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Best Copper Farmhouse Sinks

Updated October 2021
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Rockwell Double Basin Farmhouse Kitchen Sink
Double Basin Farmhouse Kitchen Sink
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High Heat Resistance
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Easy-to-assemble double-basin farmhouse sink with high heat resistance.


Made with double copper and uniquely crafted to give your kitchen a classy look. Sink has double sides to take more items and allow sorting. Crafted by hand for a perfect finish. Copper material doesn’t dent easily. Sink’s heat-resistant properties prevent bubbles and damages.


Some users complained that the sink attracts dirt easily, making it hard to keep it clean.

Best Bang for the Buck
Lange Farmhouse Kitchen Sink
Farmhouse Kitchen Sink
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Sound-Dampening Pads
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Hammered farmhouse copper sink with heat-resistant features and sound dampening pads.


Individually hammered and crafted by hand for a unique look. Copper sink comes with an extra-large bowl. Sink is heat-resistant so you can be sure that it will last long. Also, it has sound-dampening pads to reduce clunking noise from dishes and mugs.


Product does not include a drain assembly or basket strainer.

MR DIRECT Double Basin Farmhouse/Apron Kitchen Sink
Double Basin Farmhouse/Apron Kitchen Sink
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Antibacterial Feature
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Antibacterial copper double-basin sink with moisture barrier, sound-dampening pads, and stain resistance.


Apron style and double-basin will give your kitchen a classy look. Made from copper to give it a thick feel and make it last longer. Comes with anti-bacterial properties, noise-canceling pads, and a moisture barrier. Has stain and rust resistance features.


Users complained that they had to buy drain accessories separately.

Sinkology Courbet Farmhouse Kitchen Sink
Courbet Farmhouse Kitchen Sink
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Easy to Maintain
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Durable and heat-resistant sink that’s made with high-quality antique copper material you can clean easily.


Farmhouse kitchen sink is solidly handcrafted and made from quality antique copper, so it won’t turn green with regular use. Centrally placed drain for easier draining. Also, it is easy to install and clean, thanks to how well it resists heat and stain.


Likely color changes around the drainage. Can be prevented by waxing.

Lordear Stainless Steel Copper Tone Kitchen Sink
Stainless Steel Copper Tone Kitchen Sink
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Quick-Draining design
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Durable copper-tone stainless steel kitchen sink with a surface that’s resistant to scratch, peel, and dent.


Kitchen sink is solidly built. Has an X-shaped water guideline and nano-brushed finish allowing quick drainage. Sink is heat-resistant, so the finish stays smooth. Also, it comes with a filter, cutout template, and a 304 steel dish grid.


A few said the sink edge was not completely flat, leaving a gap between the countertop.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best copper farmhouse sinks

When you want to create a homey, rustic feel for your kitchen, a farmhouse sink can instantly add country charm. But if you want to combine form and function, a copper farmhouse sink is your best bet.

Farmhouse sinks, sometimes known as apron sinks, feature a deep, wide basin and an exposed front that extends over the cabinets. Because they were first designed for farmhouses without running water, these sinks can hold a great deal of water – and dirty dishes. Copper is a popular material for sinks because it’s naturally antimicrobial and available in smooth and hammered finishes. A copper farmhouse sink also develops a patina over time that’s unique to each model for a one-of-a-kind statement piece.

But there are plenty of copper farmhouse sinks on the market, so choosing a model can be difficult. You have to decide on the right copper gauge and purity, look for properly welded seams, and figure out the best size, among other considerations. Fortunately, our buying guide has all the tips you need. When you’re ready to buy, check out our product recommendations for the best copper farmhouse sinks.

copper farmhouse sink1
Copper farmhouse sinks are compatible with garbage disposals, so you can add one to your sink, whether it’s a single- or double-basin model.

Key considerations

Copper gauge

When you’re buying any type of copper sink, it’s crucial to understand the gauge of the copper. Copper is a softer metal, so it must be thick enough to hold up well over time. Gauge refers to a metal’s thickness and is measured in weight per square foot. That means a lower-gauge metal is usually thicker.

With copper, 14 gauge is the thickest you can buy and 20 gauge is the thinnest. You can find copper sinks in any gauge in between, but you want to choose a thicker gauge to ensure the sink can handle all the pots and pans you throw at it.

A copper farmhouse sink typically features copper that’s between 14 gauge and 18 gauge. Sinks made with thicker copper are more expensive, but they’re also more durable. A thin copper farmhouse sink can actually develop dents and dings over time.

Copper purity

It’s also important to consider the purity of the copper used for a farmhouse sink. The best sinks are made from 100% pure copper, but high-quality models typically use copper that’s at least 99.9% pure.

If a manufacturer doesn’t clearly advertise the purity of the copper used for the farmhouse sink, it’s best to avoid those models. They likely contain sealants that counteract many of copper’s natural benefits.


High-quality copper farmhouse sinks feature seams welded with copper rods, but some lower-quality sinks may feature soldered seams. Soldering involves sealing the seams with a metal alloy made of tin and lead. Not only can soldered seams become discolored and leak over time, but they can also be toxic due to the lead.

If you live in an area with hard water, it’s especially important to dry your copper farmhouse sink to prevent mineral deposits.




Farmhouse sinks are available in a range of sizes that measure between 20 and 60 inches in length. The best size for your kitchen usually depends on how you plan to use the sink. For most homes, a sink that’s about 30 inches long is usually large enough to handle all your pots and pans.

