Updated October 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Estilo Bamboo Tea Storage Box
Bamboo Tea Storage Box
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Attractive & Compact
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This tea box is slightly more compact than others and offers an easy-to-open lid.


Made of 100% bamboo. Smooth, natural finish. Compact 11 inches long by 6.5 inches wide and 4 inches high. Hinged lid slightly overhangs sides for easy lifting. Acrylic window reveals contents without opening.


Lid doesn't open all the way. Compartments can be small for some tea bags.

Best Bang for the Buck
Oceanstar Bamboo Tea Box
Bamboo Tea Box
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Affordable Option
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While you're not investing in an heirloom piece here, the quality is actually very good given the price.


Has 8 equal-sized compartments. Decent quality for an attractive price. The top features an acrylic window for easy viewing and has magnetic locking. Most buyers felt this box was sturdy.


All-glue construction leads to some boxes falling apart within a few months.

Lipper International Bamboo Wood Tea Box with 8 Compartments
Lipper International
Bamboo Wood Tea Box with 8 Compartments
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Elegant Touches
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A handsomely crafted bamboo tea box with elegant construction and brass touches.


Made of bamboo with attractive traditional dovetail joint detailing. Compartment insert can be removed if desired. Offers 8 compartments for 10 tea envelopes each. Lid attached with brass hinges and attractive brass chain.


Lid lacks window for viewing contents. Hinge quality varies.

Lipper International Bamboo Wood and Acrylic Tea Box
Lipper International
Bamboo Wood and Acrylic Tea Box
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Flip-top Lid
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Stands out for its elegant design, although may be too small to easily accommodate some tea bags.


Fits into smaller spaces well. Elegant look and design. Has 5 sections to hold tea. Boasts a hinged fliptop lid made of acrylic, so you can easily see the type and number of bags. Can hold up to 80 tea bags.


May be a little too small for many tea bags. Reports of the acrylic top arriving broken, damaged.

ECBANLI Bamboo Tea Box
Bamboo Tea Box
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Unique Design
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Buyers give this box high marks for everything from its elegant look to its solid construction.


Made from 100% renewable bamboo. Nice elegant look, and a solid build. Holds around 120 tea bags. 8 compartments for tea, along with a built-in storage drawer. Features a framed acrylic lid, and magnetic clasps.


A little smaller than expected. Some claim that the box has a bit of a wobble to it and doesn't sit flat.


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Buying guide for best bamboo tea boxes

A hot cup of steeped tea offers a chance for invigoration, calm, or simply refreshment. The wonder of tea is its versatility: it can caffeinate you in the morning, help you wind down after a long day, or help cure what ails you. But what’s the best way to store delicate tea bags?

Bamboo tea boxes are a longstanding choice for housing tea. These storage units can be displayed on a counter or stored in a cupboard. They have divided compartments for organizing different types of tea. Many also have glass lids to make selecting the tea you want – whether black, green, white, oolong, or herbal – easy. The size and the number of compartments varies from box to box. Some tea boxes are more decorative than others, while others are primarily functional.

Our buying guide has everything you need to consider when shopping for bamboo tea boxes, including how much you should pay. For our five favorite bamboo tea boxes, see the matrix above.

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Organize your tea varieties in your bamboo tea box. Arranging tea by type or caffeine content are both savvy choices.

Key considerations

Number of compartments

The most important consideration when comparing bamboo tea boxes is how many different types of tea you want to store. Smaller boxes may only have four or five compartments, while larger ones may feature up to 12. If you have a wide variety of tea, you will want a bamboo tea box with more compartments. If you have a lot of tea but only a few different types, then you will not need as many compartments.


Bamboo tea boxes generally either have glass or solid lids. Glass lids are the more popular choice. They show off the tea inside and help you see all your options at a glance. Glass lids also offer a pleasant aesthetic if you have a variety of colorful tea bags.

A solid bamboo cover does not allow you to see the tea inside. This may be useful if you want to store other items instead of tea. While designed for tea bags, these sturdy bamboo boxes can also be used as organized storage for game pieces, crafts, or jewelry.

Tea bags vs. loose leaf tea

Bamboo tea boxes are not ideal for storing loose leaf tea. Loose leaf tea is best stored in airtight containers where it receives no light. If you prefer loose leaf tea to bagged tea, you won’t get much use out of a bamboo tea box. Consider your tea preferences prior to investing in a bamboo tea box.

Display vs. storage

Bamboo tea boxes can be used for both storing and displaying tea. Some tea boxes are focused on design, while others are purely functional. Think about whether the bamboo tea box will be out on a counter or stored away in the pantry. If the tea box will be used when entertaining guests, a more ornate box is perhaps a better option.

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Did you know?
Bamboo is one of the strongest and fastest growing plants in the world, which means it’s also one of the most sustainable. Bamboo isn’t a wood but in fact a grass.


