Updated March 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Kare & Kind Self-Stirring Coffee Mug
Kare & Kind
Self-Stirring Coffee Mug
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Powerful Stirring Mechanism
Bottom Line

A spacious model with nice graphics, but it also comes with the potential for some frustrating quality issues.


Has graphics that owners prefer over "self-stirring mug" inscribed on some other models. 13.5-ounce size is perfect for numerous beverages. Powerful self-stirring mechanism.


Some issues with the handle cracking at the base have been reported. Lid fits loosely. At least one customer got a "lemon."

Best Bang for the Buck
DouRyoku Electric Lazy Self-Stirring Mug
Electric Lazy Self-Stirring Mug
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3 Color Options
Bottom Line

If you want to give a self-stirring mug a try, this one has room for large drinks and comes at a decent price.


Has a low price for such a large mug with the self-stirring feature. Stirring mechanism works well. Comes in choice of five colors – black, blue, green, red, and yellow.


A few mugs arrived with scratches in inscription. Plastic parts feel thin.

LEADNOVO Self-Stirring Mug
Self-Stirring Mug
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Cute Cat Graphic
Bottom Line

Worth considering if you like cats and want a self-stirring mug that has a large capacity. However, quality control is lacking with the construction and components.


Stands out for the cute cat face graphic on the front of the mug. Large 15.2-ounce capacity with a powerful self-stirring mechanism. Available in 3 colors – black, pink, and blue. 1-year warranty.


Comes with some quality concerns, including magnets, handles, and mug exteriors that break or crack with normal use. Lid doesn't fit very well.

Chuzy Chef Self-Stirring Coffee Mug
Chuzy Chef
Self-Stirring Coffee Mug
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Compact Standard Size
Bottom Line

Despite some issues, choose this model if you prefer a smaller mug and like the peace of mind of the company's guarantee.


Earns praise for doing a good job mixing beverages. Holds 8 ounces, which is ideal for consumers who prefer a compact, standard cup size. Customer satisfaction guaranteed by the manufacturer.


Some lemons reported. A few owners gripe about it failing after a few uses, but some suggest keeping the bottom dry might help prevent issues.

AZFUNN Self Stirring Coffee Mug
Self Stirring Coffee Mug
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Portable & Easy to Clean
Bottom Line

Designed with travel in mind, this compact mug includes a plastic lid to prevent spills during your commute.


With its compact design and unique frothing mechanism, this mug makes an excellent gift for anyone who drinks coffee regularly. Easy to clean. 8-ounce capacity.


Prone to leaking. Mostly made of plastic.


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Buying guide for Best self-stirring mugs

Filed under “Things You Never Knew You Needed” is the self-stirring mug. This is the perfect solution for coffee drinkers who want to keep their sugar, creamer, or syrup well mixed in their dark roast, or for cocoa, where the chocolate is constantly settling to the bottom of the mug. Whatever your beverage of choice, this mug can mix it up. Hard-core coffee and tea drinkers can also cut down on the number of spoons they go through every day.

Self-stirring mugs contain a mechanism — an impeller or paddle — in the bottom. This mechanism, activated by a button, stirs up your coffee, tea, smoothie, protein shake, or cocktail. From size and durability to features such as lids, handles, and the stirring mechanism itself, there are several elements to consider when shopping for a self-stirring mug.

Due to their stirring mechanism and batteries, many self-stirring mugs are larger than traditional mugs, which could be an issue if you plan to travel with them.

Key considerations


Self-stirring mugs can vary considerably in size, with mugs generally ranging from 8 to 16 ounces. While a larger mug can hold more of your favorite beverage, it can also be more difficult to take on the road.


Some self-stirring mugs are prone to cracking or can otherwise break easily. For others, the stirring mechanism can suddenly fail. You can avoid some of these problems by going with the mug with the highest percentage of stainless steel that you can find. As durability can be hit-or-miss with these mugs, we recommend that you spend some time reading through the comments section of each mug to find any problems.


Some self-stirring mugs can keep a beverage hot or cold for a short time, while others can do the job for several hours. If you like to extend your coffee- or tea-drinking experience as long as possible, look for a well-insulated self-stirring mug.


Most self-stirring mugs are powered one of two ways: disposable batteries or rechargeable batteries.

Disposable batteries: These are usually in the form of two AA or AAA batteries. These mugs are very convenient as long as you keep a supply of batteries around. If your mug doesn’t come with batteries, add these to the overall cost.

Rechargeable batteries: You won’t need to keep buying batteries, but you will need to have a USB port handy. If this is the way your mug operates, be sure it comes with a recharging cord.



Colors and graphics: Self-stirring mugs sport a variety of different graphic designs, from the obvious (“Self-Stirring Mug”) to a wide range of themes and colors. Some sellers and manufacturers offer a choice of color options, and some mugs are transparent, so you can watch the stirring as it happens.