It’s also important to remember that a farmhouse sink has a front apron that extends over the edge of your cabinets. Most aprons are 10 inches high, but you can find some models that have been retrofit. They’re typically approximately seven inches high.

Number of basins

Many farmhouse sinks feature a single basin, but some styles feature double basins. A single-basin model offers plenty of space for cleaning large pots and pans, but some homeowners prefer a double-basin sink because you can use one basin for soaking and the other for washing your dishes. Some people also like having two basins so they can install a garbage disposal in one and leave the other with a regular drain.

Basin split

If you opt for a double-basin farmhouse sink, you can choose from a few variations in the way it’s split. Many models feature a 50-50 split, but you can find some 60-40 and 70-30 options, too. A 50-50 sink has a symmetrical look, but having a larger basin and a smaller basin can help with certain food-prep or cleaning tasks.

Smooth vs. hammered

Copper farmhouse sinks are available with both smooth and hammered finishes. Mass-produced models are typically pressed or molded, so they have a smooth finish. However, handmade copper farmhouse sinks are often hammered.

A smooth copper farmhouse sink works well if you want a modern twist on the look, but hammered models usually have a more rustic, down-home look. Hammered copper can hide scratches and dents more easily, too, and is typically more durable than smooth copper.


Some copper farmhouse sinks feature scrollwork or other patterns on the front apron for a more decorative look. You’ll generally pay more for these models, but some homeowners prefer the more ornamental design.

copper farmhouse sink2
Copper is highly resistant to staining except when it comes into frequent contact with acidic items.


Farmhouse dining tables: Better Homes & Gardens Bryant Dining Table
A farmhouse dining table pairs perfectly with a copper farmhouse sink. This model from Better Homes & Gardens is a favorite because it’s easy to assemble and features naturally occurring splits and knots for a truly rustic look.

Farmhouse benches: Walker Edison Furniture Rustic Farmhouse Distressed Wood Bench
For a more country look, pair your dining table with farmhouse benches rather than chairs to complement the look of your sink. We love this bench from Walker Edison because it can fit three comfortably and has a warm, dark oak finish.

Copper farmhouse sink prices

Copper farmhouse sinks vary in price based on their gauge, purity, size, and configuration. Most sinks cost between $399 and $2,385.

The most affordable copper farmhouse sinks are usually mid-size single-basin models made of 16-gauge or higher copper that’s no more than 97.5% pure. They typically have a smooth finish and don’t have any decorative elements. These sinks generally cost between $399 and $850.

Mid-range copper farmhouse sinks are usually mid-size double-basin models with 16-gauge or higher copper or single-basin models with 14-gauge copper that’s 99% pure or better. Some of these sinks have a hammered finish and decorative elements like scrollwork. These sinks usually cost between $650 and $1,470.

The most expensive copper farmhouse sinks are usually large single-basin or double-basin models that feature 14-gauge copper that’s 99% pure or better. Many sinks in this price range have a hammered finish and decorative elements like scrollwork. These sinks generally cost between $1,400 and $2,385.

If your copper farmhouse sink has a patina, you can treat stains with a paste made from combining baking soda and warm water. Leave it to sit on the spot for a minute or two, and then scrub it gently before rinsing it away. Make sure to dry the sink thoroughly when you’re done.



  • Cleaning a copper farmhouse sink regularly is vital to keep it in good condition. Use warm water, mild dish soap, and a soft microfiber cloth or sponge. Don’t use scrubbing pads or abrasive cleansers on the copper.
  • Avoid leaving acidic foods like tomatoes or citrus fruits in your copper sink. The acids can damage the copper if they’re allowed to penetrate the surface. Rinse the sink with water as soon as you remove the food, too.
  • Don’t let the pots and pans pile up in your farmhouse sink. Heavy cookware can sometimes dent copper if there’s too much weight in the sink.
  • To avoid water spots, wipe your sink down with a soft cloth to dry it after each use. Minerals from water can penetrate the copper and form deposits that discolor the metal.
  • If stains develop on your copper farmhouse sink, sprinkle some salt over the area and massage it in with a cloth saturated with white vinegar. When you’ve removed the stain, rinse the sink with water to remove the salt.
copper farmhouse sink3
Avoid using liquid drain cleaner in a copper farmhouse sink even if you have a clog. If you must use one, place a funnel in the drain to ensure the cleaner doesn’t get on the copper.


Q. Why do copper farmhouse sinks develop a patina?

A. Like other metals, copper oxidizes when exposed to oxygen. But unlike other metals, copper doesn’t rust – it darkens to shades that range from rose to brown. Some copper even takes on a bluish or greenish hue. This darkening or oxidation is known as a patina and gives the sink an antique look.

Q. Do I need to wax a copper farmhouse sink?

A. Waxing a copper sink is typically only recommended if you want to delay its patina development. Applying wax helps the copper maintain a shiny finish. Keep in mind that waxing your farmhouse sink can affect the copper’s antimicrobial properties. However, if you clean your sink regularly, you usually don’t have to worry about bacteria developing because it’s washed down the drain.

Q. Do I need special cabinets with a farmhouse sink?

A. Custom cabinets are usually a good option with a farmhouse sink because the apron front extends over the cabinets. However, many manufacturers make short cabinets specifically for farmhouse sinks. If you want to retrofit your farmhouse sink with existing cabinetry, you’ll likely need to cut and bolster the cabinets to fit and support the sink.