal number of quarts. Depth is also an important consideration as come pots of equal capacity have different depths. Some automatic pot stirrers have greater depth adjustability than others. Keep in mind that if you want to use the automatic stirrer for a variety of uses and in different pots, you'll need one with several paddle sizes too.

Run time
Take a good look at the kind of cooking you want to do before buying. Automatic pot stirrers that can run three, four, or more hours can take the work out of foods that need to simmer for most of the day. Some smaller models have a battery that only lasts for 60 minutes or less, making them far less useful for serious day-long cooking.


There are two basic designs available – exterior clamp-on and interior mobile models. Exterior clamp-on models feature a motor placed in the center of arms that clamp onto the rim of the pot. There may be to one to three arms, and the clamp-on mechanism varies by model. Some clamps are better at hanging onto the rim than others due to their design. Models that hook under the lip of the pot tend to work best. In general, clamp-on models are more powerful, though they are also more expensive.

Models with an interior stirring mechanism feature a motor with three arms the extent from the bottom. These models stir and move throughout the pot, which is why they don't clamp onto the rim. Some of these models also vibrate to help move the pot’s contents.

Stirring speeds
You can expect one to three stirring speeds but the more speeds the better. Models with only one speed are limited in their use as you can't turn up the speed for thick foods or those that burn easily.

Max temperature
Paddles and arms have a maximum temperature limit that can range from 200 to 400 degrees. The higher the max temperature limit, the more foods you can use the pot stirrer to cook so aim high.

Getting a good fit on the rim of the pot can make all the difference to the effectiveness of the paddles. Some models do a better job than others. Clamps that fit around the bottom of the rim usually stay in place better. Models with two or three clamps also tend to be more stable than those with only one.

Wide, thick paddles offer the best stability as they can handle thicker liquids. Narrow paddles may miss certain parts of the pan, leaving your food vulnerable to burning or scalding.

Stirring action
Not all automatic pot stirrers use the same stirring action. Some feature a motor placed in the center with paddles that extend to either side. The motor them spins the paddles to stir the liquid. Others feature a single, centered paddle that looks and moves like a spoon. These models come with different sized paddles and the "spoon" handle can be lengthened or shortened according to the depth of the pot. The last type is the interior automatic stirrers. They have a paddle on one leg that stirs and helps move the stirrer through the pot. Some also have a vibration to keep the contents moving.

The stirring action of clamp-on models tends to work better than the paddle and vibration method of interior automatic pot stirrers.

Paddle sizes
You definitely want an automatic pot stirrer that comes with several paddles sizes. That gives you some flexibility of use based on pot size and the thickness of the food you want to be stirred

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Did you know?
Some manufacturers throw in a cookbook as a bonus. Of course, you may have your family favorites, but who doesn't want to expand their palette every now and then.


Interior automatic pot stirrers that do not clamp on to the pot's rim start at less than $20. These models are often advertised for stirring sauces and soups, but that's about it. They may include a vibration action. There's a big jump in price to the clamp-on models that start around $50 and go up to around $80. These models may have a paddle or center spoon stir design. They typically include more than one paddle size, though some may only have one stirring speed. They may also have one to three adjustable clamp-on arms.


  • Read the manufacturer's washing instructions carefully. Some models may have certain pieces that are dishwasher safe but others that aren't. You don't want to ruin the pot stirrer by throwing everything in the dishwasher.

  • Automatic pot stirrers have a lot of cracks and crevices on the clamps. Carefully wash and make sure you clean all the food out after each use to prevent mold.

  • Creamy concoctions need a paddle that reaches every corner of the pot, or as close to that as possible. Milk, heavy cream, and other dairy products easily scald so the paddles need to cover as much surface area as possible.

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If you're really serious about your cooking and you frequently make vats of food, you may want to consider an industrial automatic stirrer. These models are electric and have a base for added stability. They start around $300 with some models at well above $500.


Q: Can automatic pot stirrers handle thick liquids like stew and candy?
A few powerful models can handle stews and thick sauces but candy might be a different matter. Thick candies like peanut brittle are definitely too much for domestic automatic pot stirrers. Unfortunately, for some of these thick liquids, you're still going to need manual labor.

Q: How well do automatic stirrers fit on the pot?
Fit greatly depends on the clamp-on method. Models with a single clamp may not be as stable when stirring during thick liquids. Clamps that fit below the rim of the pot tend to be more stable, and, usually, the more clamps the better.

Q: Are automatic pot stirrers BPA free?
Some pot stirrers are BPA-free, but you’ll need to check the description to be sure. Considering that these stirrers are used in hot liquids, it’s important to make sure they’re made of the highest quality and safest materials.