Material: These mugs are usually made of a combination of food-grade plastic and stainless steel. As noted above, in general, the more stainless steel and the less plastic, the more durable and long-lasting the mug.

A self-stirring mug is a unique gift idea for coffee and tea drinkers.

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Mechanism: The stirring mechanism is an impeller or paddle inside the mug. It’s operated by a button that’s usually located on the handle. These buttons often work as a simple switch: push it once and the stirring mechanism spins, push it again and it stops. Some mugs have a magnetic stirring mechanism that you can remove for easy cleaning.

Lid: Standard on self-stirring mugs is a lid that seals tight so liquid won’t spill when you take the mug with you. The lid also helps to lock in heat or cold, keeping your beverage fresher longer. The lid usually has some form of locking hole for drinking through or inserting a straw into.

Handle: In addition to holding the stirring-mechanism button, the handle provides the primary way to hold the mug. The best handle is sturdy and comfortable with a nonslip grip.

Did You Know?
In addition to cutting down on the number of spoons you go through, a self-stirring mug also helps to minimize splashes.

Self-stirring mug prices

Inexpensive: Self-stirring mugs that cost less than $12 tend to be smaller in size and battery-powered. The designs here are usually simple (the mugs that say “Self-Stirring Mug” are often found here), and the insulation is minimal.

Mid-range: In the $12 to $20 range, you can find a variety of sizes and designs. While most of these run on disposable batteries, some are charged via USB. These mugs tend to be better insulated and more durable than lower-priced mugs.

Expensive: Self-stirring mugs that cost over $20 typically offer the largest capacity and the best insulation. The quality is much better as well, including mugs that will still be stirring away long past the point where cheaper mugs have you reaching for a spoon. Some of these mugs are charged via USB and some run on disposable batteries. 

Did You Know?
Frustrated by the lack of teaspoons when eating out, Russian designer Anastasia Gavrilova invented the self-stirring mug in 2011.


  • Consider how you’ll charge the mug while traveling. If you plan to travel with your self-stirring mug, consider your access to a USB port before choosing a mug that’s charged via cable. If you don’t have ready access to a USB port (in your car, for example), then a mug that uses disposable batteries might be a better option.
  • Don’t store your self-stirring mug in extreme temperatures. Leaving it in a hot car or storing it in the freezer can damage the wiring.
  • Use the mug for mixed drinks. A self-stirring mug can also be used to mix up alcoholic drinks. We recommend that you add the ice cubes after you’ve mixed the drink.
  • Don’t leave liquids in your self-stirring mug for a long period of time. Leaving coffee or other beverages in the mug overnight can gum up the stirring mechanism, making it harder to both use and clean. It’s best to pour out the beverage when you’re done with it and rinse out the mug if you don’t have time to properly clean it. Also, store your washed mug upside down so water doesn’t pool around the stirring mechanism.
  • Look for a warranty. Self-stirring mugs in general tend to have a short life span. You can protect your investment by choosing one with a decent warranty (12 months is average for those manufacturers who offer one).
One way to prolong the battery life of your self-stirring mug is to remove the batteries from the mug when you aren’t using it.


Q. Are these mugs dishwasher safe?

A. Unless the manufacturer explicitly states that they are, you can assume that your self-stirring mug is NOT dishwasher safe. These mugs contain a motor and some form of battery. Placing one in a dishwasher or even soaking it in water will probably ruin it.

The recommended cleaning method for most of these mugs is to add a bit of mild soap and warm water to the mug and then push the button so the stirring mechanism does the work for you. You can use a cloth to scrub off any stains. Be sure to fully rinse the mug after cleaning, taking care to keep water away from the battery compartment as much as possible.

Q. How portable is a self-stirring mug?

A. While they are all portable, some self-stirring mugs are better suited to travel than others. Smaller, lighter mugs are not only easier to carry around, but they usually fit more easily in car cup holders. Some larger self-stirring mugs taper toward the bottom, which helps them to fit into cup holders. You should also note how the mug is powered and either stock up on extra disposable batteries for the trip or verify that you’ll have access to a USB port.

Q. My self-stirring mug stopped working. Is there an easy fix?

A. While some self-stirring mugs do have some longevity issues, there are fixes you can try if yours dies.

Replace the batteries. This is the easiest fix. The batteries might simply be dead. Try replacing or recharging them.

Check the battery cover. Be sure that the batteries are firmly in place and installed correctly and that the battery cover is securely closed.

Check the stirring mechanism. Sometimes the stirring mechanism gets clogged. Try carefully cleaning around it so that it turns easily.

Dry the inside of the mug. Moisture of any kind can quickly kill these mugs. If you suspect water might have gotten inside your mug, you can try the old wet cell phone trick: place the mug into a container of rice and leave it for 24 hours.

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