Updated June 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Teabloom Stainless Steel Trivet and Teapot Warmer
Stainless Steel Trivet and Teapot Warmer
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Excellent Performer
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A strong stainless steel design that does the job and won't break or crack.


Made out of rust-resistant, durable stainless steel. Takes single tea light candle which is included. Keeps the tea warm for hours depending on candle. Measures just over 5 inches across, fits most teapots.


Takes a little time to heat up before being ready for use.

Best Bang for the Buck
Teabloom Teapot Warmer (Standard Size)
Teapot Warmer (Standard Size)
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Appealing Design
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Maximize the coziness of tea time with this glass option that lets the candlelight shine through.


Made out of clear temperature-resistant borosilicate glass. Tea light candle glows through glass for an attractive ambiance. The steel heating grille is 5 inches in diameter, fits most. Striking appearance.


Can break or shatter. Some have received without steel surface.

GROSCHE Cairo Premium Teapot Warmer
Cairo Premium Teapot Warmer
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Lovely When Lit
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Buyers love the design of this, particularly when it is lit up with a glass vessel kept warm atop it.


Egyptian-inspired design with a bronze finish. Lights well, and casts a warm light. Comes with one tealight candle. A solid base makes it very stable. Looks really nice with a glass teapot.


The bottom can easily scratch tables and other surfaces.

Old Dutch Cast Iron Tetsubin Warmer
Old Dutch
Cast Iron Tetsubin Warmer
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Sturdy & Attractive
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For fans of Japanese iron teapots, this matching cast iron is a good choice.


Cast iron construction matches Japanese tetsubin. Long-lasting, even heat once warmed. Also works with ceramics. Takes 1 tea light candle. The top can be removed and used as a trivet.


The surface is too slippery for glass. Takes a while to heat up.

Cosy-Yc Ceramic Teapot Warmer
Ceramic Teapot Warmer
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Simple Aesthetic
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A clean white look and non-abrasive cork set this apart from the competition.


White porcelain and cork brim offers a clean, appealing aesthetic. Cork absorbs heat and won't scratch glass or earthenware. Cork plate measures 5.5 inches and can support standard or larger teapots.


Not suited for small or heavy teapots.


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Buying guide for Best teapot warmers

There is nothing quite as relaxing as settling down with a book and a nice cup of hot tea, so it’s annoying if you have to keep getting up to reheat a tepid cup. If you like to dawdle over a pot of tea but don’t like to deal with it when it gets cold, then a teapot warmer should be on your wish list. 

These devices are fueled by tea candles and not only keep your tea warm but also provide the candle’s warm glow, giving you a stress-reducing twofer.

When you start to look for a teapot warmer for your home or office, you’ll find options that vary in size, materials, ease of lighting, and price.

If you’d rather not deal with a candle, there are also many electric teapot warmers available.

Key considerations


While most teapot warmers are about the same size, typically around 4.5 inches in diameter, they can vary a bit. It would be a good idea to first measure any teapot that you want to use on it. For the best results, you want your teapot to be large or small enough that it fits securely on top of the warmer. If the teapot is considerably larger than the warmer, it may not rest securely in place. If you frequently have guests over for tea, choose a  larger teapot warmer to fit your large teapot.


Stability is important. A teapot warmer that tips over is not only an inconvenience but also a safety hazard, both in terms of spilled hot water and the open flame. Make sure the teapot warmer is large enough to safely hold the teapot. Also, be aware of the overall design of the warmer. A wide, solid base tends to be more stable than a warmer standing on three or four legs.

Ease of use

Can you easily light the candle with the teapot sitting on the warmer, or do you need to remove the teapot to light the candle? Some warmers have larger ventilation holes or cutouts that provide better access to the candle.


The ventilation holes and cutouts in the warmer that allow you access to the candle also provide air so the candle burns steadily. However, if you plan to use your teapot warmer outside or anywhere it would be affected by drafts, be sure that the ventilation holes aren’t so large that they offer the flame little or no protection.


In addition to its primary job of keeping tea warm, many teapot warmers can also function as a decorative accent in a room. When looking for a teapot warmer, consider where you plan to use it. Warmers come in a wide range of shapes, materials, and styles, from rustic to elegant, so you can match one to a teapot you already have, choose one that complements your room’s décor or serving ware, or pick one you like just because. 