Movable slats

Some larger bamboo tea boxes have interior slats that can be moved around or removed entirely to create smaller or larger compartments, depending on your needs. Not being tethered to a specific configuration is especially useful if you have tea bags of various sizes. This is also a helpful feature if you use the tea box for organizing and storing other items.


Larger bamboo tea boxes may have a bottom drawer for storing small items. This drawer is most often used for teaspoons. It may also prove useful if you have larger tea bags that don’t fit in the traditional slots.


A bamboo tea box with a lid that latches is the most secure. Latched lids close more tightly and won’t open should the tea box accidentally fall. Lids without latches open more easily. Some bamboo tea boxes have a small magnet for closure that also offers additional security.


Solid bamboo lids sometimes feature designs, though decorated boxes are often more expensive. These designs are usually simple and elegant, such as flowers or mandalas. Some companies even offer the option of etching your own words or phrases on the bamboo tea box for added personalization.

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Did you know?
In general, loose leaf tea has a better quality and freshness than bagged tea but tends to be more expensive and take more time to prepare. With loose leaf tea, you’ll need an infuser or individual tea bags.


Stainless steel tea kettles: T-fal Stainless Steel Stovetop Tea Kettle
For all the tea you’re storing, you’ll need a way to enjoy it. Stainless steel tea kettles are especially popular, and we like this one from T-fal with its sleek, modern aesthetic and large capacity. It also whistles when ready!

Enamel tea kettles: Le Creuset Enamel-on-Steel Zen Tea Kettle
If you’re seeking a more classic look, we recommend checking out this enamel tea kettle from Le Crueset. It features an arched handle and an inverted bowl shape. It also comes in a variety of cheery colors.

Bamboo tea box prices

Inexpensive: For under $15, you’ll find bamboo tea boxes that are likely to be small in size and feature few extras.

Mid-range: Most bamboo tea boxes are between $15 and $25 in price, with around eight compartments. These boxes may feature either glass or solid lids.

Expensive: For over $25, high-quality bamboo tea boxes are available. These boxes usually have additional features. They are among the most durable and aesthetically-pleasing bamboo tea boxes.

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Did you know?
Stored tea lasts anywhere from 18 to 24 months when sealed in a bamboo tea box. After that, tea is still safe to consume but may lose flavor and potency.


  • Keep backup tea bags on hand. Tea boxes are for convenience and display, but they should be refilled regularly. Make sure you have extra tea bags so that no compartments go empty.
  • Bag your own tea. A good compromise for those who want a bamboo tea box but also enjoy loose leaf tea is to bag your own tea. You can buy individual tea bags online.
  • Note tea bag size. Most bamboo tea boxes cater to regular-size tea bags (2.5 inches x 2.5 inches). However, some teas come in larger tea bags, which might be too big for the tea box’s compartments.
  • Stock up on varieties. For the most complete set, make sure you have black, white, green, herbal, and oolong tea on hand. You may also want pu’er, rooibos, yellow, and even decaf black tea as well.
  • Reuse old tea bags. Tea leaves have plenty of uses! They can freshen carpets, hydrate and soothe skin, polish wood, and clean grease.

Other products we considered

If none of our top five tickle your fancy, there are plenty of other worthy options for bamboo tea boxes on the market. The randomgrounds 100% Bamboo Tea Box is a durable tea box that holds eight bags and features a glass lid. The price is a little bit higher, but the box is elegant and should last a long time.

For something slightly different, the JACKCUBE DESIGN Bamboo Tea Storage Box opens via a drawer instead of a lid. This tea box is made of bamboo, though the drawer is painted white with a silver knob.

Lastly, the Zen Earth Bamboo Tea Chest is one of the most versatile and elegant boxes we’ve seen. It’s made with heavy-duty, rustic-looking metal hinges and includes a latch to make sure the box is always sealed. The solid lid features a single leaf design for added aesthetic appeal.

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Accidents can happen. Should your bamboo tea box get stained, warm water and salt should fix the blemish.


Q. Where should I put my bamboo tea box?
Bamboo is a durable, versatile, and sustainable material, but it does require a bit of maintenance and protection. Make sure you keep your bamboo tea box away from any place where it could accidentally get wet or damp as that will warp or rot the box over time.

Q. How do I clean my bamboo tea box?
Wiping your bamboo tea box with a dry cloth is the best way to tend to any dust or dirt. It’s best to avoid getting water on the box. If need be, slightly dampen a cloth with warm water and a little soap for spot cleaning. Make sure the bamboo has a chance to fully dry before storing.

Q. How many tea bags can I store in a bamboo tea box?
The answer to this question depends on the size of the compartments in the box and how many compartments are available. Generally, you can expect to fit 10 to 20 tea bags per compartment. Larger tea boxes should be able to fit upward of 150 tea bags.

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