Did You Know?
Tea dates back to China’s Han dynasty between the 3rd century BC and the 2nd century AD.



Teapot warmers are made of a variety of materials. The one you choose can affect everything from durability to maintenance to portability. Some of the more common materials you’ll see include the following:

Stainless steel: A teapot warmer made of stainless steel has many desirable qualities. It is attractive, modern, durable, lightweight, easy to maintain, and resistant to rust and corrosion.

Cast iron: This is certainly one of the more durable teapot warmers you can find. It also offers a rustic appearance that appeals to some people. While it will last forever, a cast iron teapot warmer is heavy and rusts easily if exposed to water.

Glass: While glass is less durable than metal, it can still hold up to steady use. This is particularly true if the warmer is made of borosilicate glass, which is both stronger and more heat resistant than regular glass. One plus here is that a transparent glass teapot warmer really accentuates the candle inside.

Ceramic: Teapot warmers made from ceramic are durable, heat resistant, and available in a variety of attractive designs. However, like glass, they can chip and break more easily than metal models.


Rubber feet on the bottom or legs of a teapot warmer serve two purposes: safety and protection. First, they help to keep the warmer from sliding around on the table or counter, making it less of a safety hazard. And second, they protect the table or other surface the warmer is resting on. If a teapot warmer doesn’t come with rubber feet, you can find some online or at your local hardware store.


Most teapot warmers don’t come with accessories, but you can occasionally find one that includes a few extras.

Candles: Some warmers ship with a tea candle or two, so you can start using it right out of the box.

Teapot: Some warmers include a teapot in a matching set. If you need a teapot anyway, a set might be less expensive than getting the teapot and warmer separately.

Try heating other beverages on your teapot warmer like coffee, mulled cider or wine, or warm milk.



Inexpensive: Teapot warmers in the $10 to $15 range tend to be small in diameter (often 4 inches or less), and feature a simple design. These warmers are less durable than more expensive warmers and usually made from standard glass.

Mid-range: In the $15 to $25 range, the teapot warmers are larger (averaging around 4.5 inches in diameter) and tend to be more durable. Warmers in this range are usually made of either stainless steel or strong borosilicate glass.

Expensive: Those interested in a teapot warmer that will last a long time should look in the $25 to $30 and up range. These warmers are larger (often 5 or more inches in diameter), and feature more elaborate or elegant designs. Ceramic and cast iron teapot warmers are common in this price range.

Did You Know?
Because the heat is so low, a teapot warmer keeps your tea warm without burning it.


  • Use a teapot warmer as a candle holder. Even if you don’t drink a lot of tea, an attractive teapot warmer can double as a holder for tea candles and may be worth the investment if you enjoy the ambiance of candlelight.
  • Use the warmer to keep plain water hot. If your guests prefer a wide variety of teas, you don’t need to brew a pot of each. Simply add boiling water to the teapot, place it on the teapot warmer, and provide each guest with their own tea bag of choice.
  • Keep the candlewick trimmed. To keep the flame from blackening the bottom of your teapot, trim the wick after each use. It keeps the flame from burning too high.
  • Choose a warmer that matches your dishes. If you often entertain lots of guests, consider choosing a teapot warmer that matches or complements your dinnerware.
Teapot warmers save energy because you don’t need to use the stove or microwave to reheat your tea.


Q. Are teapot warmers dishwasher safe?

A. That depends on the teapot warmer. In general, warmers made from materials like glass or ceramic are usually dishwasher safe, but it’s always advised that you check the manufacturer’s care recommendations before placing one of these in your dishwasher. Because these warmers typically don’t accumulate a lot of grime, your safest bet here would be to occasionally wipe it down with a damp cloth.

Q. Can I brew tea on one of these warmers?

A. Generally, no. Teapot warmers use tea candles, which don’t produce enough heat to quickly raise the temperature of a pot of water. The best way to use one of these is to first boil the water on your stove, then add it to your teapot with loose leaf tea or tea bags and place it on top of the lit warmer. The heat from the candle helps keep the tea from cooling, but it won’t raise the temperature.

Q. Does it matter what type of teapot I use on my warmer?

A. You can use any teapot, or even mug, that can take direct heat and is large or small enough to fit securely on the warmer. The other thing to consider is whether the teapot has a flat bottom for stability. A teapot with a rounded bottom may not sit securely on the warmer.


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